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David Lewis      February 22, 2015

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
February 22, 2015   9:41–9:47 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Support the 40 Days for Life Campaign and More…

             We are in the midst of another activity's 40 Days for Life campaign. I believe it is the fourth day. It typically begins right around the beginning of Lent, so it probably began on Ash Wednesday. During this time of Lent and beyond, please hold the unborn children in your heart. If you desire to partake of the offerings of 40 Days for Life, you can go onto their website. Just Google “40 Days for Life” and get on their email list and read the wonderful stories of the saving of the unborn children from abortion.

             It's quite a story. I follow it each year, twice a year when they have their campaigns in the spring and in the fall. These are wonderful people. They are holy people who pray and are not confrontational in the way that they deal with this issue. They truly are there for the souls of mothers-to-be and their families and to hopefully awaken them to the realities of abortion and what it means to bear life, hallow that life and allow it to come forth and emerge in our world. Shawn Carney and David Bereit are the leaders of the 40 Days for Life movement, and they have many, many volunteers throughout the world.

             Mona and I had the opportunity yesterday to visit an individual in Livingston whom I had met a couple of weeks ago. I gave him a copy of El Morya's Advanced Studies of the Human Aura book. He's a wonderful soul who has MS and is in a wheelchair. He shared his path with us, involving Edgar Cayce and David Wilcock, and he had a copy of The Source Field Investigations book, which we sell in trade paperback. He had read the entire book and was very moved by it, so we had a great discussion.

             It was kind of synchronistic that we discovered where he lived, because I didn't know where he lived. It was while visiting Mona's aunt in the senior center here in Livingston that I noticed his name on the list of the residents and his room number. So we were able to visit him, and it was really a wonderful experience. I feel that I gained as much or more than he may have gained from our visit and from Mona's presence there to help him in a very tangible way with his health situation.

             So when you are moved by the Holy Spirit in a magical way to be with people, realize that you are an ambassador for the light; you are an exemplar of the Holy Spirit, of the Lord God, of the ascended masters. And prayer, mindfulness, listening and careful attention to what someone is saying breed an atmosphere of divine compassion, love, tenderness and holiness, and I actually felt this holiness.

             I also had the opportunity to visit the other David Lewis in Livingston, who is the publisher of the Montana Pioneer. We had a little session in the room where he meditates. He does the type of meditation that Paramahansa Yogananda taught, which was passed down from Babaji, known as Kriya Yoga meditation, which some of you may be aware of. I have to tell you, the radiation in that room was phenomenal, and I commented on it to David. I was electrified in that room by what he had co-created with God, with Babaji, with Yogananda. He had a number of images of them on his wall. It was an amazing experience for me and, again, I felt more blessed probably then he did because of the radiation that existed in that room through meditation.

            I believe that when we meditate and do these fifteen minutes twice a day, before the service begins and then during the service, we are building a new flowfield of light that is powerful and will remain powerful so long as we maintain harmony and peace in our world. And then when other people step into that flowfield, whoever they may be, they may comment, as I did to David, on the sense of peace, holiness and sanctity. So I pray that as you co-create this atmosphere in your home and as we collectively create it throughout our Hearts Center, this sacred atmosphere will be, and is now and will always remain, a blessing to life in all domains.

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