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Hilarion      September 05, 2015

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
September 5, 2015   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Hilarion Delivers to Us a Spiritual Truth Manual to Help Us Fulfill our Divine Plan

Gracious and Beloved Brethren and Sisters Whose Desire to Serve God Has Brought You to the Awareness of the Deep Essence of Your Being, Who Is God within You,

I, Hilarion, radiate forth the light of living Truth in your midst this day for the ennoblement within you of all that is real, divine and purely fashioned of love. And in this radiance, I bring to you opportunity to be of even greater service to humanity than you may have thought possible or realizable in this life. For through a simple shift in awareness and an understanding of your divine nature as already fully blazing and Self-realized within your Higher Self, you can access the supernal light of your Presence in ever greater moments of continuity, by which greater light may be yours to utilize on behalf of your God for the victory of the light of living Truth in this hour.

Many of you see the disparity in the world between the goal, the ideal of perfection, and what mankind is outpicturing through a lesser awareness outside of the circle of pure being. Collapse now the reference points of dualistic seeing into the matrix of perfection of the ideal through the All-Seeing Eye of God. And maintain this state of clarity, of pure seeing from this day forward in order to access, through that cosmic mindfulness, the all-encompassing One, and that which Cyclopea and Virginia idealize through their perfect vision. When you can maintain this state of clear seeing in all realms of consciousness throughout the totality of your Solar awareness, objectified even while you reside upon Earth, there may be that streaming forth through your vision center of that ideal, of that perfected state. And through the lens of your higher Self-awareness, there is divine magic blazed forth, rayed forth through you in a magnificent representation of that ideal that you hold so dearly and true before you.

You know the scripture, the words of Jesus, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”1 If you take this excerpt from his sacred teaching and make it real in your life, make it new each day in some declarative way, you will be amazed to see just how much of the sense of darkness may be shed from your awareness; how much more of the sacred, the sublime, the divine will be highlighted in your world, in your present awareness every moment; and how this heightened state of beingness will work for you to the greatest ends of the fulfillment of your dharma, your sacred labor upon Earth in magnificent, magical and miraculous ways.

Truly, dearest ones, the saints East and West have realized, in some sense, this awareness, first by placing their attention fully upon God, the sacred heart of Jesus, the immaculate heart of Mary, the sacred host in communion, Krishna, or whatever their perception of that divine light was through the reference point that they held within their mind's eye. If each of you can state and aver the truth, the way and the life with clarity each morn upon arising of what you desire to manifest, what you see as the reality that you, as a sentient, conscious being, desire to bring forth in the world of form, then that declaration will be an empowerment that we the ascended hosts serving on the fifth ray of truth will also energize and powerfully activate with engrams of light right within your world. For, dearest ones, we are not far removed from you. We are always available within our ascended-master consciousness and realm to be where you are when you rise in awareness to accept this reality, this truth, this dynamic in your world, in your present awareness.

Yes, it is daunting to observe, on the one hand, the crumbling of civilization—the moral standards that have become the norm upon Earth in this hour, that which has become acceptable in society and which just a few generations ago would have been considered absolutely diabolical and a part of the very nexus of evil. On the other hand, dearest ones, all of this is opportunity for the fulfillment of the divine plan within this world through that sacred process of sublimation of Mater into Spirit and the spiritualization of Mater through the Mater-realization of God here and now upon Earth.

Therefore when the darkness seems greatest and the evil seems to be all around you, that is when the nexus of the Now is established through your own light-being for the truth to emerge victoriously through every thought, feeling and emanation of your being. That is when you must rise into higher consciousness to access only light, only love, only the virtues of the Most High God through your quickened awareness, your Presence, fully emblazoned within 3-D where you live, move and have your being. You actually anchor the Christ consciousness through your conscious choice to be light and to radiate that light through every cell and atom of your being, dearest ones.

The mystery of the Christ and of the resurrection is one that you can study, that you can meditate upon with great God-awareness. And in this realization of the Christ-awareness through your own being, you will draw forth into your domain those transfusions of light that Jesus and great avatars were able to access in that resurrected state, even the ascended-master awareness of perfection. This God-glory may be focused and manifested through your auric field ever and always, blessed hearts. And it is truly a grace and a gift when this occurs—the grace of the Holy Spirit, all of the nine and more gifts of the Maha Chohan, which you, streaming forth your awareness, may bless life with as a servitor of the Most High.

Dearest ones, from my retreat over Crete, I send forth rays in multidimensions of being into the homes and lives of lightbearers whose time has come to rise and to deliver more of the sacred essences of their own higher awareness into this plane of being upon Earth for that Golden-Crystal Age to be fulfilled. With God, all things are possible.2 Through God, all things are realizable. With God all that is beautiful, divine, sacred and hallowed is manifest through a heart upturned to the Source, through a mind trued to higher reality, through a soul ensconced within the Oversoul of the all-encompassing One, the All-Buddha of pure beingness.

