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Lanello      February 26, 2015

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
February 26, 2015   8:469:43 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Lanello's Ascension Day Message

Dignified Ones, Friends, Benefactors of Light,

A decade has passed, and dictations, discourses and darshans have been delivered from the altar established here and where you have worshiped. The light has burst forth upon the world scene and you have been transformed, at least those who have felt and accepted the veracity of this dispensation. All is coming into focus upon the Earth now through the lens of the All-Seeing Eye. And as more will continue to be revealed, our plan ensues and the pathway is lit for many who will discover your offerings, your love, this community.

One of the primary reasons that we sought to again invest our energies in a new mode was for the purpose of empowering certain key disciples among you who felt bereft of our presence in your midst. And therefore we secured the grant and we began delivering the goods. A solid foundation has been established, and I am grateful to you, each one, for your part in it and for the continuing dialogue that many of you are a part of in attempting to move forward the reach of our words, the dynamism of their releases and the beauty in how you craft the greater message, as a whole, of our releases.

And this night I anoint you, each one, by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit, with a light radiance that is specific for each of you based on your givingness, based on your assimilation of our words and our radiation, our light and our message within your practical lives. Those of you who met me in the flesh and those of you who have met me through my words and through what I am continuing to bring to the world know that, like El Morya, I am practical. I would have it no other way, blessed ones, than to be at the nexus of the New Age with you in delivering what is essential for now, what is imperative for the present moment in terms of what you require on your path and what we, as a whole, as initiates, may bring forth for the transformation of our world, first within ourselves.

You see, I am continually being self-transformed, even in the ascended state. And this ongoing evolutionary process affords me the opportunity to glean greater Solar light from the Source and many stellar worlds in order to then ray forth through you, each one, something of this divine emanation for the inculcation within the Earth of new possibilities, new dawnings of greater God-consciousness, new and holy wisdom.

When you meditate upon love, light and the divine Word—and we are grateful that you are beginning to understand the deeper dynamics of this ancient sacred science—we are there in your midst inspiring you and modeling for you what you may first accommodate within your being and then emanate to the world. And if you can perceive from within yourself a new mindfulness, a new inner peace and the new dawning of that New Blue Wave frequency that El Morya is facilitating throughout your world, blessed hearts, then you will know aspects of the plan, then you will feel the import of your daily consecrated life, then you will be involved in the greater mission of The Hearts Center community. Although it is important to attend these services and the daily morning and evening broadcasts as you are able, the most important dynamic is the self-transformative change that is continuing to manifest within your heart and world and life, blessed ones, so that you may bear more light, so that you may share more Solar radiation, so that you may beam being to all life in your realm and in your circle of influence.

If you can truly aver with me that your primary purpose, as Cuzco shared early in this dispensation, is to be a Sun Presence of light and love for the Earth, then you have caught fire as we desire, then you have understood the holiest of purposes from within you, then I may call you truly brother, sister, friend and beloved. If you are willing, as some who have consecrated themselves fully to this cause, to give something more of self toward the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood in this hour, then step forward, let go of your past and make your desire known to our leadership.

Yes, your degrees in the universities of the world have proven that you have staying power to complete your assignments. Yet would you accept the greater assignment to be a world server of the highest order with El Morya Khan? Would you be a servitor of the first order by offering your life and that which you esteem within self on the altar to further the reach of this mission and dispensation? Would you give the fullness of your talents and that which you hold near and dear to your own heart, that which you value as your accomplishments, your attainment to the holiest of missions to free sentient beings from lack, from ignorance, from the shackles of the not-self?

Some among you have made the greatest of personal sacrifices and you continue to give daily and hourly all that you can, while others dance about the periphery of this movement, not desiring the heat, the intensity of the fire that at times is delivered though David on our behalf. For you feel that often he is too fierce or lacking in understanding of who you are, your desire for the gentle way. And yet, blessed ones, if you could understand the dynamics of the initiatic path as El Morya has in the past laid it out for many of us, you would see that we have already softened the blows; we have already mollified that which many of you experienced in past lives of the intensity that was required of aspiring adepts. Those of you who have studied the ways of the aspiring adepts know whereof I speak. Yet I say it again: all of you can give more if you choose. All of you can decide tonight just how much of your energies you will focalize toward the apex of our higher dream of planetary freedom and enlightenment.

And if you can conceive of yourself letting go of certain predispositions and personal preferences as to how your life should be and cease from decidedly allowing the goal of the mission to evade you as beyond your reach and achievable only in some distant future, I will bring you to the point of greater self-realization by standing directly before you, calling to you with all that I have within my being to again let yourself feel this fire of your divine beingness in order that you may resolve the age-old issues and again serve to the fullest.

This does not mean that you will be shackled by someone or by rules and regulations within this movement. What it does mean is that you will be free to pursue the highest path of givingness. And if you can sense that this is true freedom, doing the will of God rather than doing your own thing, then you are my man or woman of the hour whom I can rely upon to give when requested and to surrender when that surrender means that you will receive more in return for your givingness in order to then give even more to all life.

