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Lanello      September 11, 2015

Beloved Lanello

David Christopher Lewis

September 11, 2015   9:00–9:30 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Lanello Releases Golden-Liquid Light of Illumination for the Enlightenment of Mankind

Disciples of the Living Word, Progenitors of Truth, Freedom and the Flame of Enlightenment for this Age,

I, Lanello, come pouring forth cosmic ampules of light within the atmosphere of the Earth and specifically within North America this day as an investment from the Central Sun, stepped down through our own sun and from our retreat over Lake Titicaca for a new wave of golden-liquid light to manifest across this Earth and for a higher form of education to emerge within the culture of the people of this planet. For it is time, blessed ones, that the truth be known and that the higher wisdom teachings of the ascended masters as promulgated by the Great White Brotherhood in this age be delivered to mankind through all media outlets; through the universities, colleges and ultimately the high school, elementary, primary and preprimary schools of this planet.

What will it mean when true education comes to the fore? It will mean that all have the opportunity to learn what God would have each one know from infancy forward and even in the prenatal state. For when the truth is proffered to mankind in the spirit of enlightenment, in the spirit of understanding and in the joy of learning, all will come to know their Source fully, all will be Self-realized in God, all will flower in their divinity to that estate of holiness and presence, of virtue and inner peace.

Each of you as a disciple, as a disciplined one, has studied the Law of the One, has studied, through various faiths, spiritual movements and in tomes of light, what you now consider to be the way, the truth and the life of the higher teachings of this age. I would have you know that there is so much more, which you know not of yet, that will be emerging in coming weeks, months and years for you to embrace, to fully cognize and to assimilate that will move you far beyond what most of mankind—and even those who consider themselves disciples of the living Word—understand to be truth. And we the divine scientists and teachers of this age are invested in releasing at certain key times in the evolution of mankind that awareness, which, when understood from a higher context, will allow an easier pathway to enlightenment than currently most experience.

The arduous way of struggle will give way to the sublime way of acceptance, acknowledgment of the divine light within all life. And when all know God from the earliest stages of their development as the very present living reality of light and love within their hearts and minds, it will seem almost miraculous compared to today as to how easy it is to embrace the higher understandings of divine truth. You all have had the inner experience of learning in the sacred retreats of the Universal White Brotherhood in the etheric octaves of light. You know how information is transferred telepathically and with divine feeling and joy unto you, and how wisdom alights within your frame of reference through divine mindfulness and the joy spirit of the ascended masters and mentors, who love you so and are willing to give in order that you may live.

Precious ones, when all realize that it is within the very nature of God to bring light, joy and understanding in this way of enlightenment itself, the struggle shall cease, the way be made plain, and each one will come to that point of the full acceptance of their divine estate, which they have always held from the beginning—inside, within their True Self.

Why do I speak of this on this day of infamy of fourteen years ago, when there was great destruction and chaos in New York, Washington and elsewhere, and people across the globe were shocked at what had happened in the great land of America, in these United States? It is because when the people know better, they will do better. And when the truth is known of the causes and the effects of what transpired on that day, freedom through understanding will come to each one. Liberation and the lessening of all that has cast a veil and a shadow of darkness upon this land will be consumed. And that which is reality in its full-blown estate will manifest as the Holy City itself descends upon Earth for disciples to embrace. And the living light of the Christ will be known—heart to heart, mind to mind, brother to brother, sister to sister—among all peoples upon this sphere.

You have sought the day of the full liberation of the souls of mankind from the infamy of ignorance and delusion. That day is today as you embrace it within yourself; as you shine forth your light of Buddhic awareness; as you embrace the Sun Presence, which is ever before you each day as the perfect example of givingness and divine love, of godliness and virtue. And when you step into this reality of Solar living, precious hearts, and you are a witness to the truth where you live, others will pick up on that light that you bear and be encouraged to also step fully into the light of the Christ and know themselves fully as God's sons and daughters.

Therefore let true divine edification occur day by day through many of you who, as teachers and exemplars of this age, will share higher thought and divine teaching with many more among mankind. Yes, it is important that you provide those impetuses at seminal points of people's development that will allow them to make progress on their path. And it is important that you provide step-by-step programs that will lead them to all truth, that will provide for them what beloved Hilarion spoke of recently in terms of that sacred tome that each one may read of their divine plan and the highest way in which to walk the path of light.¹

Dearest ones, each of you is called by the World Teachers to embrace something in the way of giving truth to your families, communities and to the greater community of mankind. Your sharings of your lives and your understandings of that which you have assimilated and become will become ever more important in days to come, when many will look to you as a source of truth and virtue.

