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K-17      December 19, 2015

K-17      December 19, 2015
Beloved K-17
David Christopher Lewis
December 19, 2015  7:27-7:57 pm MST
A Winter Solstice Retreat with the Five Dhyani Buddhas
Tucson, Arizona
The State of Affairs on Planet Earth: End-of-Year Report
Every Call Matters!
            K-17 is the head of the Cosmic Secret Service for the Great White Brotherhood. His message today is in the form of a discourse, where he will show me imagery and I will describe it.

1. Make the Call!
            There are many who are hell-bent on the destruction of Western culture and aspects of civilization as we know it upon Earth. And I am seeing images of little atomic explosions that are in the mindset of some as a potential. A lot of the work of K-17 and the Cosmic Secret Service, working through initiates and freedom lovers upon Earth, has actually been to prevent this type of thing from happening. And if we actually knew how close we have come a number of times, especially in the last eighteen or so years, to nuclear destruction in various places around the globe, we would be very surprised, including within the United States of America where forces of darkness have attempted to unleash this absolute hellish activity.
            Because of our prayers and the prayers, decrees of ascended master students in a number of activities, calls to Archangel Michael and Mighty Astrea, calls to K-17 and Cyclopea, in each and every case, what could have manifested in these scenarios has been averted and prevented. And we can all praise God that we have been a part of this alchemy because every call matters. And you can write that down if you like from K-17— Every call matters. We've heard “black lives matter” and other things of that sort lately. Every call matters.
            So remind yourself when you are prompted to make the call, K-17 says, because every call matters, every call can save lives, every call can mitigate destruction, every call can save sentient beings—not just the physical body temple, saving an outer life—every call can save sentient beings, which includes the soul, because the forces of darkness are hell-bent on the destruction of souls as well as just their body temples. With this understanding, when you feel the impulse to make a call, please do so. And if at any time across the screen of your mind or consciousness, you may see a little mushroom cloud or something that is like that or see it in a dream, be wakeful, be mindful, meditate, pray, make the call, make the fiat. It is very important. That is number one on his list.
2.  India and Nepal Border Issue
             K17 is highlighting the situation regarding the closing of some aspects of the border between India and Nepal, where India is not allowing gasoline to go into Nepal, and is basically cutting off the country from receiving energy that they require, that they're used to, and that they should have to run many aspects of their country's energy, transportation, et cetera, for their use primarily for heat and transportation and other energy needs. So, because we have the lamas in our midst, who are living in Nepal, K-17 is highlighting this for us to pray about because it is diabolical. It is a strategy that the Indians are using against the lightbearers and the people of Nepal, which is really hurtful, spiteful and is not of true brother/sisterhood.
            Cultures that have a common ancestry should get along. And governments and certain leaders who have been brainwashed or influenced by darkness to do things like this have to be held to task spiritually. We can hold them to task spiritually by doing our inner work and praying to the great masters that we know to intercede.
3. Japan
            K-17 is highlighting the nation of Japan now. We know the great destruction that occurred through the “supposed”—and he's having me use that word—earthquake that then resulted in the tsunami, which then resulted in Fukushima. It was an earthquake. Yet, what was the cause of that earthquake? Some of you may be aware that there was more than a natural cause to that earthquake. The inconceivable evil that would be behind this type of act could strike again upon the nation of Japan. And we have to pray with the full power and fervor of our souls and our beings to prevent this type of activity ever again on the Earth.
4. Europe
            He is highlighting the entire continent of Europe now. With the strain that is upon many nations as a result of what is transpiring in the Middle East and with the immigration of people from Syria and the Middle East, this is very, very high on the Great White Brotherhood's list of concerns for the Earth because it affects so many peoples, nations—millions and millions of people. The Great White Brotherhood (of course, “white” not referring to race) has solutions to this issue. And yet, their dilemma is to get through to the minds of the leaders and those who can actually carve out a strategy and a means whereby there can be appropriate immigration without the intrigue and the deception that is behind some of it that could result in individuals entering nations to do harm.
            We have a call about this, CS-8. The master is encouraging all heartfriends in our movement to please consider giving this call as much as possible. And those of you who care about our Earth and what's going on and have raised your concerns, give this call because it is very powerful. It is spot on in terms of the balance of the issues that it addresses. And it is important that we, in a very directed way, send light into this situation.  A dear heartfriend recently raised this concern: What can we do about the ISIS situation and about the immigration situation in Europe, especially? This is K-17's answer to all of our concerns.
5. Canada
            The master is highlighting the nation of Canada. We had planned to have a pilgrimage or an event in Banff next year. That got changed because of the pilgrimage being changed. However, whenever the masters ask for an event in a nation, there is a great reason. The reason still remains. And yet, we do not have a plan to address the original request. Even though we have already set forth our plan of action for next year, all of the events, K-17 is determined that I, and at least three others, will go to Banff at some time next year to make intense calls for the planet because we are in the Battle of Armageddon, to make calls for the prevention of WWIII, to make calls for all life on Earth because we are in a very tenuous time with what is transpiring.
            The forces of darkness are hell-bent on bringing about a planetary conflagration through division, through what's happening with Syria being a flash point for potential war between many nations. By being there physically under Archangel Michael's retreat, I, on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood, can make calls for hours on end, even in one day if necessary, the essential calls what will mitigate what could occur. It is also important for the nation of Canada because of what is happening on the political scene. Some of you know who now is the prime minister of Canada—the son of Trudeau, right? And Trudeau, the elder, wreaked havoc with Canada.
            The question the master asks the Canadian heartfriends and all of us is, what are your expectations for what will happen to your nation with the current leadership—very socialist-oriented to the point where you could have the erosion of much of the good that could be manifest for Canada? It is a very tenuous time for Canada moving forward through what this current administration or the one coming into power intends to do to that nation.
             The Canadians have to get their act together and really ramp up their calls for their nation. We, everywhere, can support them through calls. K-17 is expecting an updated call for Canada that we can give on Saturday nights at least once a month, focusing on it. He is instructing our broadcast team to insure that the Canadians broadcast at least once a month to really call forth that light from their nation to address all the issues and concerns.
6. South China Sea
            He's highlighting the South China Sea. We have read in the news of potential conflict between the great super powers—China, the United States, and their proxies in that area. This is another potential flashpoint for conflict. When we work on a planetary scale with very directed prayers in Saint Germain services, or what we call now World Freedom Services, on Saturday nights, those of you who have globes can hold your hands over the South China Sea and see great streams of light going into that area to protect God's will, the sovereignty of the lightbearers who live in that entire area, including the people of Taiwan, and to insure that the highest outcome is manifest so that this doesn't become a flashpoint for further conflict.
7. North Korea
            Now he is highlighting the nation of North Korea. We, in the West, are aware of the potentials of an insane administration that is not freedom-loving for her people. And I am seeing that the Universal White Brotherhood has, at times, almost wrung their hands in terms of being able to deal with the issue there because it's a closed society. And there is very little information coming out except from people that somehow get out of the country. Most of us have basically forgotten about North Korea. Probably very few of us make calls on the situation there or place our attention there. And yet, there are many lightbearers there who are caught in this web of a government that is basically totalitarian. If we choose to have a harmonious Earth, every nation counts, every person, every sentient being counts. As we have heard, every call counts.

