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David Lewis      July 16, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
July 16, 2014   9:20–9:25 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Importance of Replays

            Lanello today would like me to tell of the importance of replays. Of course, many of us listen to replays. We are not all always able to participate live for our events. I myself listened to two or three HeartStreams that were recently delivered through me in the last week, one being Mother Mary's beautiful message from yesterday—which, if you haven't heard it, I encourage you to hear it—and the others being Godfre's very intense delivery in Chicago and then Valiant's amazing discourse, or sermon, on divine love.

            When I hear replays, and I think we all know this dynamic, there is a reenactment of the energy release; and it's very powerful for the planet and it's powerful for us individually. And our web team, including Boyd and Maria Min and others, has done a phenomenal, fantastic job on a daily basis updating that site so that we have the most recent as well as all of our replays up there for you to listen to. This one dynamic of the very quick uploading of these HeartStreams, primarily in audio form and, as we are able to, in video form, is something that Lanello foresaw a long time ago as being essential for the Great White Brotherhood in raising our planet in light and maintaining the harmonic spiritual balance throughout the Earth. And I can assure you that, as you already know, this has been a phenomenal and wonderful gift that we have offered you, free of charge, by the work of our paid staff and our volunteers.

            So, kudos to all of our staff. Lanello is gratified and very happy that we have such a dynamic website. It is the cutting-edge website within the world for this type of spiritual blessing to flow. So please use and take advantage of these audio replays and utilize those that go 24/7. You can have them playing on your computer in the background. You can have them playing when you're doing other things in your home. You can download them to handheld devices and MP3 players and put them in your car. You can jog to them or hike and listen to a replay.

            If you don't know how to download these onto handheld devices or your computer or other things, please reach out and find out how. Because this is one of the greatest gifts that we offer the world—the messages of the ascended masters, the up-to-date revelations, and all of our prayer services, which can be played again and again. And those led by you, those led by our broadcast centers throughout the world: those in California, Texas, Illinois, Minnesota, Detroit and the East Coast, New York, Baltimore, and those in South Africa, South America, Sweden, and now in Spain and elsewhere, and in Canada.

            It is part of Lanello's vision, and it has been from the onset of our movement, that we would have all of these broadcast centers beaming light and the light and sound ray out to the planet through devotees and initiates such as all of you to connect us all and to maintain that harmonic spiritual balance throughout the Earth. And the replays, of course, are crucial to this. I know that I'm speaking to the choir, because you are the ones who are already doing this, and yet I'm simply reiterating the obvious and that which we can be reminded of so that we can really utilize this gift.

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