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God Meru      December 15, 2014

Beloved God and Goddess Meru
David Christopher Lewis
December 15, 2014   8:00 ̶ 8:20
Livingston, Montana

God and Goddess Meru Speak of the Importance of Each Step of Our Solar Journey

We, the God and Goddess Meru, come this day to infuse within the Earth and within your own Solar awareness the divine resonance with Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun that we clearly hold within our own field of cosmic awareness for all life within this galaxy.

Dearest ones, nearly two years ago, as you know, we took our leave of our retreat over Lake Titicaca to enter the Sun, and we have learned much in this new holy office of divine Self-realization as we emanate the frequencies of pure light and loving awareness throughout this solar system. And Helios and Vesta have been able to step up the action of the release of Solar radiance from their new position near the center of this galaxy.

What have you intuited since this pivotal event in the evolution of life upon Terra? Have you Self-realized more of your own Godhood as a Solar being? And are you moving into that Christic and Buddhic awareness whereby daily you are garnering more of a higher understanding of Spirit fire within the present reality of your conscious awareness? Have you meditated upon the Sun and within the being of this great and God-conscious star of divinity by transiting through experience what it is that the Solar beings who inhabit the sun of your system know as they live in light as pure-light beings?

Often, as we observe it, at times there is a cloudiness in consciousness even amongst our disciples on Earth that does not allow the full blazing reality of Solar God-consciousness to be fully employed within their lives. And so decisions are made and situations occur that do not bring the fruit of this Solar Self-realization into play within their daily lives for their greater God-advancement on the path.

We have seen this dynamic, and this day we come to reinvest our energy within the lives of the intrepid ones and to share with you that the purposes of Meru University are great and that it is time for some to step up and to offer themselves as advocates of this truth teaching of the ages through this dispensation. And even as your own Lanello and Mother have advanced to take our position previously held over Lake Titicaca, so it may be opportune for some of you to consider just how the truth that is moving through your Solar awareness may be advanced to complement that which is emerging through the dispensations of grace conveyed through the one sent unto you for the God-glorification of light within this sphere through the release of the ascended masters' HeartStreams.

Therefore as you make progress, as you consider your own pathway and course of the unification of your being with your God Presence fully in that light, you may also attend to those nuances of truth that are revolving around the Solar-fire being of your Higher Self that must be codified in certain ways, in offerings to the world through this dispensation.

Your beloved Nancy has indeed risen into the Solar glory of her own God Presence and is consciously preparing for a new journey on your behalf to access even greater streams of divine wisdom and knowledge to be shared through a number of ascended masters through your Meru University offerings. As the year 2015 progresses—and each new year presents itself with both its challenges and its opportunities for this teaching to be presented lovingly to the world—you may intuit more through a mind melded to ours as one, to a heart fused to ours as one. And if at times there seem to be disconnections between your heart and mind, consider the science of Solar living through silence, stillness and higher contemplation of the dynamics of your own Solar reality.

Know that human learning, human knowledge and what you learn in the universities of this world do not always equally translate within your higher consciousness to the attainment of God Self-realization. Often it is the humble ones who pine for God within, who feel the fire of their divinity deeply within their soul and heart who have the dawning of this Solar awareness manifesting fully within their temple of light. Therefore return, first and foremost, to your practices of deep devotion to the One God, for this creates the flowfield whereby higher wisdom, love-wisdom, may arise and flow through your being, dearest hearts. It is not by force of will that you know the truth, the way and the life; it is by the flowering of that God state of being from within you that enlightenment occurs and the power of Solar radiance manifests within your aura and life. Precious hearts, I do not come often, and yet I am always available within the Sun, with my beloved Goddess Meru, for you to access the power of the eternal light of co-creation for your transformation, as the God within you so requires each day in some small way.

As we move toward the equinox in the springtime of 2015, when a great shift will occur upon this Earth in a way that is beyond the human comprehension of many, consider the dynamics first of your winter solstice and pour forth the full power of your being into the experience of co-creativity with the twelve archangels and the three Ms who are coming. For the light released in this pivotal event will make plain the way for what Melchizedek will begin to release in his twelve discourses. And these, in turn, will prepare the way for a new release on the Essene teachings of light, which will facilitate a greater advancement on your path and a return to an understanding of true community, holiness and oneness in love.

You see, dearest ones, every step that you take precipitates a new opportunity for the release of light in your own midst and within the world at large. And as you consciously walk and rise to each new level of awareness, we are there impressing a radiant field of beingness in your midst and facilitating for you God Self-realization, new awareness, divine revelation, holy inspiration within your God Presence and Solar Self.

Pray for one another, especially when you observe someone who is straining and bowed down from bearing the weight, whether perceived or real, of events, energies or situations in their lives. Ultimately, all of this is unreal, in one sense, and may be dissipated in an instant by your God Presence and the illumination of the sun-fire energy of God within your midst. And yet in their state of current limitation they may feel, sense and recreate the sense of separation that gives them the sense of burden, pain, anxiety or a lack of oneness with each other's hearts.

Co-create with us the new world, the Golden-Crystal Age now, dearest ones, and all the disparate anomalies and the miasmic clouds that at times appear to surround you will be dispelled and dissolved; and the clear, shining light of the Sun will manifest right where you are. And you, as an illumined being, will shine as we do, as the One God does—in eternality and joyful presence, in the bliss of loving beingness.

We are the God and Goddess Meru. Love is our way. And the path of light is strewn with the flowers of miracle-joy and the resonances and the aromas that exist in the elysian fields upon and within the Sun as we know it, one with God.

Thank you, blessed hearts, for your devotion, for Vesta's Solar Rosary and for all that you attempt to do in your own loving way to bring joy to the world through your loving hearts. We thank you.

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