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Pallas Athena      November 12, 2014

Beloved Pallas Athena
David Christopher Lewis
November 12, 2014   9:00–9:24 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Pallas Athena Sends a Ray of Truth to Free Five Thousand Souls from the Astral Plane

The light of God always prevails, and your own Solar Presence is that light, which illumines you, your world, your being in divine truth. I AM Pallas Athena and I speak this day into the very nadir of that which is in direct opposition to the flame of eternal truth, to the light of divine gnosis and wisdom. And I say, “Be quickened, O ignorance, O that which arises from the mayic mists of illusion and darkness. Awaken now to the new reality of that which issues forth from the light of verity in the Great Central Sun, that which is worthy of being stamped with those eternal fires of divine truth to bring understanding, divine knowledge and true wisdom into play in the lives of mankind everywhere.”

Gracious ones, in this cycle of Scorpio much is illuminated within the Earth and the three kingdoms, which interact through the lifestreams that evolve through them in a magical and mysterious way. If you could see the outplaying, truly the outpicturing, of all that manifests in these three kingdoms—the Elohim with the elementals in the nature kingdom, all the choirs of angels in those angelic realms of pure feeling and divine emotion, and the kingdom through which you as mankind evolve into that ascended state of beingness, where you blend the resources of your mind with the Universal Mind into a field of divine oneness and holy purpose—you would make greater progress. For in the interactivity of the lifestreams of these kingdoms, there is a great interplay of light and the virtues of God modeled and manifested.

Truth is one of these virtues that I espouse, that I magnify, that I highlight in your world so that there will be clarity in all situations, there will arise mindfulness and true divine thoughtfulness as you communicate and seek to know the way, the life and the truth of your true Self. Yes, dearest ones, when you simply make a short and quick call to me, I will bring the light of truth into play to highlight what I see is best for you, what is most opportune, what will bring you quickly and surely to the highest and most noble road to the Sun of your own being, to the source of divine inspiration.

Oftentimes you know not which way to go, what to do, whom to turn to for inspiration or for guidance or in any decision-making process. Well, I say, turn to me. Face the Sun of the Presence of divine truth and feel the surety, the divine certainty that when you have that clarity of consciousness in my Presence, you will decide exactly what is best in that moment. And in a pause in which the Holy Spirit emerges and enters the equation, universal wisdom is manifest and you may access what we together, my beloved and I, highlight for you as that way of divine success, victory and all that arises from the pure vision of God, the vision of truth.

You know that your media today crafts in a very careful way what some desire you to accept and to believe. And yet many of you have discerned, by the grace of the Holy Spirit, by the power of divine gnosis, that all is not as it is portrayed. There is much more going on behind the scenes, and the subtlety of the serpent often manifests through the devices that those in the media use to attempt to mold your mind into a matrix that will not serve your highest purpose, that will not move you into the highest levels of divine truth for you. It requires a greater level of at-one-ment, atonement, with your true Self to truly know the divine facts and figures, that which is stamped with authenticity and reality in order to make your highest decisions and move into the arenas of action that will allow you to truly fulfill your reason for being upon the Earth and complete that which you know to be your mission in this lifetime.

God is not a quick study. Dearest ones, the Divine One requires focused attention throughout your life through devotion, beingness, inner contemplation, meditation and stillness in order that you may feel and truly know who God is within the all and within you. And therefore it takes time, resolve, constancy and holy dedication to move beyond what most religions afford you as opportunities through their rituals and dogmatic teachings to understand the dynamics of universal and cosmic consciousness. We the ascended masters and the sponsors of this movement do provide the impetus, the radiation and the divine understanding for you, each one, to make the progress that you truly desire on the inner and that you know to be opportune for you on the outer for your highest course, for your most virtuous life.

Therefore listen intently, read between the lines and feel between the words, the phrasings and the outer message the inner divine revelation and radiation. For, dearest ones, often even in the most simple statements there is divine intent rayed forth to you. There is God-glory vouchsafed to your soul. There is an intensity of light and divine Presence showered upon you that moves you beyond all sense of human satisfaction and limitation into the realms of pure light and beingness, where all is possible, where God is present, where the light shines forth brightly, manifesting all that you require for your pure and radiant life, a spirited life rich in divine happiness.

Yes, dearest ones, you can be happy. You can be joyous while in incarnation upon Earth if you choose the highest road and walk with God daily; if you choose to be ensconced in the great eternal love-fires of the Holy Spirit, who comes day after day—if you will accept her presence in your life—to provide those gifts when you are ready to receive them through love.

Yes, gracious ones, often I work behind the scenes with my beloved, the Maha Chohan, in order to inspire you, to direct you, even to goad you to a new level of co-creative activity, oneness with your Presence and attunement with your Source. Yet often you do not know that I am there, for the intensity of my being for some is too great. And just as I have been known to shake that spear, some would shake in their boots to know that Pallas Athena is staring at them and raying forth that fire of truth in order that they may be free from all limitation, darkness and even outer tribulation.

O gracious ones, my intensity is born of love. My truths are shared because I desire you to be free from all encroaching forces that assail your soul and weigh upon your being. Therefore try me. Accept the ray of truth and the spear that pierces through the veils of darkness and simultaneously coalesces points of divine reality in your midst, whereby you may feel that uplift, that support, that light and then move conscientiously and courageously into the eternal Now as intrepid ones making the future manifest through divine thought, holy reason and a God-purposeful life.

Now I hurl emerald spheres of divine truth into the Earth, here and there and everywhere, to expose that which must be known by lightbearers throughout this world for them to awaken to the light of cosmic truth.

 Blaze forth the light of the Sun, the emerald Sun that I bear this day, into every nation, upon every continent and within the four planes of matter: earth, air, fire and water. Blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze, blaze the light of cosmic truth into this nation of the United States of America and into every nation where at least some know God and the truth by their love of the Almighty. Blaze the light into those pockets of darkness where the subtle ones wait to ensnare souls in their webs of illusion and maya. Blaze forth now that light to consume those webs now, O Lord.

Legions of Truth, legions of Pallas Athena, Cyclopea and Virginia, go to now the seventeenth level of the astral plane in this hour and burn, burn, burn up that which assails souls and some who would be free this day of darkness. Angels of Archangel Michael and the rescue angels and the restored angels, attend them now. Remove them from those areas of hell and Hades and the astral plane and what some have called Purgatory, and allow them to rise, by God's grace, to the etheric planes of light to now be unencumbered by feelings of the ego and of darkness. Clothe them with new garments of light. Wash them clean; bathe them in the sacred fires of holiness and truth.

This is my gift this day to a certain five thousand souls. For you see, dearest ones, concurrent with your prayers to mighty Astrea and Purity for the victory of your winter solstice conference, an action of light has transpired for the setting free of some. For you see, Astrea and Purity have been very busy of late. And there is a dynamic released of that circle and sword, which accomplishes miracles and frees many from all manner of seeds and rays of darkness that they have accepted in their world.

Therefore keep on keeping on, O gracious ones, in the giving of these calls, daily if you choose. For you will see the release of many more from the astral plane and concurrently a greater weight of light in the nirvanic planes of heaven, which will allow for greater light to be released upon this Earth through many.

There is a way which seemeth right unto a man or woman and the ends thereof are the ways of death.1 Yet I provide the higher way to life, integrity, beingness; and that way is truth. Walk ye in it and live eternally in God. I thank you.

1. See Proverbs 14:12.

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