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Maitreya      November 01, 2014

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
November 1, 2014   11:47 ̶ 11:55 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Lord Maitreya Perfumes the Earth with Buddhic Peace

Gracious Ones,

I bestow peace here. And the presence of the Pure Land of the Buddhas is now in your midst as you choose to accept and incorporate this peace within your hearts, this light within your being, this essence deep within you as a budding one.

Feel the Golden-Crystal Age realized within your mind's eye, within your heart, within your soul. Feel the essence of what God has placed within nature as the beautiful flora and fauna of all life, now there for your enjoyment to magnify this sense of peace where you are and then around the world. If you can first feel this peace, blessed ones, in the center of your being and sit still with it, feel it flowing as a river, moving like the wind and expressing its innate glory in the most magnificent and yet gentle ways within your being, then that peace, as a living reality, may be expanded from your awareness of it on behalf of many more.

What is this Pure Land of the Buddhas? some of you have asked. You have felt and seen a portion of it in these videos presented to you today. For it is God's great honor and desire to allow all of his children to coexist peacefully within the Buddhic lands of joy, happiness and eternality. And this may only occur when each one who desires to rest in their Presence and become an inhabitant of this Pure Land realizes peace, brotherhood and understanding within.

We, as Buddhas, facilitate peace within and around the world, first through our disciples. And then as they are able to model and amplify the vibrations and the quintessences of peace, there is a greater infusion throughout the world by the living light of their reality wed to heaven's offering, heaven's eternal peace.

You have heard of the New Jerusalem and you know that Jerusalem is all about peace. This is a Christian and Western concept, and yet the same model exists within Buddhism and the teachings of the East, blessed ones. When there can be a blending of East and West through this understanding of peace, which is at the very center of what the Holy City and the Pure Land represent, then you will see the majesty of true brother/sisterhood worldwide. You will see the blending of resources of truth in all religions of light and a new type of religion manifest that is all about love, that is all about awareness, that allows true understanding to occur between all peoples; for all recognize the divinity within each one as a part of the whole, and the divinity of the whole as a part of each one.

Through the flame of living peace, I express love this day to all mankind, those striving to co-create a world of peace and finding it first within themselves—fully manifesting and blazing forth in all of its divine glory and holy possibilities. May the peace of your Presence shine forth brightly on this All Saints' Day, and may your investment of your time, your love, your will and your mindfulness bring about a new hallowed circle of God-glory here and everywhere where peace lives supreme and where holiness abides in the stillness and mindfulness of the Great Silence.

I thank you.

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