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Lanello      January 02, 2015

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
January 2, 2015   8:11–8:33 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart 

Livingston, Montana


Lanello Charges Forth Light into Washington DC as We Experience the Nexus of the Now


Gracious Ladies and Gentlemen of the Flame,


I, Lanello, come to invest a portion of Solar energy and radiance into the Earth, into the United States of America and specifically into the eastern coast of this nation and the Washington DC area for the victory of the light of freedom, liberty and justice. And through this investment of sacred fire, there is an action of light within your soul, within your mind, within your heart and within the nexus of your will for the victory of your beingness as a sentient one, a God-conscious one, one who is invested in the light frequencies of divine joy, of holiness and of co-creativity.


In this new year we all have a clean white page to write upon. And I choose to write upon the destiny of this nation and her people in a way that is transcendent, in a way that is divine and inspired by the all-power of God, vouchsafed to us as co-creators, whereby we find within the resources to meet every challenge and the divine light to apply in everything that we choose to be involved in in our conscious lives.


Dearest ones, there is an energy descending from the Great Central Sun that is the all-power of the Divine One, and it may be utilized through the holy breath, through consciousness and through a directed and inspired will, one with God's, in order to bring about a new Solar civilization, a new, true, real humanity. All that is transpiring that is less than God-perfection is unreal, dearest ones. Remember this. That which you see manifesting as the dark shadows and the miasma is only a chimera. And if you remember this truth and allow yourself to see beyond the veil, then you will always penetrate into the true Solar Reality of God, God, God. 


Therefore in this hour I direct a current of sacred fire energy into the Capitol, into the White House, into the Supreme Court and into all of those monuments and offices within the Alabaster City. And there is an enlightenment manifesting and a quickening of Spirit, by the power and grace of God in this hour, so that what transpires within this year and subsequent years within this capital and within the capitals of every state of this Union will be in accordance with a higher way and that holy will, wisdom and love of God.

When you consecrate and dedicate yourself to the divine cause, the Divine One works through you. When you sublimate your human will to the divine will, the all-possibilities of God arise within your world and you can fulfill the highest, the most noble and the most blessed within your lives.


Dearest ones, I stand with Clare de Lis now, and we ray forth an action of cosmic justice, especially into the court system of this nation, so that the decisions made at every level will be trued to the highest. And we likewise ray forth into the Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives in your Capitol, and into the Senate and House within each state, a ray of light that causes an electrifying of that holy will of God in the atmosphere, which your representatives may pick up on in order to fulfill the highest for the citizenry of this nation.


Blaze forth the sacred fire now into the Congress of this nation! Blaze forth the will, wisdom and love of God, through the dynamism of the Holy Spirit, into the very nexus of decision making and the introduction of all manner of new laws to be discussed and voted upon. Blaze forth the light of God into the arena of these discussions and let the Holy Spirit articulate, through the nexus of the mind, heart and will of the conscious ones, the highest for the resolution of all conflict and for this divine mandate to take hold at every level.


First, dearest ones, it must take hold within you. Therefore consider that you are the nexus of the New Age, and you can say with me and Clare de Lis:


“I AM the nexus of the New Age here and now, O God, for your light to flow unto and within this Earth.”


“I AM the nexus of the New Age of divine love manifesting through my heart.”


“I AM the nexus of the New Age whereby all are enlightened by the grace of God and by the dynamism of the Holy Spirit.”


“I AM the nexus of the New Age through my conscious words spoken with truth, wisdom and authority and articulated with divine grace.”


“I AM the nexus of the New Age, through which light manifests in every quarter, within every home, within every heart.”


“I AM the nexus of the New Age, by which and through which the Holy Spirit moves through me every hour of every day to co-create the beautiful and divine world that we together are dreaming into manifestation by our sacred brother/sisterhood of light.”


“I AM the nexus of the New Age, through which God will become real to humanity; whereby prayer will be on the lips of every individual living upon this planet; whereby the new-age consciousness dawning within every mind will bring about an enlightened spirit of blessedness, a grace and a beauty that is causative of transformational change everywhere.”


Yes, dearest ones, through powerful fiats such as these, whereby you realize that you are the One by which and through which change, transformative change, occurs, you will see miracles ensue. You will see divine light charging forth into the atmosphere, into the Earth and into that nexus of your awareness that stills the cosmic seas, that stills all human experience that would prevent mankind from entering into the Great Silence and knowing the Divine One fully.


You know that I am invested in teaching you how to experience cosmic consciousness. Well, dearest ones, place yourself at the center of the cosmos, for where you are in heart-centeredness, there God is. And where God is, is the very center and nexus of pure beingness. This may seem like a simple statement, and yet when you realize the totality of it in and through your being, you know that only God therefore exists, that only light can emerge from within you, around you and blaze forth through you.


