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Vasudeva      July 08, 2015

Beloved Vasudeva
David Christopher Lewis

July 8, 2015   6:54 ̶ 7:05 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Vasudeva Comes on Behalf of the Eastern Masters to Raise Us into Greater Service

Dear Ones,

The fragrance of eternality is manifest here from within your heart and the collective heart, which we are not possessive of. We simply allow it to be a divine representation of that center point of being through which and by which the harmonious light of divine love flows freely to all life.

I AM Vasudeva, and this day I come to enfire you with a new radiance of joy, of harmonic balance and with certain frequencies that, as they are played upon the lute of your being and the strings of your awareness, will manifest in multidimensions of being and allow you to feel more of God, greater in your Divine Selfhood and able to access a new state of divine holiness, mystical presence, magical beingness. Many masters from the East have observed this movement. And there have been a number of sacred anointings, spiritually, through our presence in your midst during your sessions, which some of you are not outwardly aware of.

It is time, blessed hearts, for many more to be aware of the dynamic of the solution to mankind's issues as originating from perfection, radiant light, glorious joy. When you dance and sing, when you pray and move in harmony, there is brought to bear within the flowfield and the origins of the unity field of beingness surrounding you that divine blueprint of perfection, of which Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva have spoken and have manifested, co-created for eons of time from the centrality of the One and the Presence of pure light.

Shiva, come forth this day and manifest now in mystical and magical and miraculous manifestations within the lives of those who would be yoked to God eternally. Vishnu, come forth and teach the way of wisdom, of truth and of the divine walk with Brahma. Brahma, create now within this planet and her people that which will step them up in vibration to understand the delicacies of the divine worlds, which they are leaving off from experiencing and which yet may be known and realized within self through the receptors of God-consciousness within the chakras, through those divine flowers that receive oh so much of God-goodness from the Sun Presence of purity.

I dispel from the atmosphere here and around this Earth certain spirits ignoble and impure. They are bound by the very light itself emanated by the three-in-one in the Great Central Sun. As this action continues throughout this day and as you are divinely inspired throughout this twenty-four-hour cycle by your own God Presence of infinite light and mindfulness and heart-centeredness, we will dance through you; we will sing through you. We will continue to strum the strings upon the lute of your being as a symphony great is heard throughout several worlds and as divine ideations manifest within the lives of the awakened.

When you alight upon the Mount Shasta next month—and I call all to come, if they dare—I will be there manifesting a new fire. And as you sing to the divinities East and West, a new light will shine upon the mount and within your hearts for the victory of a greater mission to be fulfilled beyond time and space, in the eternal cyclings of light within our own.

May the mudra of perfection now manifest within the atmosphere here so that all may see and realize—even if only on the inner—the majesty of their Godhood, the beauty of their true soul.

Now sing to Nataraj and dance, if you dare, with me. For within this sacred synchronistic flow between Alpha and Omega, between Omega and Alpha, new worlds are born, stars and novas appear, and in the innermost recesses of your being, I pronounce that God is great within.

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