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David Lewis      June 21, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (inspired by the World Teachers, Jesus, Kuthumi and the Master Omraam)
June 21, 2014   12:50–12:55 pm MDT
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Question from the Swedes

Communication Is the Key

Question:  What are the most important practical things we can do to achieve the master skills for Sweden?

David:  Communication is a key for all of us in all nations—keeping abreast of what's happening and informing one another. It would be wonderful if we had our International Council representative supported by someone here in the United States who could keep all of us apprised as to the accomplishments as well as the challenges that are transpiring in different nations, including Sweden.

               What I am seeing from Jesus, Kuthumi and the Master Omraam's perception and perspective is that you have done tremendous work in Sweden. You have supported me, and often Boyd, in coming there year after year for a long time now. Many of you have attended various pilgrimages. You have a great board of directors, as we saw in that image on the slide show that Henriette spoke about when she was up here. You are doing great things already. You are a very practical group. You have materials that you sell; you've translated a number of booklets into Swedish; you're working on the aura book; you're broadcasting on Saturdays, giving “Wash Europe in Crystal Light.” The masters honor what you have already done.

               The one area that could possibly be improved is communication—to simply communicate better amongst yourselves, with all the various groups and with the central Hearts Center. Keep the communication open and alive and moving. This may require some Skype meetings regularly with the directors of operations. Maybe once a month they can facilitate a meeting with the various groups who desire to have questions answered about what's going on here, what we can help you with, problems you're having, or input that you have about what we should be doing. The masters say that when you let them—the masters—know, from your perspective, what your needs are, what your requirements are to fulfill your mission, they can go to bat for you by releasing HeartStreams or inspiring our leadership to implement projects, initiatives and even pilgrimages or events that will help you.

               Again, Meru University is a great, great resource. As I'm seeing it through the World Teachers—obviously as World Teachers they are involved in education—the biggest thing that you can do is to communicate with our Meru University team, which has Rev. Dr. Claire Brown and Rev. Dr. Cathleen Alexander and others at the helm. And now we have Dr. Cheryl Bench. We have three doctors in Meru University, all very articulate, very intelligent individuals who can help you to figure out how you can have more Meru University courses in Sweden.

               There are a number of you who are qualified to take what's already been presented and re-present it in English or Swedish. Most of the people there understand English. They may not all speak it perfectly, but the youth are taught it now and people understand it. So it's not as difficult for you in Sweden as it is, let's say, in Spain or Chile, where they have to translate everything into Spanish. So go for it. Get these courses and make the commitment to hold a class once a month or once every two months somewhere in Sweden, using a Meru University class that we've already had. You can go around to different places—one month it could be in Umea, another month in Goteborg, another month in Ostersund, another month in Bergvik, another month in Stockholm or Uppsala, or wherever. Spread the light throughout the nation so that the radiance of these beautiful teachings get infused everywhere.

               I think we're near the end of our time together. Do any of our council members have any questions for the World Teachers to just kind of sum things up here?  Or is there any other input that you have that the masters didn't necessarily expound on in answer to any of these questions?

Cathleen:  I'd like to know if we can apply the comments to Sweden about Meru University to all of our International Council groups?

David:  Of course. Everything that was said is really for everyone. Chile already has their plans. They're doing it. Spain is a smaller group, so they're just getting their feet wet. After Boyd and I go, I think a lot more will happen. The masters don't desire to overburden them with assignments that there's no way they can fulfill. Sweden has great teachers, amazing individuals. They are the largest of all the international groups, when you look at how many people there are, but they're spread all over the nation. They have people who can teach these teachings.

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