            Someone has to step forward and pray for North Korea in a way that can hold the balance for that nation, even if it is one person in our activity that makes it his or her mindful mission to somehow help in the liberation of the beautiful people in that nation who are spiritually in chains, unable to have freedom of religion and many of the freedoms that we take for granted. Again, if someone desired to make a call sheet for North Korea, we could do that and maybe just have one service next year focused on North Korea, where somebody does all of the research possible and comes up with a fact sheet. And as a movement we focus on it for just one night and give our all and then watch and see what will happen.
8. Equatorial Region and Earth Changes
            Now the master is highlighting the entire equatorial region of the Earth—all the nations that are on or close to the Equator. And I'm seeing, of course, South Africa, Ecuador, part of Brazil, some nations in Africa. And also, he's highlighting nations in the Pacific, island nations, and groups of islands that are at that equatorial latitude. He's not revealing everything to me. Yet, he's saying, pray for the nations, especially in the Pacific at the equatorial latitude because of certain potentials. This has to do with planetary changes and earth movements.
            Remember that at the end of last year Saint Germain gave a prophecy for the year 2015. I am asking K-17 if Saint Germain will give another prophecy for this coming year. And I am not getting an answer. Yet, I believe that K-17 is coming in order to highlight what we can pray about because sometimes the masters hold their cards closer to their chest rather than revealing too much. And by giving hints like K-17 is tonight, we can form a more directed approach to our calls to have the greatest impact.
9. Pray for Our “Elder Statesmen”
            He's using the words “elder statesmen,” to me—“elder statesmen.” And I believe this has to do with two areas—the United States and, also, within our movement. There could be the passing within the next couple years of some elder statesmen within the Earth. The causal bodies of these elder statesmen are important for holding the balance. When an individual passes, there is a shift in energy. The dynamic of this can be interesting, and we have to simply pray for our elder statesmen. The word “statesman” is interesting. What statesmen do we have in The Hearts Center? I see, though, that the founding fathers/mothers of our movement are kind of our elder statesmen—and also people who are in their eighties and moving into their nineties who have basically fulfilled their mission upon Earth and are preparing for their ascension.

            Now I am seeing simply a stream of divine love moving from K-17's heart throughout the entire planet. This is the antidote to all conflict, war, hatred, animosity between peoples that the Great White Brotherhood often has to deal with. Although, some of what I have shared tonight may seem problematic or very difficult to deal with or even talk about, the answer to everything is God-directed love. K-17 is a master of love. Even though we have his prayer in the green section, in addition to that green cloak that he wears, the inside of his cloak, like Hilarion's, is pink!
             Love is the key to resolve conflict, to dissolve hate, to transmute the past and prepare a new clean white page for the future.

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