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Paracletus      July 15, 2015

Beloved Paracletus
David Christopher Lewis
July 15, 2015   7:00–7:20 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Paracletus Comes with an Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

I AM Paracletus, and I come this day with an empowerment of the Holy Spirit for each of you as you choose to accept the radiance of God through your heart into the present reality of the eternal Now, which beats your heart, and through this quickening fire accept the magnification of the Lord right where you are, here and now.

What is this magnification? What is this radiance, this light, this opportunity? you ask. It is to be present with God in your thoughts and your feelings through the deep connection that already exists. And this may be facilitated, for a more radiant and joyful experience, through devotion through praise, through lifting your hearts, your eyes, your soul unto God and feeling the infinitude, the glory, the majesty of your I AM God Presence.

Yes, blessed ones, the Holy Spirit is the empowering and quickening Presence that exists everywhere for every soul to tap into and to experience godliness, love and all of the virtues of the Father-Mother of Lights. I experienced this quickening within a number of lifetimes to the point that I affinitized myself with that Spirit Most Holy. And this quickening empowered me to move through life with the breath of the Spirit breathing through me, manifesting through my mind, my heart, my will, all in consonance with the divine heart, mind and will.

You, O soul, are destined for divine greatness if you choose the Holy Spirit's Presence and this enlivening and quickening beingness within you every day. And as each day progresses and the cycles of life move through your awareness, your consciousness wed to God, there is the increase in the miraculous. There is the acceleration of the victorious, and you now sense something new and holy and blissful that you yearn for more than anything of this world. And in that yearning and that pining for light and love and only God, God lives and moves and has his/her being within and through you.

Many seek greater gifts of the Spirit, and yet in their seeking there is still human desire to be thought well of by others. Surrender all of this, and in that letting go and letting God move through you, the gifts naturally appear. What you require is offered unto you as you require it. And your life, anointed of God, progresses with a simplicity and a majesty that is beyond all human comprehension and experience. It is the experience of a lifetime, moment by moment, through this co-creational and higher vibrational life, lived to the glory of God.

O blessed hearts, each of the sacred gifts may be yours for the asking when your asking is done in humility and with the desire to be of service to life—all life, every life-form within the creation. When you honor life itself within every being, you see and experience God already there within the selfhood, extending its beingness through all created life-forms. You experience the Holy Spirit as the Holy Spirit experiences you in your infinitude, in your divine glory, in the immaculate image and likeness in which you were created. For this is how the Holy Spirit holds the matrix of perfection for and within all life. For she breathes and moves and has her being through every life-form in that majesty of the Presence, in that infinitude of holiness of the original blueprint of creation itself, still held inviolate within the totality of the circle of God-identity within the Cosmic Egg.

Gracious ones, if you would be a representative of the representative of the Holy Spirit, as I am, then you too may be transformed, transmuted in the twinkling of an eye, within every moment, to participate in the cosmic drama of co-creation itself—to love life free through every being, as God exists within all being. Join me in this experience. Feel the vivacity, the veracity, the vitality through this victorious sense of Holy Spirit empowerment, of beingness within the heart of God.

We love this movement of The Hearts Center, for it is all about the empowerment of every individual to experience God right where you exist in the eternal Now. There is no procrastination in this beingness in eternality or waiting for some future delivery of you into a heavenly experience. Heaven is drawn right within the nexus of the Now within your heart as you are enlivened, empowered, refreshed in divine ecstatic bliss in God within your heart. And when you feel this understanding and know it intuitively and actually, through a life of love and service, all that is past dissolves into the new framework of perfection, gnosis—knowing God here and now within.

Those who have experienced this vital new life have delivered their message of hope, of faith, of charity in so many ways throughout the ages. The lively stones, the ascending ones, the prophets and sages of East and West, from time immemorial unto now, have attempted to raise the consciousness of humanity by extending this radiance of the Holy Spirit—through their hearts, their minds and their wills—to all who would receive the message of divine revelation, of beingness. And yet some rail against the new divine thought and era of holy love, fellowship, brother/sisterhood.

How, then, may we extend an understanding of this divine experience to many more among humanity? We will do it through you, each one, as you are empowered to act, inspired from within to be a messenger where you are, as a lively stone within the Holy City of God's eternal heart. We will enfire you when you feel that desire welling up to be love, no matter what is manifesting around and within you; to be true to Self; to be true to God within yourself each day. The revelation of eternality is now within you as you choose to be love, to be loved of God and to extend God's love through every thought, word and deed.

O blessed saints upon Earth, we know that all may be manifested according to the divine plan so long as those whom we have called respond with their greatness, with their divinity, with their authenticity to act decisively and judiciously each day on behalf of the Lord God, to be willing witnesses of the truth, the way and the life of the Christ, the Buddha, the Divine Mother, Krishna, God by any name, known or unknown.

Blessed hearts, we will move through a new nexus of the Now as you live a new lovely life. Poetry and music, song and dance, Spirit-filled witnesses, testaments of truth are ye. And as the poetry of light and the swirling energies of the muses of heaven infill your world with grace and glory, I am there, the Maha Chohan is there. And in that Spirit-filled moment, all possibilities, all miracles may ensue with grace because God is the doer and the door by which the heart infinite is open to the new reality of peace.

Many ascended masters come with gifts of the Spirit, blessings, bestowals, cherished ampules of fire and radiances of grace. Mine, dearest one, is deposited deep within the secret chamber of your heart this day as a refreshment of your soul to withstand the pressures of the light, which at times you feel as you press forward in service toward divine greatness. This comfort flame will allow you to maintain harmony, peace and the sense of equipoise through thick and thin, even as the strains and the stresses of life at times dance and play around you, and when you at times  allow them to move you from your centered position of stillness in God.

Through your meditation practice, many of you are gaining a greater understanding of the higher frequencies that may be accessed within the Great Silence that afford you protection, divine direction and a sealing action from the anomalies of this world, which can weigh you down if you allow them. Through my gift, you may soar beyond them, above them, into the heavenly spiritual worlds of light and always feel refreshed in God, buoyed up in spirit, blessed and encouraged to continue on your path of divine joy to the God-success of cosmic attainment in oneness with your Source.

Now breathe deeply and feel the love fires of heaven bestowed unto and within you. And as each day you greet the sun, the one eternal One, breathe in the fire of perfected love. And through that love and knowingness of God's heart right within you, the joy-filled radiance of the Holy Spirit will remain with you all day, all night and throughout your life.

I AM Paracletus. I come dripping with the fires of Holy Spirit-filled love. I AM that love. I AM that ruby fire. Walk in fire! Breathe that fiery love, and your life will never be the same, blessed ones. I thank you.

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