Now, in answer to the inner calling of many of you to discern your mission, your path in the upcoming weeks, months and years, I am privileged also to deliver to each of you a treatise, as it were, of your own higher desire to be of service, of what you had mapped out for yourself as the highest road, the most sublime pathway—yes, your divine plan fully accomplished. And this treatise is one that you have worked on with your mentors and the chohans of the rays for lifetimes. For we had taught you how you would move through the seven rays during many lifetimes to fulfill all and come to that point, that nexus of the cosmic continuum, where you would integrate all of these, through the eighth ray, into your own Buddhic awareness.

You may now, by the authority of the manus and the chohans and the great Solar Lords, access this tome of truth in days and weeks and months to come so that you may know that you will always be on spec with us for the highest outpicturing of your divine plan. You may refer to this as a manual of mindfulness, as a resource of truth. For, dearest ones, it would be quite amazing if the essentials of life were right before you to study, even as a type of divine bible, for you to see clearly what will be the initiations that you must undergo, the tests and trials that must be endured in order for this point of Self-realization to manifest in your world. If you could access all through a type of do-it-yourself spiritual manual, you would know all the essentials and be ready for all that comes your way. We have prepared this lovingly, and even the blessed Mother Mary has been a part of this discussion and the preparation of this sacred gospel of light of your own soul's coursing through the cosmos.

This is partly why we have recently requested that many of you write your biography. For in doing so, you tap into your soul's history, and there will be keys relayed to you by your higher mind that will allow you to access this road map of light that we place before you. In some cases, blessed ones, of course there are numerous opportunities to be of service. And yet what is the highest opportunity? What is the surest path that will safeguard your soul, your spirit, while also allowing you to be of greatest service to humanity? This is what we present. This is what we offer you now to utilize for your victorious and safe travel, your divine trek to the star-fire radiance, and even the throne room, of the Divine One in the Great Central Sun.

An angel of truth now presents this testimony to you. You may meditate with my beloved Lady Francesca, who has herself delivered Truffles of Truth to you as a testament of light; of healing; of wholeness; of how to minister as one who is a beloved of God, humble in your mien and approachable each day; and of how to be of service, through love, to life. You see, dearest ones, truth is mystical and yet it is also very practical. And when you merge the mystical and the practical, there is a ray of truth manifest right there in the nexus of the Alpha and Omega for God to appear in your midst; for love to flow in greater measure through your world; and for wholeness, through truth, to always arise from the compassionate heart that you have become through a loving life—a life that can be of comfort to thousands and even millions through your Christ consciousness realized upon Earth.

Long ago the chohans of the rays assembled to confer on how we could serve mankind, raise up the light in civilization and transfer to disciples of all of the eight rays, and more, engrams of sacred fire and teachings that would, when accepted, assimilated and utilized, raise the Earth in sacred fire into a new realm of divine light. That day of the fulfillment of much of what we had seen as possible has come through the teachings released through this dispensation, and will continue to come for quite some time through this one, (David), as well as others whom we are calling to be advocates and relayors of the mystical teachings of truth.

See yourself now, dearest ones, in the highest mode of expression of your own divinity and that which God would relay to mankind through you as an arbiter of the divine destiny of this planet Earth. When you know that your responsibility is paramount to the victory of the light, then you will see yourself in a new way; you will realize that your mission is imperative to be fulfilled. And in that sense of cosmic accountability, of spiritual responsibility, all burdens will actually be dissolved. For you know that it is only God that can do this work through you. And through the givingness of surrender, selflessness and sacrifice, you—with God, as a majority—can fulfill it all by the grace of the Eternal One.

I AM of service to you in the light of eternal Truth, ever your Hilarion, your brother of wholeness, your friend of the immaculate, of the visionary, of the holy and pure ones who see God by that light of purity. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

The Master Hilarion is wearing a magnificent emerald cloak, or robe, with gold trim that is scintillating with the light of the sun, the all-Sun of God in the Great Central Sun. His hair is a magnificent golden color; his beard also golden, short and yet radiating light. Many see him without any facial hair. Today he appears this way. He also carries a sacred staff that symbolizes the power of truth, the rod of truth, which he places squarely upon the Earth to anchor that light.

There were many, many angels of truth who stood before us to deliver this amazing little tome, which we can utilize as a reference manual for our victorious life, a how-to-do-it guide. And he's saying that it's not really a do-it-yourself, because God is always invested in the process. It's a do-it-with-your-Higher-Self manual. And it's really amazing to see how each person has one that is different, and yet there are certain general principles and values that are common in all of them for us to embrace.

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2. Matthew 19:26; Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.

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