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Heros      September 20, 2014

Beloved Heros
David Christopher Lewis
September 20, 2014   10:33 ̶ 10:45 am MDT
A Sacred Journey with Saint Germain to Southeastern Canada
Ottawa, Canada

Love's Graces and Virtues Are Yours to Claim!

Dearest Ones,

Love's graces and virtues are yours to claim, to behold, to accept and to nourish within, for you are love, even as we are love. You are composed of love, for love is the creative force of the cosmos that sustains all. You are sustained by love, for love holds all in her embrace, enriches all in her grace. You are fulfilled in love, for love is the fulfillment of the law of your being—your very purpose, your mission, your destiny.

We enfold you in our love now, for we perceive the inner need of all to be loved, to be held in God's embrace. For there is pain and anguish and sorrow in your world, and what better way to alleviate all this than to bring love into the equation again, to harmonize all through the law of love and to present every aspect of love on behalf of the world and her children so that Earth—the third planet from the sun, not a rock, much more—will be enfolded in that third ray that we bear as the Elohim of love.

O precious ones, from our retreat over Winnipeg we now send forth frequencies throughout North America and throughout the world of God's love for every lifestream, every life-form. And as you feel these impressions and radiances and graces within your heart, we simply ask for you to be even more loving daily, considering ways in which love may be expressed and magnified—sharing your heart with others, as a child of God's heart, and ennobling love in mystical and magical ways that will be inspired upon you by our angels and cherubim.

Yes, they will breathe upon you at night to wrap you in the love fires of the Holy Spirit. They will sing lullabies to your soul as you are still and enter the Great Silence in meditation and prayer, thanksgiving and praise. They will nurture your heart as that primary center through which love is expressed and magnified. And in this nurturing, there will be, energetically, healing for some, renewal for others and expansion of consciousness for all.

Yes, had you considered that love allows you to expand your consciousness? For when you perfuse love into everything, everything takes on the aroma of love and the delicacy of amour, and thereby consciousness is enraptured in divine radiance. And what is becomes more through that amour, you see.

As our love fires fill the centers of each chakra of your being, it is our hope that love may be magnified within our own to a new degree, to a new radiance, where hope also expands, patience is modeled, understanding becomes universal and truth becomes the way and the new norm of living. You see, love expands all of the rays. For at their core, all are empowered by love, enriched by love, magnified by love.

Yes, dearest ones, we love you. And though at times you may attempt humanly to be more expressive of love, let go and let God love through you the way God intends, not letting the human ego cloud the issue by maintaining its foothold over your Selfhood and attempting to control in some way the gift of love, which has always been yours to enrich your life and the lives of others.

Love cannot be compressed into anything, dearest ones, in such a way that it becomes constricted in its affluence and in its cosmic effect to transform and to bless. Therefore let love flow; let love go here and there and have its perfect concourse to the rivers of your own soulfulness, reaching the ends of the Earth and alchemizing all in its radiance, in its perfect stream of beingness.

Let go of all preconceived notions of how God loves you, where God loves you, why God should love you and allow love simply to be. For love is beingness, love is presence and love lives in the eternal Now within your heart every moment, as you allow it and as it magnifies its expressions from within you every moment.

O dearest ones, I AM love. Say it now with me three times as we affirm and reaffirm our purpose in life: “I AM love, I AM love, I AM love.” There you have it—you have affirmed it; God is real within your heart. We magnify that love through your affirmations, your caring attitude, your gracious demeanor, your smile and your willingness to simply be love to all.

Thank you for coming to Canada and to these four cities, dearest ones. For Canada has been blessed by your presence and through our words of light and love. It is a new day, and a new way is appearing for some to walk in the light and to be succored and uplifted by the light that you wield, the light of love that you carry within your sacred hearts.

Thank you for being love today, tomorrow and evermore, precious ones. We love you.

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