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David Lewis      December 31, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Lanello, El Morya and Nada)
December 31, 2015   8:11–8:30 am PST
San Diego, California

                           Lanello, El Morya, Nada and David's Comments on Opportunities for the New Year

Description of Gautama's 2016 Thoughtform

Thank you, everyone. I would like to describe a little bit more about this thoughtform as I beheld it in the etheric as Gautama was sharing it with us. So, as I recall it is a great sphere of light of the Great Central Sun, and it's kind of compressed to a smaller sun that we can behold. And then around the sun are the eight—the seven chohans and the Maha Chohan. And for the sake of this visualization, if we were to place them around the clock, the Maha Chohan would be at the 12:00 o'clock line. And then beginning with El Morya, he would be positioned, let's say, at the 1:30 line, and then Lanto at the 3:00, Paul the Venetian at the 4:30, Serapis Bey at the 6:00, Hilarion at the 7:30, Nada at the 9:00, and Saint Germain at the 10:30.

Now that's obviously a two-dimensional matrix with the clock, and yet this is really a 3-D image that I'm seeing. So the chohan extends his or her radiance in multidimensions, and it's not just a two-dimensional representation. The Four and Twenty Elders then each, as I heard, represent the threefold flame on behalf of those eight. So, you could take the Eightfold Path and the right manifestations, and each of the chohans plus the Maha Chohan would represent one of them, if you choose to see it this way. And the Four and Twenty Elders would be aligned obviously in a spherical matrix around the chohans, three per each of the chohans in a sense.

           They are facing toward the center of the sphere or the Sun—the Great Central Sun—in the center of this visualization, and they are raying forth their virtues, what they represent of the eight rays and of the Eightfold Path to bless our Earth, to bless all life, to bless humanity and to bless us. As I heard it, they are just judges, both just and merciful in balance. And the work that they do, the light that they wield and carry is there for the saving of sentient beings and the upliftment of humanity to experience their own higher Buddha nature.

Unfortunately I'm in an area where they started turning music on in a courtyard. I had no idea they were going to do this, so it's a little disconcerting to try to have quiet. I'm in Southern California near San Diego where my wife's son lives, and we're visiting them before he gets deployed very soon in the Navy.

Importance of First Twelve Days of a New Year

I would like to also say that as we begin our new year tomorrow, for those of us in the West, I will try to make myself available, if possible, for a daily HeartStream for the first twelve days of the year, if it's God's will, because we know the teaching from the Master Omraam that each of the first twelve days represents the twelve months of the coming year. And we can very consciously project, through experiencing each of the first twelve days, lovingly, with great intention, what could manifest within our worlds for the coming twelve months. So, if we do the spiritual work, we can lay a foundation and a positive spin on the year and have there be a very powerful co-creative energy that takes root within multidimensions of being, around the world and within ourselves, for the blessing and saving of sentient beings.

Knowing that in February I will be returning to San Diego, to Vista to Dennis' home, especially the second day of this year, we can really visualize a God-victorious event. And on the third day of the year, we know we're going in March to Maui. We can take January 3rd and pour forth all of our love and intention for a victorious spring equinox event there with Peace and Aloha and a thousand Buddhas.

                    Create a Calendar of Holy Days and Events!

If you take a look at our calendar—and it would be very, very nice if we could actually prepare an entire twelve-month calendar for the year and list the major events that we are planning. And then each person who broadcasts the first twelve days the year will make calls on what will be happening that they're aware of that we have planned as part of our budget and plan for 2016 so we can really visualize it, energize it and activate all of the higher frequencies so these will be absolutely God-victorious.

This is something that we can do every year. And I encourage our Hearts Center community to actually create a calendar where we can have holy days—feast days of the Catholic Church that we are aware of, feast days of other special religious activities, for instance Wesak, and holidays that we celebrate. We can place them on this calendar; we can all be aware of what is happening each month. And as we move toward the beginning of each month, we consciously look at the following month. And maybe even on the first day of that month, whoever is broadcasting, will highlight what is going to be happening so that we together as a community can pray for these, we can work on them in a very positive and conscious way.

That is something that I'm seeing from the heart of El Morya as a recommendation for our community as we move forward. And we can decide to even publish a calendar physically if you'd like, although we could just have it online and you can downloaded it and have it available. You can print it out, it can be just a PDF file or whatever file works for most of us.

