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Sanat Kumara      July 12, 2014

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
July 12, 2014   4:53–4:57 pm CDT
A Sacred Weekend in Chicago with the Magi, the Holy Family and the Saints Robed in White
Wheaton, Illinois

Sanat Kumara Anchors the Light of Venus within Chicago as a Permanent Talisman

Sons and Daughters of Love, Advocates of Aquarius,

            I am grateful for your presence here on this day, made sacred in many ways, and I anchor the light of Venus within Chicago as a permanent talisman. You ask, “Where will this talisman reside, O Lord?” I say that it will reside within your heart when you express love, godly love, compassionate and universal love. For this talisman is individualized for each of you based on the love that you have already shared and the love that you will continue to model in your conscious lives.

            You see, we have responded to the words of Valiant.¹ For that discourse was heard throughout Venus by the Lords of Life and all within our civilization of love. Yes, the words were truly inspired by the greatest love, and they now ring free and clear as we extend their radiance throughout this solar system, this galaxy and the entire cosmos.

            You see, blessed ones, love is what holds all together within the great Cosmic Egg. Therefore, use this talisman within you wisely and judiciously to express those aspects of the culture of the Mother, all Divine Mothers, that you may model now in meaningful and appreciative ways to glorify God and to magnify the Lord in your lives.

            The Holy Kumaras now stand and applaud you, each one, for your I AM statements, even as you applaud one another and reaffirm that you will support one another through your love of one another.

            I AM Sanat Kumara. I am here for you this day because love has called me; love is present; love is eternal. I thank you. [applause]

Messenger's comments:

            In addition to the talisman placed within your hearts, because of Carol's leadership, Sanat Kumara is also placing one of these talismans in her home in Bloomingdale. I think we can applaud and thank our beloved Carol for her givingness. [applause]

1. The Ascended Master Valiant delivered a discourse on love through the messenger prior to this HeartStream by Sanat Kumara.

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