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Himalaya      November 07, 2014

Beloved Lord Himalaya
David Christopher Lewis
November 7, 2014   7:07 ̶ 7:30 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Lord Himalaya Explains the Importance of Developing Inner Stillness

Virtuous Hearts, Transcendent Ones Who Would Be All that You Can Be through a Unified Experience wherein You Align Your Mind, Your Voice with the Universal Mind and the I AM Voice Who Speaks Deep within You,

I am prepared to invest within you, O disciple of the Word, seeds of light, engrams of cosmic consciousness for you to be fortified with what may be essential for you to assimilate for your greater victorious ascent and fulfillment in the light in this hour.

You have sought ways and means of accelerating the evolution of mankind, the awakening of souls, the spiritual education of those who, it appears, are asleep. And so we come with an investment from the Great Central Sun of purity and harmony and that which will afford many souls access to both their original blueprint in the mind of God and co-creative energies, as a fountain of beingness, so that they may truly know that which will revitalize all within the sphere of their experience in life and accelerate them, by their own freewill choice, into greater God-consciousness, perfection and divine joy.

O, if you knew all that we do on the inner in these Meru University courses, blessed ones, you would never miss one. For if you could truly observe the dynamics of what many ascended masters—even the Elohim and cosmic beings—project and invest within the greater action that occurs even beyond the expressions and the teachings presented by our chosen representatives, you would truly know all of what is being outplayed and you would be in your seat on time with notebook and pen in hand, with hearts attuned to the one voice of divine reason and with minds affixed upon the point of that release and the victorious essence that flows from the Source itself through the nexus of the Word.

God-gracious ones, the gifts of the Spirit are many and conveyed to those who are ready. The powers of heaven are available to those who have purified themselves to receive the coals from the hearth of Solar beings. And the nuances of the virtuous path which may afford many upon Earth the opportunity to re-present themselves unto the Lord God as humble servitors are also great. Will you invest a portion of your being so that we may in turn invest a greater portion of the divine afflatus of concentrated spiritual light within you for your victory, dearest ones?

If you truly desire oneness, if you truly know that your pathway requires you to fulfill all through what this dispensation affords, then you will use this opportunity. You will be mindful each day of the lessons presented to you at sunrise on the initiatic path, and you will make that divine progress that is essential for the victory of all life, for the oncoming age of Aquarius to be realized, and for many souls to thereby be awakened unto their own holy purpose, their divine mission, their true opportunity for Self-realization.

If you look back through that delicate crystalline line that proceeds to the original point through which you incarnated upon this Earth, you will note the progress that you made, the victories self-realized at those points where you stayed true to what you knew internally to be what God had laid out for you as the way, the truth and the life; and likewise, when you observe those points where something less was chosen, how you diverged from the true course that you knew to be available for your highest God-good.

All of this now, in one sense, may be realigned. And the accelerated love-fires and the wisdom rays that we provide you now will allow you to progress to the point that you had chosen to be at at this very point in time and space for the fulfillment of the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood upon Earth; for the support of the Buddhas and divine beings who protect this planetary home, including the manus; and for God's divine plan in heaven to be realized and fulfilled in the Earth.

We will provide keys for this aligning process with the teachings on stillness, how you may set aside all that distracts you from that central point of pure being and be able to breathe in fire to incorporate divine light in a greater measure within yourselves for your wholeness, for your illumination and, ultimately, blessed ones, so that you may simply move into the new reality where you lead a joyful, harmonious and vibrant life. Because it is your right as a son or daughter of God to experience the bliss of Solar beingness and the wave patterns of cosmic happiness that God, in all of his infinite greatness, showers upon you and blesses all life with. Truly it is an opportunity that we present rarely, and therefore our staff, our mentors have worked with your staff on the inner, and now on the outer, to prepare for this investiture of grace, of teaching, of light.

In these few short hours before this Sunday that you have available to you, I encourage you to study yourself, to take notes on what arises within your awareness when you attempt to be still and to be prepared to share those points that you know are representative of how you become distracted, misaligned or outside of the centrality of the sphere of beingness that you desire within these experiences of oneness with God. For when you can see clearly what is occurring within you, often highlighted by the ascended-master teachers and our representatives on Earth, you may find keys to move beyond the blocks that have unfortunately sustained you in a lesser vibratory field. You may find the answers to many long-sought questions that yet remain hovering within your mind and consciousness.

When you arise from your past and access this new stream of Solar beingness that we will project and allow to be magnified in your midst during these two upcoming weeks, dearest ones, we can truly aver to you that you may just emerge as a new individualization of your own highest God nature, that you may be reclothed in spiritual fire. And if you choose to never let go of this higher state of awareness and to permanently put into the flame certain burdens, anxieties, habit patterns, matrices and mind-sets, yes, we will be joyous in seeing just how magnificently you will then model the manu-man or -woman with us for this current age and be a wayshower to many, an illumined and awakened one on behalf of thousands and even millions of souls.

We are counting on you for your individual choice to be the one, to take the leap of faith into the fire of inner stillness, the buoyancy of beingness, the light of pure love. I will overshine and even at times speak through Boyd and David on your behalf and on behalf of all evolutions of light—the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh root races incarnating upon Earth—so that all may be fulfilled, all may be resolved and ultimately all may be redissolved into the one essence of God, the Creator.

I thank you in advance for being authentically true to the new you, whom I see even now as Self-realized, both beyond time and space and experiencing in incarnation the majesty of harmony, the peaceable nature of divine grace, the pure stream of holy love.

Thank you, blessed ones, and thank you, manus, for your support, your great God-beingness and what we together will co-create with our intrepid ones upon Earth for the victory of light here. We thank you.

Messenger's Comments:

For those who may not be fully apprised of these great manus, Lord Himalaya was the manu of the fourth root race; Vaivasvata Manu, the fifth; the God and Goddess Meru, the sixth; and, of course, the Divine Director, the seventh age. So of these four great beings—considering the God and Goddess Meru as one—Himalaya is the eldest brother. If you can intuit what was left off of by the fourth root race, in terms of why not all of them fulfilled their divine plans, made their ascension or maintained their oneness with God, you will realize that mastery of inner stillness through these teachings will allow many of these fourth root race individuals who are yet upon Earth to make amends, make atonement and move into that divine state of beingness.

This upcoming Meru University course, therefore, is very important to Himalaya's plan and the manus' plan and plans for this time. If many of these fourth root race souls can truly be victorious, it will be a great boon because, in a sense, they have been stragglers and kind of weigh down the Earth by their continuing presence over tens and hundreds of thousands of years, and some of us may be among them. So it is imperative that we make the effort, that we make the strides to be victorious so that many more who came after us can also then progress, because we know the law that when those who are the oldest progress, then those coming on their coattails can also make greater progress. We lift them up.

Likewise, when the members of the fifth root race under Vaivasvata Manu make progress, it helps all of those in the sixth root race. And there's the same dynamic for the sixth and the seventh root races.

So I am looking forward to this class. And those who have not considered attending, please reconsider. Talk to people who can help you with abundance, if required, and talk to our staff and see what can be done. I, for one, am really looking forward to what will be shared, now that I've heard this very important message from the manus. And I cannot recall any time previously in this dispensation when all of them came together in this way.

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