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Lady Kristine      August 13, 2014

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
August 13, 2014   8:01 ̶ 8:15 pm MST
2014 Barcelona Spain Event
Barcelona, Spain

Mother Mary Places a Replica of the Holy City
within the Hearts of Her Spiritual Daughters in Barcelona

My Beloved Spiritual Daughters,

I am with you very intimately this night within the sacred chamber of your hearts, within the shining inner castle of your being. And I reveal to you this night that I am placing a replica of the Holy City that is already manifesting in the etheric octaves and in the heaven world within that sacred chamber and cathedral of your heart.

You have earned this gift from my heart because of the love that you carry within your heart and because you have proven to the angels this night, through this wonderful ritual of light, that you know how to pray, that you have used your strong voices to invoke their presence throughout the Earth. And therefore it is my great joy to assign an angel to each one of you who will deposit now within your hearts this miniaturized version of the Holy City. It is now glowing with all its celestial radiance within that inner chamber that you have lovingly prepared over many lifetimes of service to God. And many of you here this night served with me as one of my holy sisters in one or more of the holy orders that we were a part of over a number of lifetimes.

You see, we have been together often, blessed ones, for we have found our fulfillment in God, in invoking the light through holy prayers. We have found union with our Lord and with our God in these intimate moments of deep, deep prayer. Often it is as if we are swept up in the light upon angel wings and with many saints of heaven, and we feel the very living presence of Jesus and many of the great masters who reside in that Holy City and continue to pour forth their light and love to the world.

As you were singing a final song to the Holy City this night, Jesus himself stood within that Holy City and shed a tear of light upon seeing the devotion of your hearts here in Barcelona, and amplified that which you were singing and invoking with all of the power of his Christhood and all of the majesty of his being. You see, dearest ones, you are more than you know. You bear more light within your being than you are aware of, for that light has grown over many lifetimes of service. And it is only when a great one, a clairvoyant, a teacher or a master comes to remind you of your greatness in God that you again feel that worthiness, humility and light, which is the way of the true servants sons and daughters of God yet living upon Earth.

We look not to the outer form—the rich or the wealthy, those who are puffed up with pride in their arrogance. We look to the humble of hearts, such as you, blessed daughters, who seek only to glorify God with all of your being, to sing your songs of praise with the angels and to merge with God in all of his greatness. Truly, dearest ones, it is in these moments of intimate conversation—heart to heart, soul to soul, divine mind to divine mind—that we are one and shall ever more remain.

Now, dearest ones, I make a single request of you. Because of the great light that you have invoked this night in this ritual, I ask that you come together weekly to give again this sacred prayer. And I will add the full-gathered momentum of my causal body, and a number of ascended lady masters will merge their light with the archeiai to augment that which you invoke with their divine essence and glory.

You will see the results of this rosary as a certain gentleness of spirit that descends upon both Barcelona and all of Spain. You will see it manifesting as a new creativity, a new beingness as some of the difficult problems begin to be resolved, as social chaos and disorder are transmuted, and as the way of light becomes more known upon Earth through souls like you. Will you, my own daughters of love, commit to this request? I ask. [Audience responds: “Yes.”]

I thank you with all of my heart. And I am already seeking now, by your affirmation, certain dispensations for each of you who chooses to participate, as well as for The Hearts Center of Spain, now forming in greater measure through the coming of David and Boyd and your assembling together to do so much spiritual work in so little time.

The connections you have made with other beloveds of Master Omraam and Peter Deunov's community has extended spiritual light and fire far beyond this place. And I now reveal unto you the great rejoicing amongst many ascended beings that these connections that you have made will result in further sacred work being done in future days as you collaborate together and work as one body of God upon Earth—as Above, so below. Let it be so, O Lord, through these hearts of love and light and all those who choose to respond to our calling to put aside the cares of this world, accept the initiatic path and enter into the great communion of saints upon Earth.

Now, my glorious virgin daughters—virgin in the sense that you are this night pure and undefiled in God's eyes—an the angel of Mother Mary comes and places a tiara of light upon your head. Each tiara is a little different in glory, based on the momentum that you have built in your spiritual practices. And yet each of you receives this gift from God, which signifies your spiritual innocence and your own divine glory as a daughter of God, worthy to know the saints above, able to commune with angels and divine beings and ready to expand the kingdom of God upon Earth in your own particular and special way through the love of your hearts, the light in your eye and the fire of your soul.

Dearest ones, I now take my leave of you; I now depart. And yet my Spirit remains with you always within that sacred cathedral that is deep, deep within your heart, shining forth the glory of God, which you can proclaim again and again each day through your inner communion with the Sun and with the light eternal of our Lord. I love you.

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