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Laugh-A-Lot      September 09, 2015

Beloved Laugh-a-Lot
David Christopher Lewis

September 9, 2015   8:15–8:36 am MDT

Healing Light Retreat

Paradise Valley, Montana

Laugh-a-Lot Shares the Import of Communion with Elemental Life
and Announces the Ascension of His Twin Fame

Beloved Ones,

As your Laugh-a-Lot, I have enjoyed your stories of the elementals, your interactions in nature, your joy in expressing your communion with those special spirits who grace the Earth so lovingly with the Elohim's precious awareness manifest in this plane in earth, air, fire and water.

You can learn a lot from the elementals. In fact, dearest ones, befriending them and learning their secrets brings you into a new experience of creativity, of joy and of harmony. Yes, their secrets are many, for long ago they provided, on behalf of the Elohim, the foundation for your life upon Earth. They were invested in the careful construction, the building, of this Earth. And in a spirit of camaraderie and oneness, even today, through divine magic, they are manifesting so many miracles on behalf of mankind, who are ignorant of their abiding presence and their sacred work.

Mankind would do well to appreciate all that the elementals do on a daily basis in the way of the growth of the flora and the fauna throughout your world, of harmonizing and cleansing, of balancing and of bestowing grace through their awareness, their consciousness, one with all life. When you understand the circle of life, you gain entrée into the world of the nature spirits. When you feel joy walking and refreshing yourself through the animating currents of the Holy Spirit's presence within nature, you learn something of God, the creative process within nature and that which the Source has embedded within every particle of substance that composes your world and universe, of which the elementals are caretakers, and which they behold, through their awareness, in beauty and perfection. 

            Yes, they are the guardians of the true culture of the world itself, which originated long ago over eons of time as this footstool kingdom that you experience. And you also, as shepherds of life and those whom God has commanded to go forth and multiply the light upon Earth through love, may—working with the elementals and showing appreciation for the cyclings of light and the processes of nature herself—help to restore this Earth to its natal state of perfection and glory, even as you accommodate the new frequencies of Aquarius through your hearts, your minds, your souls. And in collaboration with the Elohim and the elementals, as well as the great archangelic and angelic beings who serve you so nobly, you may, through your own awareness, give birth to the new era lovingly, graciously and with great understanding of all that the Creator has provided for you as this resource of light and love upon your planet.

I was privileged to see the elementals, their work, their joy. And through my own communion with them and God and through a sense of inner levity, I was raised up through the joy flame to experience true happiness in these moments of connectivity with life itself, which the elementals exuberantly entered into through their joyful spirits and their precious beings.

We are grateful that you are now coming to this property to invest a portion of your life's energy and work in dressing up that which has been very conscientiously created through the two gardens planted near the temple beautiful. And as you commit in a greater way in coming months and years to support this work, I will be here throughout this process, supporting the work of the elementals and you in the co-creation of this sacred retreat of light, of healing, of comfort. Yea, the Maha Chohan himself has promised certain energies and dispensations in coming months and years, as a bestowal of the flame of wholeness, to those who set foot upon this property and gently walk upon the Earth to commune with all that will be growing here, including the trees, the bushes and the plants, and enjoy the pathways, the meditation spots—those secret gardens, (which you may donate toward), for one who is depressed or in need of surcease from struggle and who may come here to rekindle the flame eternal within and know that God within is the key to all healing and wholeness.

Lanello and Clare de Lis themselves will also bestow, through many of you, certain graces that will be catalyzed within fountains and future sacred spaces creatively adorning this property. For Earth requires a garden of light, a retreat of peace for the souls of many who have been hurt by what this world and the people living upon it have done to God's kingdom here. Through your experience in recreating truly the original Edenic experience, there will be brought to bear the light of compassion, the light of kindness and understanding so that many simply abiding here for a time will be healed of deep-seated emotional scars, mental afflictions and that which has beset their souls as a burden.

You, precious ones, are all healers in the sense that you provide a resource of love and light through your heart to bless and, in an uncompromising way, raise souls by your example of true brother/sisterhood, by your life lived to the glory of God, by your hearts beating in unison with the ascended hosts and with the Creator himself. I expand the flame of love here; I expand the light of true healing and the culture of the Divine Mother that through you will be given birth to in so many wonderful ways. Manifestations of glory through your own envisioning process will be brought to bear, will be fruitfully created and mindfully bestowed.

            Now I have a little secret to tell you about the elementals, and it is this: Every bird that you see is an emissary of a divine being. Every plant that you behold is an emissary of an unseen world ready to be unfolded in your midst for your enjoyment. And every tree that you plant and every seed that you conscientiously and lovingly plant and nurture within the earth truly is a living, divinely created, expressive being who loves you as you love it, who cherishes you as you cherish it in its unfolding grace and magnanimity.

When you experience the creation through nature and share your appreciation, the blessing that returns to you is much greater than you can imagine. This blessing is the love of God within the nature kingdom flowing unto you and bestowing all manner of magical and mystical essences. Yea, even the flower essences that some extract from nature herself, are God's sacred oils for your healing, God's sacred balm for your comforting. Imagine the plants breathing and radiating their own awareness of appreciation to the Creator unto you. This is ongoing; this is what the Holy Spirit shares within the entire cosmos as the pulsation of life itself everywhere. Enter into that pulsation and the frequencies of harmony. Experience love in its deepest and most profound and variegated manifestations. In this, you become whole. In this, you are self-realized through a return to your native state of perfection and beauty.

I bring with me this day my beloved twin flame, who is now ascended, by God's grace. You may call her Grace. And from now on when you pray to Laugh-a-Lot, you may add her name to the equation. For where you laugh a lot, there grace is born anew. And we two, cherishing your hearts, will flower your auras with love-light currents of holiness and peace.

One other secret is that Grace and I work very closely with Bob and Verla, David's parents. For I was born in the same year as they were in this last life. And our work together continues unto eternity through this dispensation to bless a certain one hundred and forty-four thousand and more who will eventually find its radiance through your offerings and be blessed by the sacred currents of love that you share through your hearts. Bob and Verla wink at you now, even as Grace whispers unto you that which you require to be graceful in all your ways and reverent in your approach to all life.

I AM Laugh-a-Lot. And though this HeartStream may seem to be a little bit more serious than my usual ones, I can assure you, dearest hearts, that when you laugh, I am there. When you hop in joy and are playful in nature, I witness your happiness, and I share the essence of many angels and elementals in your midst to raise you up and keep you in the light of eternal joy. Thank you.

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