            If we get busy on this right away, we still have one day to prepare this calendar. And if you have input on this and someone would like to take the lead, maybe Joyce Genis or Cathleen—I know you're both very accomplished people with an understanding of what's going to be happening this year—we could create a beautiful calendar. And then maybe Maria Min can add some wonderful images throughout the month. It's something that we can do beginning this coming year, every year from now on.

                                             Celebrate with Greater Intention Our Children and Youth

I would like to say that on behalf of the beautiful children in our community, beloved Lady Master Nada today is encouraging us to really celebrate our children, to pray for our children, to plan out an annual youth event gathering, which this year hasn't really been talked about. I don't think we talked about it when Steve gave his presentation at the winter solstice class.

We hope to have a youth event in Tucson about a year from now, just before or after Christmas. And we are waiting to hear from our Spanish community as to what we will do for our winter solstice class next year. So, Gloria is going to be giving a recommendation on where and when that will be. And I very, very much look forward to hearing from her as soon as possible so we can plan that. And then, based on when and where the winter solstice class will be, we will also be planning our youth retreat.

However, in addition to this, Lady Master Nada is showing me that we can really begin to celebrate the youth of all ages—the younger children, the babies, the infants, the toddlers and older children. Serena Gaefke has done a tremendous job of creating some blogs. And I hope that we can highlight these blogs at least once a week during our broadcasts—call attention to them, that you may read them. Even if you don't have children or grandchildren, you can share with others this wonderful teaching and sharing that she's put together with beautiful visuals, with wonderful understanding of motherhood and what it means to have a young family and to support that family spiritually.

This is very important to Lady Master Nada as one of the chohans. And she today is highlighting this so that we can support our children and our families because if we're going to survive as a movement, we have to have younger people and we have to have young families. So, the Gaefke family is one that I love and got to know a lot more at the winter solstice class—to  really talk a little bit more with Charles and to meet Serena's children in a more direct way. They are just amazing children.

I hope we can pray for all of the children in our future community so that the families will be drawn to our activity. If we do the work and really plan appropriately in accord with God's will, we will draw them to our community. However, we will have to make a conscious effort to do this through prayers. And so I'm asking also on behalf of Nada for a new family and youth and children prayer that we can give on a regular basis to magnetize those souls to our community who are part of our mission and the fulfillment of our mission. This is very important.

The other thing is that we have to start planning events where the children are honored. And when parents come to events, there is something for their children to do. We have kind of overlooked this because we didn't have that many children in our community. However, if we have a children's program of some sort—and we have to consider children of all ages—then parents will come. If there's nothing for the children to do, then they'll stay home because there's nowhere for the children to go. I pray that some in our community will take the lead on this, will talk about it, will plan appropriately.

And, of course, this is not even really in our business plan for this coming year. It's something Nada is concerned about and highlighting today before the new year begins so that we can really think about it and act upon it.

                                               Internalize Lanello's Christmas Eve Message

Lanello gave a fantastic message on Christmas Eve that I hope you have all heard. And I hope that you listen to it again and study it and try to really put into focus in your lives what he shared because Lanello is one of the two major sponsors of our movement with El Morya. And I believe his causal body is large enough and expansive enough for us to utilize for the growth of our movement. Remember, The Summit Lighthouse grew tremendously right after Mark Prophet made his transition and ascended. So, Lanello has keys in his causal body that can be utilized for the expansion of our movement, just as The Summit expanded. Have we really tuned into what those keys are? Have we utilized his causal body, he asks today, for the expansion of our movement?

The genius of those within our movement is evident through our website and what all of the creative people in our movement do on a daily basis. We have a fantastic offering through our website and all of the adjunct things that are a part of it. When we have the staff to fill certain positions and the volunteers to do certain work, we will draw the people into certain activities that Lanello envisions for us to engage in that will allow us to expand into all kinds of domains.

 There has to be someone taking the lead or representing what that mission and that part of that mission is. As of right now there are many gaps because a few individuals here and there are holding many positions. And it's too much to expect them to continue doing this forever. We have to have people to step forward to hold certain positions and do certain work that they can really concentrate and focus upon for us to fulfill our mission in these areas.

My prayer as we move into this year is that people with the skill sets, the talents, the virtues and the willingness will emerge from the shadows and from maybe other movements, activities, or other areas of life and assist us in filling these gaps and broadening our reach into so many new domains and possibilities.

Right now Lanello would like to ask if there are any poignant questions from the heartfriends there at Mt. Shasta for right now, for today, that relate to all of us. So, you can un-mute, Cathleen, and if you have any questions for Lanello, he's willing to answer them right now.