Some withhold, thinking that they require something personal, because they fear the giving, the letting go, and question how they will live or abide in this plane. Those undaunted ones who fear not and are intrepid in their givingness always have what they require; because when God is first in their lives, there is a clear and pure stream delivered to them of the abundant life and crystal-clear consciousness, whereby they may perceive at any point on their path what is essential to be fulfilled, what is required of givingness in that moment.

If you could see the future as I see it for these United States of America, you would see the requirement to be focused upon our work to save the light of freedom here. There has never been a more important time to be invested in this sacred work, blessed ones, and these next ten years will prove these words proffered to you tonight. For K-17 and I consult one another often. And with El Morya and Saint Germain, we both see the handwriting on the wall and the effects of decisions that are now being made by your leaders and by those who seem to be in power. And yet, as you know, the only power that can act is God. Therefore allow God and God's light and energy to act through you. Be decisive in your ways and responsive to the inner voice. 

You have enjoyed this evening and your remembrances of times of love and community, sharing and joy. And I do not desire to diminish this feeling of inner peace and the blessings of the Holy Spirit. Yet, dearest ones, as you know, at times we do come with a wake-up call and a fierceness in our mien to provide for you an impetus for personal transformational change, improvement and acceleration. And therefore I give it to you and goad you to the New Blue you with Morya El. For I will be happiest when I see each of you free from your lesser self. If at times it takes a little scorching, then so be it, for we are about living in the refiner's fire. And if you could truly know what it means to maintain cosmic consciousness and to emanate Solar radiance, you would perceive with me this night the gentle intensity of that power, wisdom and love manifesting through your being and know the perfect harmony and balance required for this equation to be realized. The anointing this night is pure, unadulterated spiritual fire that angels from our retreat over Lake Titicaca deliver to you, each one, for your illumination, for your understanding, for you inner soul nourishment.

Now, blessed ones, I announce to you that we are desirous of a change whereby David will not be delivering, virtually on a daily basis, HeartStreams to you; for there are ample ones for you thus far delivered. We are bringing him into a time of writing and the compilation of many publications to be delivered to the world as fast as they can be prepared. For this is what will allow certain growth within this movement that you all deem essential.

Therefore let him be our amanuensis, and secure the resources, through a greater self-sacrifice, to allow others among you to give prepared and cutting-edge discourses, which will demonstrate that within this community we have empowered many to deliver our messages beyond the primary orifice of the HeartStreams. And when you can compile what has already been released and melt it down into a very pithy offering of divine truth—the concentrated essences of the light-energies and the wisdom teachings already promulgated within this first decade—and you have secured the ways and means of discussing these teachings in local study groups and online with one another, assimilating them fully, then we will come periodically and deliver the lightning, the fire and the thunder essential to maintaining the harmonic balance of light throughout and around the world.

Prepare for Melchizedek in your heart, in your mind and in your will. Part of what he will inspire upon this community is a greater discipline. We have held back in allowing this to emerge until the foundation was laid and many of you had received enough fire so that when he comes you would be able to bear it in your beings without rancor, reactivity and even retaliation.

You see, blessed ones, to stand in the presence of so great a being as Melchizedek requires true humility and surrender of the highest order. And I daresay that those of you who have left off of your givingness in the tithe will, by your own choice, not receive the full fire of this master when he comes. As we have spoken unto our leadership here, to truly accommodate the Master it is imperative that you understand that giving that one-tenth back to God, by cosmic law, is only the minimal requirement to hear his message and to receive his radiation.

It is a simple equation, blessed ones: what you give is multiplied, and the more you give, the more you receive. Those who have sacrificed much are offered greater opportunities for planetary service. Those who shrink at our words into the shadows of their self-pitiful lives will never be able to bear the full radiance of the sun that comes in the presence of a fiery one such as Melchizedek.

Therefore know who you are, be true to yourself, honor the Master and benefit through and by this divine encounter. If you are bold and decide to be physically present here (no matter where you currently live) during these twelve magnificent deliveries, I can assure you that your life will be transformed as never before and that moving through this experience and having received the fire from on high from this priest of Salem, you will understand what peace is.

Peace is born through the intensity that first comes in the alchemical fires of divine light blazing within your heart to free you from every vestige of war, hatred, anger, acrimony and animosity within your subconscious. And this is what the Master will fulfill in those who decide that they are willing to pay the price to bear the light and to receive the living anointing of the Word here in Livingston, Montana. This is the breadbasket of light to the world, and it shall remain so if you make it so by your proximity to the delivery and by your acceptance of the Master's Presence, his love and his care for you.

In the intimacy of the Holy Spirit's love-radiation this night for this movement, this community of hearts, I, Lanello, have spoken. My words ring with the infinitude of the cosmic OM within you. And I AM in God everywhere where you are, experiencing your divine life and raising you up to the Sun. God bless you, each one, my beloved friends, staff and heart-centered ones. I thank you.

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