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Hercules      August 09, 2015

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
August 9, 2015   9:48 ̶ 10:00 am PDT
Saint Germain and Mighty Victory Return to Mount Shasta
Mount Shasta, California

Hercules Provides Keys for the Clearing of the Atmosphere,
the Minds of Mankind and Our Throat Chakras

I AM Hercules, and I am here to clear the air throughout this region of all smoke, smaze, smog and smelly stuff! For, blessed ones, it is within the framework and the authority of the Elohim to perform seeming miracles through the use of divine frequencies that issue from the Great Central Sun and that we step down as co-creators with the One.

Therefore blaze, blaze, blaze the blue-fire radiance of the Great Central Sun here. Clear, clear, clear the atmosphere here by the power vested in the Elohim.

We release cosmic ampules of sacred fire through you, O souls, for the investment of that which will both harmonize, purify and allow for the minds of mankind to also be clear. For what is this atmosphere around you except an outpicturing of your own mental awareness coalesced within space? If you desire greater clarity of consciousness within the outer world, it must first occur within your inner world. Therefore whenever you see the outpicturing within nature of that which you do not appreciate, appreciate yourselves and see opportunities for greater purity and clarity of beingness.

Therefore let us go within now, breathe deeply and imbibe what is in the atmosphere that we do not see as opportune and have it consumed within the fire of the heart as we breathe it in. And as we breathe out, there is only pure pranic light, pure divine air, oxygenated by the Elohim in this hour, by the power of the Holy Spirit that we bear for ye all.

Continue this deep breathing, blessed ones. [Hercules inhales and exhales four times.] Some of you know that it is a Buddhic practice to absorb within self the suffering and the darkness and the maya within the world, to transmute it within the fiery essence of your Godhood and then to breathe out light, love and divine virtues. You may make this an ongoing spiritual practice, and ultimately you will come to the conclusive realization that all is as it is based on your own perception, experience and beingness. And the change that you desire to objectify in the outer world must first be self-realized within, in greater and greater increments of God-consciousness and Solar awareness.

This is the answer to every dilemma that you experience in life—to be still and know that I AM God, to avoid judgment and to remain objective in the way in which you observe your own reactions to all that transpires. If you would have a divine world manifesting here within this Earth, manifest it within yourself by your conscious will and decision to be God-taught, God-realized, God-fulfilled.

Blessed ones, we also announce that it is our desire to have a conclave next year in Yosemite, where you may touch the vibratory field that I emanate from El Capitan. And from that point of light in Yosemite, there will issue forth a great transcendent blue-fire radiance that will emanate from the heart of California and throughout that state, and throughout the western borders of this nation and even into Canada and Mexico. This will be for the stabilization of tectonic plates and fault lines deep within the earth and for God's holy will to manifest through the peoples incarnating here. And it will also stabilize more than you know for the evolution of these souls, many of whom have reembodied from the ancient civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis and are seeking resolution of ancient karmas and desiring to be Self-realized in the great Mother light of Mu again.

Experience with us the co-creativity of Elohim. For all seven will come, with the five whose names you now know, to perform cosmic alchemy for California, for this nation and for this Earth. And if you are there physically with us in nature, as you experience the teachings that will be presented through a number of initiates, as well as this one, there will be such an impelling divine wellspring created by all of you together that, I daresay, it may sustain grace here for a cycle, and a cycle, and a half a cycle more, to avert what could come—and yet which, by the conscious choice of devotees and initiates, may be averted through intercessory prayer, mindfulness and heart-centeredness.

Now I place a seed of blue-fire cosmic light within your throat chakra for the clearing of all that has issued forth from you in all incarnations that has not been in alignment with the Logos, with the holy Word of God. Speak with clarity; voice your concerns to the One first, before you speak outwardly of anything negative in your world. Observe the distillation of Spirit through the tonalities and the vibrations that manifest through your vocal cords and allow the singing forth and the raying forth of divine light, through the light and sound ray, that is crystallized through you as a true son or daughter of God. For, blessed ones, when you understand the alchemy of the Word, the alchemy of the soundless sound and of the cosmic OM, there will manifest through you a new world experience that is dynamic, that is Elohimic, that truly will manifest in the glorious new world that you desire, that you aspire to and that is now, in all of God's glory, already in beingness in our experience.

[Hercules chants: Elohim I AM]

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