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Valiant      July 12, 2014

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved Valiant)
July 12, 2014   3:51–4:30 pm CDT
A Sacred Weekend in Chicago with the Magi, the Holy Family and the Saints Robed in White

Wheaton, Illinois

Love, as the Key to the New Age of Aquarius, Will Transform You
And All around You Daily

            I would like to offer the floor, the microphone, the room to Valiant. As we understand it, Valiant is the ascended-master name of a special guy that I really enjoyed and loved in his final incarnation upon Earth—Herbert Beigel, whose wonderful daughter, Geraldine, is here with us today.

            Herbert, for those who knew him, virtually always wore white—a white suit, white shoes, a white hat—to all the various ascended-master activities, conferences, conclaves that he attended. In my mind's eye, in his elder years he looked a little bit like the Wizard of Oz, the guy behind the curtain. He was just as jovial and probably a lot wiser. He knew and loved Mama Ballard, Edna Ballard, whose ascended name is Lotus. He would talk of her often. He came into The Summit Lighthouse activity and supported Elizabeth Clare Prophet in her messengership, and he was a great proponent of the ascended masters.

            He is one that we can call to, for and on behalf of Chicago, because he lived here for many years. He cared about what the Great White Brotherhood did to the point where, even in his elder years when he used a cane and even a walker, he would still come to conferences. He put aside the time to be present and he put in the time in his daily prayer session for Saint Germain, Mighty Victory, the Divine Director, Godfre and Lotus, and the ascended masters whom he was intimately conversant with, friends with and now a holy brother with in heaven.

            When you so consecrate your life to a sacred purpose, such as Herbert Beigel did, and you have the constancy of a path directed toward that cause through daily effort and striving; through an attempt to be one with your I AM Presence in thought, word and deed; and through emulating all that the Great White Brotherhood has taught and shared with us and is sharing with us now through their sponsored messengers, their dictations over the decades—almost a century in time—you too will have delivered to you the impulses that will eventually result in your own ascension in the light.

            Oh, for ten thousand scrubwomen—those who are willing to get down into the dirt, do the dishes and be in the trenches; those who are not seeking human fame or glory; those who are true advocates of freedom and do what it takes to build a civilization through effort, through concrete works.

            I don't know if Herbert knew some of his past incarnations. Maybe Geraldine can enlighten us. It's not all that important, in one sense, now that he's ascended. Yet as I sense it, on his behalf, there was a thread of connectedness through many incarnations going back to Atlantis where he was on the front lines supporting the purposes of the Great White Brotherhood through their messengers, through their advocates, even Jesus the Christ.

I see a very stalwart soul who stood on the front lines time and time again. I see one who was ready to charge forth at the command of the generals of that day and take a stand for freedom. I see one who, though he had an outer strength of character, also had a gentility of heart and an alacrity of mind that allowed him to remain focused and to pursue his higher calling. Yes, we all have our human frailties and foibles, our inconsistencies and peccadilloes. I'm sure Herbert had his. Yet the stream of his focus on the light of freedom overshined and overshadowed any of the little things that may have been an issue to his family and to others that he interacted with.

            And so we celebrate his life, his victory, his ascension and his ongoing work for the Great White Brotherhood. I haven't asked Geraldine if she would like to say anything—maybe it's too touching for her to come forward—but if you have a story you'd like to tell, I'm sure everyone would love to hear it. If you're not prepared, that's okay. [“Thank you for asking (inaudible).”]

            What Valiant would like to share with us is the importance of love on the path, both the tenderness and the strength of love and the continuity of love that one first discovers as an infant in a mother's eyes and in the firm touch of a father's hand when as a young child one places one's hand in the hand of the father. There is the continuity of love as it is nurtured and nourished within family, within community, within the school systems, by God's grace, especially in private schools where we can still talk about God, worship and pray. And there is the continuity of love as we self-discover who we are in God and realize that the purpose of life is love and that Saint Germain, as a great exponent of God-love, is always here for us to help us know greater love than what we have already experienced or realized.

            What Valiant says is that when you go through the ascension process, you truly begin anew to realize what love is on a grander scale and that until you are actually free of the limitations of the flesh body, you don't fully understand what eternal compassionate, universal, undifferentiated love is. In that moment of transcendence when you merge with your I AM Presence as a soul of light, there is a bursting forth of love in all of its glory. You are united with the Source of all love. You become that love; love becomes you.

