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David Lewis      June 21, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (inspired by beloved Master Omraam)
June 21, 2014   12:40–12:47 pm MDT
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Question from the Canadians

The Canadian Seed Project

David:  The Master Omraam, as one of the World Teachers, will answer the next question from Canada.

Question:  What updated direction might you give the Canadian heartfriends concerning our mission and the Divine Director's request for the Canadian seed project?

David:  The first thing is to communicate with those who are putting on the pilgrimage. The Master Omraam is showing me that there was not the level of input and communication that the masters, as a whole, regard as essential for this pilgrimage to be successful. We've had some starts and stops and we had to redo the schedule because not enough people signed up to support it. And initially we could have done a better job at the central Hearts Center by possibly calling a meeting and getting all of your input first before we even designed the project.

               There's a lot to be said about collaboration and about proper planning with the right people in the room to help make the decisions. This is all hindsight; we have to move forward. Deborah Timberlake and Holly are there to guide us through the process of retooling this pilgrimage, which is a very important one for Canada. As we've heard from the masters, there is a lot of influence from the east in terms of what happens throughout Canada. Even though many of the riches and the mineral wealth may be in Alberta and even parts of British Columbia, you know what it's like to be affected by the decisions of the parliament in the east.

               Part of the reason for this pilgrimage is to anchor light there so that there can be a greater shift, in the most magnanimous way, for the greater good of all the Canadian people in every province. Different provinces have different needs and different perspectives, and what's good for one is not necessarily always good for all. Divine justice is good for all; truth and virtue are good for all. Yet you have been observing in your recent history the effects of bad leadership at times upon the nation as a whole and upon provinces in particular through the various prime ministers and other leadership.

            The Great White Brotherhood has their pilgrimages for a number of reasons, and one is to seed those nations that we travel to with light for way into the future. We don't always realize that the work we do is sometimes for future generations. Now you are asking about the Canadian seed project, so there's kind of a dual meaning here. Why did the Divine Director request that? Because he saw what is coming and that it will be imperative for you, for us in the United States and for other nations to have viable heritage, organic seeds. And for whatever reason, he gave it to you to start. Maybe it's because you have more freedom right now in Canada than we have in the United States, where we're dealing with Monsanto. They're in Canada too; however, you may have more freedom than we have.

               So you can lead the way. You can teach some of us here what to do by your example. I think you were given the assignment so that when you master this and do all the research, find those great sources and pool your resources, you can then, through your collaboration, share what you've learned in a very methodical way, with a slideshow, with a presentation, as soon as you can do it. You could have done it already. You can come on a broadcast. You can even request a half a day at a major event for a major presentation on this subject, because this was an assignment from the Divine Director. He's the manu of this age! So take it seriously. Do your research, do your due diligence, and come back and say, “We're ready to present this.”

               If you guys had done this as a group, you could have presented at this conference. The masters and I would have said, “Go for it!” Maybe it can happen during the pilgrimage or at another time—the sooner the better for all of us. The growing season is already upon us. We plant in April, May and June, so most things are planted now. However, the long-term reason for this project is to have heritage, organic seeds that we save, that we keep for the future. It's not just for planting each year. It's to actually maintain them as a very integral resource that we will have for our future. It could also be a very, very important and viable business to sell seeds, because this will be something that's required for survival in the future, like water.

               I hope that answers the question. The masters realize and understand the dynamics—that many of us are aging, that you don't all live close together, that you have busy lives, that you have commitments. Every assignment comes with the understanding, through the mercy flame, that it sometimes takes time to do things. The masters don't mandate things; they make requests or recommendations, though they do give assignments. They understand the human equation, so we don't have to feel guilty or beat ourselves up when we don't do something immediately. So I'm couching everything that has been shared with that understanding so that there's no sense of condemnation. You may have done a lot of research that we don't know about yet, and you may already have great understanding that just has to be codified. If you require help in doing a presentation or a slideshow, ask someone at the central Hearts Center for help and we will see what we can do to help.

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