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Gautama Buddha      May 03, 2015

Beloved Gautama Buddha

David Christopher Lewis

May 3, 2015   10:54–11:09 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart

Livingston, Montana

Gautama Buddha's 2015 Wesak Message on Ruby Love

I AM your Buddha brother, one who has guided your soul through eons of time to come to that point of decision making and of acceptance whereby you could, by your conscious will, by your love and by your intuitive wisdom, once again merge with the allness of your Presence, the God-light within you, and, in this process, unify all within your being in the majesty and the magic of eternality, as that fruit of the Spirit manifest through you.

Blessed ones, on this Wesak many angels of ruby love come to invest within the Earth and within the lives of lovers of God an action of accelerated love, ruby love. This love may be felt, nurtured and expanded within the auras of those who have put God first within their lives and sought with all of their beings to be obedient to that commandment to love God with all of one's heart, mind and strength and to love one's neighbor as one's Divine Self.1

          Truly, blessed ones, ruby love as this accelerated light of compassion, which is Buddhic awareness, must be delivered through many frequencies and objectified through lightworkers around the world in order for Maitreya to return and for the Pure Land of the Buddhas to alight and manifest upon Earth.

As you so choose to engage, through the love fires of your heart, in the alchemy of compassionate givingness, there is born within you and within the Earth and the environment in which you live an aspect of the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, that which Enoch expressed where he walked; that which Melchizedek emanated where he so chose to manifest; and that which Issa (Jesus), my brother, also brought forth lovingly and reverently within many nations, among many peoples, even as he does today in responding to so many prayers from Christians and lightbearers throughout the Earth.

Wesak is an opportunity to reconnect, to reengage, to refocus the light of divine love within your heart and then fan it forth within the atmosphere of Earth through the accelerated opportunity that many Buddhas provide. I come, sponsored by Kartikeya, Ahura Mazda, your own Sanat Kumara, to express the impeccable nature of God's love as it may, through co-creative processes and glorious manifestations, be shared worldwide.

You have the sacred thoughtform that I have released. Have you utilized it in your meditations daily and sought not to conjure up something unrealistic within your world? Have you used it to anchor love? To harmonize all? To alchemically co-create the sacred space in which and through which greater light, greater consciousness, greater love may be delivered to all life?

Seek God within every breath; know God within every heartbeat. True yourself to the One through your own holy temple of light, prepared by purification, purgation and prayer. And when you have come to the fount of the Divine Mother, whereby you know love in its intensity, its effulgence and magnanimity, then, blessed ones, as I call you brother or sister, we will walk hand in hand throughout the land to aid all with our spirits, one with God; and with our hearts, blazing with ruby-ray love and affection toward all.

You know that love is the answer to every dilemma, every human issue and problem that may be encountered in life and upon the initiatic path. Knowing this, blessed ones, utilize the gifts that have already been provided of the sacred teachings of East and West to put into practice the truths and the wisdom light that you have studied. And as you do this with love, as you engage each day in some way to bring about a world of peace, progress and prosperity, so your life will be blessed by your efforts. And you will be lifted up into many Buddhic, Edenic states of awareness in your meditations and through your givingness, through your sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service.

The Buddha of the Ruby Ray has come this day and accelerated the love fires of God through his heart to touch each of you with a new stream of awareness that provides possibilities for each of you to both be victorious and to bear more love within your breast. The more you can bear, the more you receive. Love is never diminished in those who give their love to the universe with every breath. Love flows ceaselessly to each of you who has reverently accepted the initiations on the path; acknowledged the divine hand within the equations that you are alchemically experiencing as you move through life and the formulations that you enter into when you are co-creative, giving your love in every possible situation to revere and to raise life.

The message of the Master Saint Germain within his new sacred tome² is all about love. And those of you who study again and again his words and attempt to model that sacred life, that spiritual life, in all you do can and will be called alchemists of the highest order, even the Order of Melchizedek.

Now, blessed ones, the great one comes before you, shining in all his glory to deliver his message this day, which I pray, as your Lord of the World, you will truly accept and obey with your entire being. Yes, life is on the line—life everywhere. Will you be the nexus for God through which life manifests for all beings? If so, I will breathe through you; I will ray forth through your heart many rarified Buddhic essences so that your expressions, your givings and your receivings are sanctified through the immaculate heart of the one Divine One. I thank you.

1. See Matthew 22:35–39; Mark 12:28–31; Luke 10:25–27.

2. Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: Heartstreaming in the Aquarian Age, available for $19.95 through The Hearts Center's online store.

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