            Valiant says that it is worth putting in the effort daily in this self-discovery process to find the ways and means of expressing love to one another—in our families, friend to friend, heart to heart, heartfriend to heartfriend, co-worker to co-worker, as appropriate. It is worth it because in the end, which is really the beginning, the accumulation of all the love we have shared is there in the experience of that unification of our soul with our Oversoul, our I AM Presence.

            The experience itself of merging with the allness of God—what that feels like, what the sensation of it is, what the reality of it is—is worth all the trials and tribulations that we may experience, such as when we give our love and it is misunderstood, when we share our love and others don't respect our offering, when we wrap our love in what we do through our works, through our activities and the little daily things that we do that no one sees. The angels witness our loving thoughts and feelings, and the ascended masters are cognizant when we go the extra mile to love someone, to give of our hearts and to offer something, not in exchange for something else, yet simply because we desire to give and to love.

            Chicago is the heart chakra. And what we see here through Herbert's/Valiant's eyes and through his mind's understanding of the dynamics that are at play in this city and all of its suburbs is the equation of love itself. As the heart chakra, it's incumbent upon all of us who either live here, have lived here or who are now here during this seminar to discover more of love.

            We can ask ourselves daily as we awaken, how can we reach a new level of loving? How can we get involved in God's eternal drama of love in the way that the universe expresses itself through us and through all life? How can we make love real in our daily lives so that it is tangible, it is felt, so that others either gazing upon us or interacting with us are stimulated by the essence of who we are in God as souls of light?

            Love is at the core of freedom because what freedom is is a desire to be free to love, to create, to think, to act, to be. Love is the transformative power of the violet fire because it is the merging of the blue and the pink. The blue directs the pink. The pink is actually the essence of what transmutes within the violet-light energy field because love is transformative, transmutative and transformational.

            When we choose to be loving instead of something else, we enter God's heart and God enters our heart. When we choose a higher walk with God in love, we have access to the bounties of heaven, the distillates of the Spirit, the sanctifying graces of the all-powerful One, the Lord of all Life, who is pure love.

            Love should be the motive that moves civilization forward into the new era of Aquarius. Love should be front and center as a topic in schools from preschool all the way through higher education in universities—not the love that is expressed only through human interactions, through what people seek in physical intimacy, love as a virtue that graces civilization as a whole and keeps it together. If love were a subject taught in schools—and it is taught in the schools of light in the etheric octaves—it would be a requisite at all levels: preschool, nursery school, primary, elementary, junior high,  high, college, university. Why? Because we can never get enough of an understanding of love, and so it must become a study of our soul for the duration of our life and all lifetimes unto eternity.

            When we truly understand love at a certain level, maybe by going through certain initiations in which our love is tested, we will reach a new level whereby we again discover more of what love is. When we think we have a handle on what love is, God will stretch the boundaries of our consciousness so that we experience the reopening of our hearts at a new and higher level whereby we experience greater love.

            Love is nourishing, and yet love divides the real from the unreal within us. Everything that is not born of love eventually withers away and dissolves. Only that which we have done in our incarnations that is stamped by love becomes permanent in the cosmos and has true authenticity, value and holy worth. If your prayer upon arising with the Holy Spirit present with you is, “O Lord, love through me this day. O Lord, show me your love and act through me this day with your love fires present within my heart,” then I can assure you that the Holy Spirit will prove to you how love works.

            Oh, the workings of love within our lives. If we could see the continuity of our life as it is expressed through all of our incarnations, we would note that when we were loving, all life was blessed around us and when we were lacking in love, something else occurred that we may have regretted and had to transmute later. Let us choose love, even as we choose life.

            I believe in a woman's choice to choose life just as I believe in a man's choice to choose to love his wife, his partner, his beloved. Life and love are almost the same; without love, there is no true life within us. Without the essence of what life is, we don't really experience what true love is.

            Saint Germain discovered that love is the key to our divinity and to the victory of all alchemy. And if you believe in the Master Saint Germain, then you too can work the works of God through the alchemical formulae that he has given us and you can discover how love itself, as the key to the new Age of Aquarius, will transform you and all around you daily.

            Citizens of the Chicagoland area, advocates of freedom and of Saint Germain's holy works, love one another as God has loved you, as Jesus has loved you, as Saint Germain has loved you. This love for one another must be purposeful and fulfilled in active works of charity. It must be demonstrated—not necessarily publicly for all to see—privately, in the way that you hold a high regard for one another in Spirit, as initiates, as freedom lovers, as visionaries, as advocates for the Great White Brotherhood.