Therefore write, codify, organize and publish in many forms what we have already released and what we will release in coming days and months and years. I say that if some of you who are listening to my message now, or will soon, would give just a portion of your time, either in prayer or physically, to assist those who are straining under the burdens that they bear in publishing these teachings, you would be amazed at how much more of the inspirational teachings could emerge in many languages to drive home the message within many cultures across this Earth, which would allow many to step fully into that light of the Christ and the Buddha and embrace higher consciousness and awareness.

Therefore we encourage the leadership of this movement to consider a more organized approach for the greater team of individuals who will step forward to assist you in publishing numerous e-books, treatises and documents in many forms, which will allow for this mission to be fulfilled through the living Word, through what we have released with great affection for your souls and spirits. There could be a team, dearest ones, that works specifically on shorter e-pubs of between ten and fifty pages that codify the messages of various masters and angels on themes and subjects, and these could edify thousands of souls when they come into their awareness.

There is so much that can be done, and yet the laborers are few. Those who witness what you are doing are many. Those who listen or watch daily are many more than those who have invested their actual time in the giving of their work and sacred labor to assist the staff. Therefore we may have to look outside of the current membership to those who are spiritual advocates and disciples of truth in other movements who have the training and the tools and the self-mastery to assist you, because some who were given the opportunity to be of greater service have left off of their committed vows. And as I have said, the burden upon the few is great, and at times it is almost too much for them to mentally, emotionally and physically bear in their sacred body temples.

          Pray for one another. Love one another with your full hearts, encouraging and offering divine thought and feeling throughout the day in moments of blessedness. For the grace of the Holy Spirit comes through your hearts to fan the fires of love in so many realms in places across this Earth where devotees, even for a moment in time, raise their hearts and their voices to the Divine One in prayer and in meditation.

Why is it that some prefer to remain on the sidelines when they see some struggling under the weight and the burden of the mission? Well, I guess, dearest ones, that we have all at times been on the sidelines. And yet if you could see the handwriting on the wall as we see it of what is transpiring at many levels of activity within your economy, your governments and in the inner circles of power, you would be encouraged to give more of your time and resources, your energy and your light to the equation of the mission of this movement.

I know that I am speaking to the sacred choir that is assembled to support our messenger and our word. Yet who can we go to except you in order to receive additional dispensations and grants of light from the great Solar Lords and those who oversee vast planetary systems and the evolution of life throughout the cosmos itself?

The golden-liquid light of Cosmic Christ consciousness and Solar awareness that I release this day will provide that impetus for what many of you have seen on the horizon as required for the transformation of this world. It all begins with each of you as you maintain your vows of holiness and brotherly/sisterly love. For in that enlightened state of purity, where you are recommitted each day to the path of Solar living, you shine that light forth and many receive the brooding Presence of the Holy Spirit as they feel and assimilate it by that glow of your aura and that love that you do indeed send forth in many sessions and in the deep space of love in which you abide in the sacred moments of silence and cosmic stillness.

We see all, blessed hearts. We know your strengths, your weaknesses, your predilections and your striving. And we say keep on keeping on. Be encouraged by the progress that your soul truly is making, even though you may not fully realize just how far you have come in this life and in recent years. Some of you have made such great strides through your givingness that you are living truly in quite a higher dimensional frequency than that which you embodied decades ago. There are many new worlds to explore and dimensions to experience in higher consciousness—even cosmic and Solar awareness—that are ready for you, blessed ones. We will show you the way and provide the resources when you take that leap in faith and, with Archangel Michael, stand forth as an intrepid one, determined to be victorious and, through great courage and a daunting spirit, soar to the Sun and to the One.

I AM your Lanello, with Mother at my side, blessing you, cajoling you, teaching you and encouraging you in some way every day. You call to us in your preambles, and therefore accept that we are there in your midst. You have known us in person, many of you, in this life, and our essence is still within the greater auric field that you emanate through our interactions, through our blessings, through that which God has bestowed through us unto each of you. Utilize us as a resource. Come to Lake Titicaca more often. Bask in the golden-liquid light that flows within our retreat. And in transcendent wisdom and understanding and in the embracing of many higher truths, you will make greater progress, maintain your joy spirit, be refreshed in the invigorating electronic energies that the Holy Spirit provides within the wisdom teaching. And all of this, blessed ones, will bring you into that magnanimous experience of heart-centered love for God as you embrace it and live within it each day in great joy.

Now there is the blasting of a trump in heaven and the calling of many to the path of light as a great archangel stands within the atmosphere of the Earth. Hear the call, O mankind! Come up higher! Embrace the Sun and know the One God within and in all life, and live in the eternal flame of love-wisdom forever. I thank you.

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