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Angel of Deliverance      September 02, 2015

Beloved Angel of Deliverance

David Christopher Lewis

September 2, 2015   8:15–8:40 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana


The Angel of Deliverance Gifts Us with a New

Spiritual Golden-Blue Chain Mail Garment



I AM the Angel of Deliverance. And I come this day to deliver you, O soul, from every vestige of unreality that has beset you, that has in any way encumbered your life with illusion, maya and the veils that you have accommodated that no longer serve you on your path to victory and oneness with God. Yes, I deliver you to God and I present you to the Lord wrapped in ribbons of light, ensconced in eternal star-fire radiance, billowing with the full potential of your Godhood Self-realized in the here and now.

You have acclaimed, in the I AM name, your mighty I AM Presence as your source of all light, love and virtues, which flow from the Great Central Sun unto you, as an individualized spirit-spark of the One. As you behold your True Self this day standing before the Almighty, feel the empowerment of the new life that you can lead, that you can live in this state of awareness, having been delivered by me into the very throne room of the Eternal One, where there is only light surrounding you; there is only love empowering you; there is only virtue flowing through you each hour of every day, whereby you may behold and know yourself. And through that Self-realized state, ennoble many through your example, through your virtuous life lived to the glory of God.

When you require assistance to be delivered from something that has beset you, you may call to me. For I am a friend of Archangel Michael and often I come to assist him in the various battles that are a part of the greater war of Armageddon within this Earth.

Blaze forth the light of cosmic deliverance here to free these souls, O Lord, from all that has assailed them that is not of the light and of the Christ and of the Buddha and Divine Mother. Blaze forth the blue lightning here, there and everywhere into their realms, into their worlds, into their lives as a sacred anointing of Spirit that catapults them into the true reality of Godhood here and now. Burn through all that they have allowed to accost them in any way by dipping into mortality too much and ignoring the immortal state of being of their True Self, which they know is real and is available to them through their pure attention upon, their pure focus within the realms of light, the Holy City and that state of beingness that is their goal—oneness with the All-in-all.

Burn through! Burn through! Burn through now! Carve away all the mayic veils of illusion and depression that have beset some and that which they have accommodated in states and snits and fits of diabolical acceptance of their lesser selves outside the circle of pure being. Burn through! Burn through! Burn through these veils of illusion now! Deliver them, O angels of the sacred fire, legions and hosts of Archangel Michael this day! And protect and seal and anoint them again and again, day by day, as they choose to arise each morning, look upon the sun and realize the One again as their source of all.

Blessed ones, once you are delivered, that is the time when you may access a fuller mission, a more radiant opportunity to live a God-glorious life. Having been delivered, this is the time and the place for you to begin again your transcendent path of oneness with God. And I daresay that if you remain on this path, if you stay true to that which you yourself carved out as the ideal, the way, the truth and the life that you would lead before you came into this incarnation, we would not have to come so often to deliver you, and we could focus our energies, our light, God's light in delivering those whom you pray for and whom you were sent to deliver.

You see, blessed ones, you can enter the work of our legions as you pray, as you meditate and as you see yourself rising, even out of your body temple, in spirit to soar with us and the legions of light to free souls here and there from the nonsense of this human experience of darkness. Burn through all of this now! Carve away thousands and millions of new pathways of light for souls who are destined in this time to realize the truth, the way and the life of their Buddhic Self.

Yes, O Lord, all is possible with you. Yea, O God, with you all things are probable, doable, realizable and infinitely joyous. Yes, O Lord, it is a joy to serve you with our entire beings. It is both our duty, our responsibility and our great love to be of the most magnanimous service that we can be to the light that always prevails in all domains whenever we are called upon, wherever we are invited, and wherever it is demanded that we go to free souls from density, darkness and delusion. Burn through, burn through, burn through the chains! Break them by the power of God, in the I AM name, in this hour! And release, release, release souls from temptation, travail, tribulation to soar in spirit with the true archangelic presences and the nine choirs that they may behold God face-to-face in the true reality of pure light.

Some of you are asking to know my name, and I will simply aver that I AM the Angel of Deliverance. And by this name you can claim my Presence in your midst and anywhere upon Earth and even throughout this solar system and galaxy. For God is limitless and universal. And as servitors of the One, we go where directed by that light stream of holy prayer, dynamic fiats and pure intent to deliver all unto the perfectionment of light and only light.

Now I give you a call, blessed hearts, if you would feel empowered at any time to join in our work and service. And this is it:

O Angel of Deliverance,

I AM one with thee.

I soar with thee now in spirit

To deliver souls here, there and everywhere

From the darkness of this age

Into the light of perfection and eternal joy.

Bind the forces of darkness that assail every soul.

Release them! Deliver them, O God,

Into your eternal grace,

Into your supernal light in this hour.

I declare it! I aver it!

It is so in the name of the I AM THAT I AM!

And by the sword of the Archangel of Deliverance,

It is manifest now. Amen.

I was there with Moses when the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea. I was there when Patton moved in North Africa and in Europe. I was there with numerous generals who supported the light of truth in past ages and with those who consciously worked for God, praying and kneeling in prayer to discern the will of God in their lives and within their leadership. I was there when many Jews were saved in World War II from the onslaughts of darkness of the Nazis. I was there with Saint Joseph to protect his family and surrounded them on their way to Egypt from the deviltry of Herod and his henchmen.

You see, blessed ones, I was there and I am here now for you, each one. For I daresay that in coming days, weeks, months and years, many of you shall require the strong arm of the Lord, the sword—which represents the sacred Word issuing forth from the mouth of God and the living Christ—to deliver you from the evil of the nefarious ones, even Beelzebub and others who have incarnated the Luciferian and Satanic consciousness of evil in many forms.

They have no power over you when you stand in the truth, the light and the Word of the living Christ. They have no power over these precious sons and daughters, lightbearers of all nations who are willing to bear the darkness of this age so that a greater age of mercy, divine love and compassion may be born upon Earth. Yes, blessed ones, often I deliver you from yourself, unbeknownst to your outer waking consciousness, with Michael, Micah, Faith, Unity and numberless numbers of angels. For we love you so; we serve the God light within you. And though many ignore, at times, their own higher calling and are lacking in awareness of the vitality of their True Self and their true responsibility and accountability toward God in this era, we remain true to the one cause and will defend you and protect you through thick and thin, through all battles of Armageddon and tribulations of your soul.

Place the full armor of protection upon yourselves each morning and you will be sealed in the impervious and indomitable light to assure your victorious day, mission and sacred work. Then take up your sword, your sacred word, and invoke the light. Defend with your light, with your love, with your prayers and devotion the innocent, the homeless, the downtrodden, the unborn, the widows and widowers and those who have been forgotten by humanity. For as it is with you, so it is in our domainas Above, so below. And command, in the name of the living Christ, the light to go forth to do its perfect work in all domains, in all dimensional planes of being.

Now, at the behest of Michael and Faith, a new garment is upon you, each one, that is even more impervious to darkness than ever before. It is both a gold and a blue chain mail, fashioned by cosmic beings, even the Elohim, whom you have prayed and sung to, which will seal and protect you for the duration of this incarnation. Invoke it, accept it and wear it joyously, righteously and victoriously, and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune will not penetrate your auric field or Faith's shield that you wield.

I AM real, even as you are real. And in this reality, a new blue-fire light radiance glows within the Earth through your sacred work this day, your calls to Michael and your songs of praise. It has been my pleasure to be with you for these short moments, and I bow to the living light of the Christ, the Buddha and Mother within you, each one. Thank you, blessed hearts, and good day.

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