            As you love one another, you fulfill the law of life itself. You prove then that you truly love God because you love God within one another. The scriptures say that though you may say that you love God, if you do not love one another, then you do not truly love God.¹ So the proof of your love for God is your love for one another. How does this love manifest daily? In caring enough to call someone who requires a prayer, support, a simple word of concern. You can think of ten thousand other ways that love may be expressed if you simply meditate on love and ask how to express your love.

            Since the purpose of life is to love and to love and to love, there is no greater work upon Earth, no greater vocation than to be engaged in love in whatever you do, whatever you choose as the means for securing the abundance that you require. If there is not love in what you do in your vocation, consider another vocation because there must be love else that work is insufficient. Or if you are in the right line of work and yet you have forgotten to employ love in that work, then regroup yourself and your spiritual fire and pour love into what you do to make that work vivified and spiritualized by your heart fires. If you have lost the means and the ways of loving through your work and service, then fall on your knees and ask for a new heart to love as the Christ loves, as the saints love and as your Higher Self can inspire you to love if you simply give yourself the opportunity to be of service through love.

            We may say we adore God, that we value one another, that we affirm the right of others to be who they are, yet if there is not at the very core of our active work and service the expression of love in some way, then those words become meaningless and of little value. We must empower our words with action—love in action. The greatest initiates of all times are those who have demonstrated their love by giving themselves fully to God and to humanity. They have laid down their lives so that others may live by their example, by the power of love that has been etched into akasha by their sacrifice, by their givingness.

            Don't discount the little initiations by which you are tested to see if you will express love on a daily basis. Find the source of love, even when it hurts to give and when being patient with someone pains you almost to the point of feeling downtrodden. By your patience you will possess your souls,² and in your souls you will have the source and the fountain of greater love because of that patience that you have expressed.

            Patience, long-suffering tempers our souls. How? Within patience, love affirms and reaffirms that we are willing to bear every cross, every burden with equanimity, with constancy and focused attention. If we give up, become impatient and lose the feeling of love coursing through our hearts, then we will be used as a tool of the force. And anger, resentment, acrimony and self-pity will become our fate.

It is senseless to live a life outside of love. It only makes sense for you as a God being to be loving and kind, compassionate and caring, because in this you find yourself, truly.

The ancient adage, “Man, know thyself," which we understand to mean, "Man, know thy Self as God,” can only be truly understood within the framework of the wisdom of love that manifests through the heart-mind connection of those who feel the wisdom-fire of love because they are heart-centered and mindful—loving in their thoughts, kind in their words, respectful of others in their actions and their gestures.

            The Great White Brotherhood is the greatest advocate of love, God-love, on the Earth. And those who would be lovers, true lovers of God can enter this sacred Brotherhood of Light by modeling that love in daily works of the Spirit—not just being affectionate in an outward show or demonstration but as an affection born of the power of the Holy Spirit that takes hold of you and shakes you until every erg of energy flowing through your chakras and your being is emphasized and powered by the Spirit of divine love.

            Holy brothers and sisters of my heart, love one another. Cherish God's love within your heart. Be victorious at every turn of your life by choosing love. And you shall win! I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

            I'd like to thank beloved Valiant. [applause] He has been waiting a long time to give that talk. To me, it was probably the greatest sermon I've ever experienced in the power of it, in the fervor of it. It came from the deepest wells of God-consciousness, born of his continuing meditation upon God. And I pray that one day we can make a little booklet of this discourse and send it around the world in every possible way, as an e-book, because the world requires this message.

            And I am thankful that Geraldine is here because I don't think it would have been delivered in quite the same way without your presence in our midst. I am so grateful for you and for Herbert. I didn't really know him intimately as you did, and yet now I know him. I know him more deeply through what he just shared with us than I could have ever known him when he was in the flesh. I know him because of what I felt as he was delivering this message in my heart, in my soul.

            I hope that we all will have a greater appreciation for Valiant and what he does for Chicago, what he does for America and the world. I think that he took his cue from Saint Germain, obviously, because Saint Germain, as a magnificent master who models the purity of God-love, is really about the only one who could have inspired this level of love in a discourse. So thank you also, beloved Saint Germain, for overshining Valiant to be with us on this Saturday.

1. See 1 John 4:20–21.
2. See Luke 21:19.

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