Cathleen: Thank you, we appreciate that. And just to let you and Lanello know—and Lanello already knows, of course—we have eight people here live today listening, David. It's very wonderful, plus at least ninety-three on the broadcast. So, beloved Gautama Buddha and Lanello, we have a hundred people, at least, hearing your words.

And I would just like to ask Lanello if there's anything in particular we can do for expanding our hearts and to reach maybe more of our brothers and sisters who might benefit from our Hearts Center movement? Is there anything else you'd like to request of us in addition to expanding our children and youth program?

Create Beautiful Meditations

David:  What I'm seeing is, if we have some very beautiful meditations on different topics. There are many, many people out there in the world who meditate, as well as who pray.  We are kind of the prayer warriors in our movement, many who were in The Summit. We focus a lot on dynamic decrees and prayers. However, there are many people that are very, very beautiful souls who meditate more than they pray the way we do. And we can create some very beautiful meditations with the creative arts team helping that highlight aspects of what we as a movement and what the planet as a whole have to, and choose to, work on to bring about planetary peace, to bring about what we desire to manifest for a golden-crystal age.

So, if we were to sit down—let's say, all of the teams in a staff meeting and anyone who desires to be a part of this—and think of creative types of meditations with visuals, we can begin to create these consciously. I can lead some, but others can lead these meditations. You know the one that Dennis Fisher did probably has more hits than anything else that we've ever had on our website. And why is that? Well, it was very beautiful. It was very conscious. Dennis has been meditating and has been a devotee of SRF for many, many years, and it touched the heartstrings of many people.

So, if we look at what Dennis did and we look at what Serena feels may be required for the families and the youth, we look at what others feel may be appropriate to reach certain audiences, and we consciously create these five to ten, and maximum fifteen-minute meditations, I believe that a series of these will really touch the hearts of people everywhere and allow them to feel the depth of our movement and what we have to offer.

We can gradually move people toward an understanding of the importance of certain dynamic decrees. You could make a whole little snippet teaching of five to ten to fifteen minutes on different topics and get into the key aspects of the teaching with visuals that give people just a fantastic introduction to all kinds of spiritual topics. Now, this is something that many, many people can do.

Hundreds of New Videos on the Teachings

The other thing that was brought up recently—Cathleen, you asked me, when can I teach again? And I said as soon as the learning management system is done. I see dozens of people in our movement teaching all kinds of classes. And they can be mini classes; they don't have to be long, long classes. They could be a half-hour, an hour-long teaching on a subject that would be absolutely fantastic. We populate our website with these wonderful sharings from heartfriends who are experts in certain areas. We have our PhDs. We have people who probably should be PhDs, spiritually, in our movement who have momentum on certain topics. We could take—you name it—a subject that one or more of you could teach that would absolutely be beautiful, and then highlight it with visuals, with charts, with diagrams, with whatever.

 I'm seeing from Lanello's heart the major website on the Earth for golden-crystal age teachings to be brought forth in so many different ways. You could have some that are five minutes, some that are fifteen minutes, some that are an hour, some that are two hours long. And all of these could be just all over the place.

The day when I see dozens of you teaching, I will rejoice because, believe me, I've done a lot. It's never been just about me. However, we have to have the learning management system so that all of these are properly placed and that people can experience them and re-experience them and share them. This is why this is so important. So, this is what I'm seeing will help our community in expanding—more beautiful sharings and teachings.

So, all the hundred people listening today, think of what you are kind of an expert on, what you resonate with. Jot down your ideas and coalesce them into an outline. Then populate the outline with more specifics. Think of visuals that would augment what you desire to share with the world and create in your mind's eye this beautiful sharing. Then decide how you're going to manifest it because this will be part of your legacy.

I hope that beginning this coming year and in future years we will just have hundreds and hundreds of these little modules that will bring about so much joy in people's lives and draw people into specific areas of our website where they will find the amazing wealth of what we have already precipitated in actually eleven years. This past year has been the eleventh year, remember. We're actually coming into the twelfth year of the major teachings through this movement manifesting. So, really this coming year we're going to be completing the cosmic clock of the first twelve years of our movement. Isn't that amazing? We're really in a victory cycle right now.

Let's celebrate our victories anew, as we did this past year of our ten years by having that victory mode of being with Lord Maitreya on the 11:00 o'clock line as we circle the cosmic clock and as we're victorious in manifesting our mission. I hope that gives a little bit of food for thought, Cathleen. Thank you for the question.

Cathleen: Thank you, David.

David: God bless you all. Thank you so much and thank you, Gautama Buddha, for the thoughtform. It's a new day. Bless you.

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