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Methuselah      December 21, 2014

Beloved Methuselah
David Christopher Lewis

December 21, 2014   1:00 ̶ 1:11 pm MST

The Twelve Archangels Resurrect the Temple Fountains of Lemuria:

A Winter Solstice Celebration

Vista, California

Methusaleh Offers the Key to Living a Longer Life in Form
and a Gift from the Ancient of Days and Lady Venus

I, Methuselah, am here with my gaze into your soul and my focused love of your spirit, one with God. You are immortal; you are divine. And though you may live a mere four score or more upon Earth in this life, in your higher beingness you will live longer than I did upon Earth, blessed ones, as an ancient one, as one who acknowledges the divine every day within every breath.

If you connect knowledge—the eternal fire of God—with every beat of your heart and every breath that flows through you, you can live, even physically, forever. The Spirit  supreme lives on no matter what your life span upon Earth. And a focused attention upon that eternal Spirit is what ultimately provides for you the conscious awareness whereby your eternal Solar body manifests fully, and through it you live, move and have your being within the very light essence, in what I would call the metatronic capsule of divine light.

Gracious ones, God is great within each of you. Know this—it is no longer a question. Know it as a definitive, exclamatory and punctuated positive fact. For when you dissolve all sense of separateness from the very heart of God, then the magical, the mystical and the miraculous arise naturally within your life and joy becomes who you are, even as love is fulfilled within every moment.

Yes, I will give you keys to live a longer life within form. The key is the formless state of beingness, through which the everlasting, omnipresent light may reach every cell within your being, giving all a positive spin. For you see, so long as your chakras and every cell are spinning with love, there is no death. Death is denial of God in some sphere of awareness. The death of the mortal form, as you know, is simply the casting off of a shell, a temporary coat of skin. Therefore do not be so attached to form. Be detached in formlessness, for that is where oneness resides.

Now I offer you a gift from the Ancient of Days himself and his beloved. Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus stand before you, each one, to requicken an awareness of Elohimic love, co-creative love of the highest order and magnitude. When you can live in this state of divine love, you may merge with the Sun in consciousness daily and raise the Earth in the sacred-fire essence of that grace of pure beingness and compassion.

This gift at this Christmastide is unique for you, each one, and it comes in a matrix both personal and universal. Take it to your heart now as you receive it from the ancient ones. And know that as you caress the little child, as you honor the weak, the lowly, the maimed and the forgotten, there the divine light shines more brightly, because in the humble crèche is where the seed of a new world and a new-world consciousness is born again and again.

Now the Lady Clarity comes in all of her divine glory and beauty, radiating cosmic energies within this home, where she, as the Mother light, ministered to thousands in her spiritual practice. She will not speak in outer words this day. However, she will intone your name within her heart and through that intoning sanctify the essence of God-good in the new state that you are adorning yourself with, even as she offers a certain clarity of consciousness—body, mind and soul—unto you.

As you sing your favorite song, think on Lady Clarity. And in a transcendent state of inner joy, you may see her; you may feel her; you may even hear the words of love that she speaks tenderly to you. O Clarity, O Clarity, how beautiful is, and how lovely is, the heart of the humble servitor of God. I AM that love, you are that love—in love we are one.


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