Study this word nexus. For you will find many keys for utilizing all that you have previously learned through your spiritual practices and devotions in order to accommodate greater light, greater energy, greater beingness; in order to meet the challenges of this year and beyond.


Yes, dearest ones, anything that you desire to create can be so, so long as you realize that God is the one by which and through which it manifests. If at any point you think that you have something to do about it from the lesser reality of your lower mind, it will not come to pass. And yet when you surrender the last vestiges of your human creation, your human thought, your human feelings and allow divine thought and divine emotive love to flow through you, then all things are possible through this nexus of your heart.


We are a heart-centered movement. And that is why the Divine Director named this community of light The Hearts Center. In a few short days, dearest ones, you will be celebrating the tenth anniversary of the establishment of this worldwide community of light. And we the ascended masters will charge forth through what you will experience within the second decade of this activity amazing manifestations of co-creativity. You will see that all that you have heretofore invested your light-energies within will come to fruition. And many thousands will be coming to hear what you together are co-creating and sharing by your conscious work, through your heart's love, through your daily devotions.


Dearest ones, it takes all of you as a community of light and love to co-create the amazing alchemical manifestation of this sacred brother/sisterhood of light. And we applaud you for being invested in this spirit of togetherness, this spirit of unity, this spirit whereby all are one, and one supports the all. Why, even your council, from the onset of its conception, have adopted the motto used by the Three Musketeers and other devotees and initiates in ancient times: “All for one, and one for all.” If you truly knew that this is an outer manifestation of the ancient adage of Hermes Trismegistus—as Above, so below—then you would feel the connectedness of the I AM THAT I AM, and you would feel the flow of light charging forth through your chakras and auric field.


Blessed ones, I speak with authority this day. I speak with the power of God within my mind, heart and will so that you may always know that you, as the One where you live, are also a part of me, even as I am a part of thee. And I extend a certain radiance of my cosmic consciousness directly to you, your heart and your auric field now for you to experience that uplift, for you to know the sacredness, the holiness of the One Light, of the I AM THAT I AM in your midst.


We do not equivocate our teachings in any way to compromise for the lesser self of any man. And therefore there is one subject that I would like to speak to and address now, fully, dearest ones. We have charged David with the authority to act as our representative. And what is spoken is spoken. And what vibrates as true within you, you know to be reality. There are some who are in a continuing questioning mode that is very destructive to the fabric of this movement in terms of what they perceive, with their own limited awareness, of the human aspects of David and what he is bringing forth.


The same dynamic occurred within The Summit and other previous movements, blessed ones. Well, I tell you forthrightly this day that we have charged the energy of Spirit through his being. And though, yes, there are still certain imperfections at times manifesting within his outer mind, yet his inner heart is trued to our purpose, to our plan, to our sacred cause.


Therefore it would be better for some of you to consider whether you fully support, with your co-creativity, that which is emerging through this movement and either support it 100 percent or decide to apply the resources of your heart and spirit elsewhere. For a house divided against itself cannot stand, and in this hour, I refer to that house as you. Therefore either support, in totality, this movement and our voice box, our spokesperson, or decide to support something that you can somehow resonate with elsewhere.


This is my message this day, dearest ones. Because in order for us to accomplish the highest outcomes in this year 2015, there must be complete support energetically in a heartfelt and a mindful way of that which we together are co-creating. Now, this does not mean that you are robots in any way. This does not mean that you do not have a divine mind. And yet what it does mean, dearest ones, is that you are true to who you are, and if who you are is not in resonance with that which is being co-created, then there is a disconnect and a division. And this division cannot manifest for the highest good to be brought forth.


Therefore today is, in one sense, the dividing of the way for some. And this is acceptable to the sponsoring masters, and especially the Divine Director, who sponsors this activity with us—with Clare de Lis and me, with El Morya, Mother Mary, Jesus and even your Paul the Venetian now. For the Divine Director, in this fire of Capricorn, under the authority of God-power, desires to empower you more. And yet that power and energy may not flow where there is a disconnect and there are irritations and certain anomalies manifesting within the polar dynamism, the dipole, of the Alpha/Omega matrix of light.


Yes, blessed ones, look at what the fruits of this one and all of you truly are. And if you have not been one who has produced fruits, then consider that it is better not to eat at this fount of light. “You shall know them by their fruits.”1 Well, blessed hearts, I have to tell you that we know who you are and we know the fruits of your beingness through your givingness, through your sacrifice, through that which you offer on the altar on a daily and hourly basis. Therefore be the fruitful ones. Be those at the nexus of the Now who are industrious, who excel in work and who are involved in the co-creative spirit of community and oneness.


I AM your Lanello. I thank you for your listening ears, and I am and will ever be even more grateful for your active hands performing the sacred works of the Spirit upon Earth. Thank you.

1. Matthew 7:16–20.

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