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David Lewis      March 13, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
March 13, 2015   7:23–7:38 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana 

Discourse on Healing Fear and Similar Psychological Patterns

Before our once-a-month Friday Diamond-Crystal Purity service tonight, during our little get-together, which we call a pot-fortune, Nancy was sharing an understanding of a technique that someone is teaching. In it, people are encouraged to release fear, their attempt to control or their attempt to receive approval. They say that these three issues come before us for resolution and that if we choose, we can make greater progress in releasing, letting go, putting into the flame patterns and issues that have beset us for weeks, months, years, decades and even lifetimes.

As I look at these three things—fear, control and approval—I see clearly on the cosmic clock that fear is on the two o'clock line, control is on the three o'clock line and approval is on the one o'clock line of God-love. So the antidote for fear is God-mastery. If we attempt to control everything, we should instead rely on God to control, so we can call forth God-control. And when we seek approval often, it is simply that we desire to be loved, understood, cherished, acknowledged. So I see this as being on the one o'clock line, where we can invoke God-love when we are seeking approval.

I have not studied this particular technique, and yet I see the veracity of what Nancy was sharing and the fact that much of what we get stuck on in our psychology does revolve around these core, knotty issues. When we face our fear, we face what we are attempting to humanly control rather than allowing God to be in control. And when we face that we are trying to get approval from others, we can shift into a higher point of awareness, perception and beingness and move into our Higher Self so that our Higher Self is in control and conquers that fear through God-mastery, through love. It conquers the attempt to control through the light of Helios and Vesta and the new day on the three o'clock line and overcomes this desire for approval, which is sometimes inordinate. By focusing on God-love and by dealing with relationships from the vantage point of strengthening our relationship with God and the God-light within, we can make greater progress. So thank you, Nancy, for sharing this.

I was seeing, even recently, in some of  my interactions with people in The Hearts Center, whether through conversation or email, how there are very subtle things that occur in people's lives that they may not be aware of, and yet which I perceive, from my vantage point, may be at odds with their highest reality. And without naming any names, I'm going to give you some examples, because I reflect on these a lot as I work with people, deal with people, attempt to help people in the various teams as I'm called to.

For instance, someone very dear to my heart told me about a relationship that they were entering into. Initially I thought, “Fantastic! I'm really happy for you that you've found someone.” And then as I stood back and allowed God, through me, to behold the dynamic of this, I saw very clearly that this person was seeking approval from another human being for who they were, for what they could be and maybe even seeking a sense of fulfillment, wholeness and beingness through the relationship. And yet the individual that they chose to begin this relationship with did not, as I saw it from a different perspective, really understand the path of the ascended masters at all, had probably never even heard of the ascended masters before they met this person.

So what happens when we enter into a relationship very quickly in which we could potentially give away our light—the light that we have gleaned at the altar of the ascended masters day after day through all of our services, our conferences, our Meru events, our meditation practices, through everything that we do? What does that say about where we put our energies and our consciousness when we are willing to possibly give it to someone who has no clue who we truly are as a spiritual being and what our path is.

So this was of great concern to me, yet I had to step back because I'm not allowed to give advice directly to people. That's part of this dispensation; I do not give advice. Yet if I could give advice, I would say: “Be careful. Guard your light. Guard who you are. Realize why you do what you do, and if you're seeking one of these three things that we talked about, approval, who do you really desire your approval from? Is it God? Is it your Higher Self? Or is it another person?” So you have to self-assess and be square and true to yourself first.

There was another situation. And, again, I choose not to name names. I apologize to any individual who may feel that I'm speaking about you. I'm speaking on behalf of all of us, including myself. I gave a directive to replay a certain HeartStream, and the person thought, “Well, I don't know if I really want to play that. I already had this one picked out,” And then the person asked me, “Can I play the one that I picked out instead?” And my retort was, “The Master directed me and I already gave you the answer.” I looked at that as fear or doubt, so it's a two o'clock thing.

It's interesting that this came during this cycle of Pisces. So is it truly human questioning? Is it doubt? Is it fear? What is it? It wasn't really a big deal on the outer. And yet it was the fact that I had to spend an extra half a minute of my time answering this person. As I stepped back later and looked at it, I thought, “Hmm, well, maybe this person could understand that when I give a directive, I am speaking on behalf of the masters. It's not just David. I ask every time. I pause and I ask the masters, “What would you like?” The answer was to play a HeartStream from this master.

So this is just another example of what I observe within our community, and there have been a number of these types of situations. I had been in communication with another very cherished heartfriend a while back, and I kind of gave a little clue that the Master wanted this person at an event, and the person chose not to do it. Now, that was their choice; everyone has free will. Maybe there was an initiation or opportunity at that particular event for a great, great release of light or a personal blessing for that individual that I was not even outwardly aware of. Now, was I giving advice? Well, not really, because it was the Master telling me to tell this person in a very subtle way that they'd like them to be at that event. It wasn't David giving personal advice to the person; it was the Master speaking through me. And this doesn't happen very often, I have to tell you. So it happened again with this individual, and this time the person got it and made the choice and I think passed the initiation. There was a little going back and forth with communication fairly recently, and I was very, very happy at the response this time; whereas the last time it was just a no—no way could it happen. I think if the person really desired to be there, they could have made it happen. Yet they chose what they had already chosen.

These are just little psychological things that sometimes happen behind the scenes as I'm living my life and interacting with those whom I consider to be initiates. All three of these people are initiates; they are all tried-and-true chelas to the max. They are all givers. They all are integrated at a very high level of their beings, and I believe that all three of them will make their ascension and have already probably qualified for their ascension. And yet we're going for the 100 percent, right? I hope all of you are. And sometimes it's the little, subtle things that happen in our interactions, especially with me, because of the simple dynamic that I am in this role. It's not that I am better than anyone or that I choose to lord it over any of you or anything like that. It's just the very dynamic of the way that things happen and the psychology of the ascended-master movement that little things like this happen.

So I hope and I pray that by expounding a little bit on this that you will see that, yes, there can be interactions with me. However, the greater interactions are within your mind, within your heart, within your consciousness on a day-to-day basis. And if you are listening to your Holy Christ/Buddha Self and if you are in communion with your I AM Presence, you will pass these little, subtle tests with flying colors and there won't be any equivocation. There won't be the requirement for an ascended master to come and strip away some point of unreality in your being. You, through the clarity of your awareness, will make the right choice the first time. You will be obedient, you will be victorious and you will move swiftly forward on your path.

If you find that you're stumbling and you're not listening to your inner voice and that you're questioning it, or that you're kicking against the pricks of what you know you should be doing in a particular situation, or maybe on your life path, then you have to assess. You have to say to yourself, “Okay, I now realize that I am allowing fear or some desire to control my destiny, placing me outside of God's awareness, or that I am seeking approval for this or that or the other thing. And now, through Kali's teaching on divine psychology, I can know who I am, I can make right choices, I can deliver to God who I am and I can deliver the goods of my being day after day after day by my right choices.”

I can tell you that I get these tests all the time. I'm not averse to them and, as I've said on a number of occasions, sometimes I don't feel like coming to a service. I'd rather stay home and relax or rest or be out in the garden. I almost had that again today, and I knew: “No, I'm going. It's a commitment. I'm going to be there.” And then who shows up? Kali. So I'm grateful.

Having said that, let's sing another song and then I'm going to open it up after that to a discussion, from your vantage point, about some of these dynamics, what we can do about them and how we can all overcome.


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