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Victory      August 09, 2015

Beloved Mighty Victory
David Christopher Lewis
August 9, 2015   12:09 ̶ 12:22 pm MDT
Divine Love Fulfilled through Higher Beingness: Saint Germain and Mighty Victory

Return to Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, California

Love Is the Fulfilling of the Law of Beingness in You!
Never Again Accept Anything Less than the Highest Victorious Image of Yourself

Renew Your Vows to Heaven to Fulfill Your Calling

I AM the victory of you in embodiment, manifesting the victorious sense of your ascension and of everything that, in the conquering spirit of Victory, manifests God's light where you are!

Dearest ones, has this been a fantastic event for God? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Have you become more one with God? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Have you felt the light of God? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Have you beseeched God to change you forevermore into a more divine aspect of the One Light? [Audience responds: “Yes!”]

Well, I can say that we have been here with you throughout this event transforming, charging, empowering and emblazing the light of Victory into every atom, cell and electron of your being! We have enlivened you in a new radiance. We have charged, charged, charged forth that light into the very deepest essences and recesses of your being. And the new you that has been born during this conclave truly will be, and will always be, a conquering one for the Lord God.

You know that you made your vows to heaven eons ago, and in that original vow was the affirmation, using the name of God I AM, that you would fulfill your calling, your reason for being. And all of you now, I sense, are coming into a greater sense of who you truly are in your highest God-light. And in this feeling, in this sensing, in this knowing, there is a freedom, blessed ones, that frees you from every vestige of that which has in any way beset you that is not of the highest light. The chains that have in former lifetimes, and even in this one at times, bound you to a sense of being less than are being completely demolished!

And never again, I beseech you, dearest hearts, accept anything less than the highest victorious image of yourself, the most sublime and beautiful reality of who you are. Never again accept anything less than walking and talking with God, being in the light, soaring with the angels of the sacred fire and enlivening every individual whom you contact with the true essence of love that is embodied within your heart.

If you make this pledge and revow with me, I will empower you every day, and throughout your day, to be victorious in everything, to more magically and mindfully alchemize that which you set your heart and mind upon, and for it to be realized more quickly, even, for some, instantaneously.

Yes, blessed hearts, did you know that I am an alchemist? I am an alchemist of victory! And through the victorious sense, everything that I envision, everything that I behold, everything that I set my heart and mind unto is fulfilled in the instant and the lightning and the thunder of victory! For God is with me! I AM in God! I AM of God! God is in me, God is in you, God is in us! And together the cosmic stimulus of Victory shall transform this Earth. Do you accept it, blessed hearts? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] It is so. It is realized, and I set my seal of Victory upon this event.

I chasten those who have opposed you and say to them, never again in any way tempt or try these my holy ones. For if you—all those who dwell in the shadows—would attempt in any way to bring your wares unto them, I say I will step between you and these and prevent you. For I have vowed to God to assist each one to their victorious ascension. This is my vow to you, blessed ones. And when you feel the impulse of my heart, one with yours, you too can stand firm in your resolve to be the One, to be victorious, to be that light of godliness and perfection now.

Please be seated for a final word. The shift has manifested through this event, and the ongoing new matrix of light is being given birth to day by day and moment by moment by you, one with God in your Presence, shining forth your light and delivering the highest of your potential to all. Even as you have been impressed with the coming of the masters, the angels and archangels and cosmic beings, so I say that we are quite impressed with you. And the impressions that you leave through your joy, through your harmonies, through your singing your praise, your dancing, your meditations and oneness have transformed the atmosphere here and given new hope, on the inner, to thousands within this region and tens of thousands and more throughout the Earth.

If you knew truly the value of your spirit, your soul and that which you invest within your spiritual work on behalf of this planet, you would be emboldened day by day to even more victoriously act decisively and with joy to accomplish the seemingly miraculous, precious ones. There will come a day, and that day may be now, when miracles are the norm within your life. If you seek this, if you desire this with all of your heart, then the light of God will truly blaze through you in every possible way. And those miracles, daily, will transform you again and again—through the victorious sense of who you truly are, one with God—to perform divine magic, to provide many blessings and graces to thousands.

Before you I show you a vision, which is specific for each of you, of what you will be doing just a millennia from now—a short time in the allness of universal time. I capture this in a flash in my own Instagram photo, that you may hold it within your mind's eye as a vision of your true Selfhood in perfection's glory, in your divinity, fully blazing and manifesting the totality of your true Selfhood in all of its glory and beauty, as a shining star in the heavens.

Much of what you have manifest in the past, you will come to realize is simply a chimera of your former self. And when you stay true to the vision of this cosmic Instagram photo that I give you and you hold it firmly within your higher vision center, it energizes and activates the future within the Now for you to be more Self-realized, happy. And as the prevailing winds of the Holy Spirit take hold of you and lift you up again and again in the light, that joy flame of Victory will give you the edge and the keys to the all-accomplishing wisdom of the Buddhas within you.

Think on this. Accept it, feel it, and your own Buddha essence will flow with grandeur, joy. And life will be as it never has been before, wrapped in cosmic bows and blessings of holiness and divine love.

I AM your friend, Mighty Victory. If you had not thought of me as a friend before, accept my friendship. And in this, we, together, conquer with love. I thank you.

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