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Durga      June 19, 2014

Beloved Durga
David Christopher Lewis
June 19, 2014   9:58–10:01 am MDT
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion

Livinston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Will Remain within Your Being as Your Mother Defender

I AM Durga, now living within you. For as I have absorbed and transmuted the darkness that God, and only God, has sanctioned to be removed from your world, your memory, your consciousness, so a part of me remains within your soul if you choose to have me there, blessed ones. And I, as your Mother defender, will continue to be there in moments when you require a sure defense.

            Yes, I am remaining within the centrality of your being, coaxing you to be Mother upon Earth for all the Mothers of heaven; admonishing you when you walk out of the way of the fountain of beauty, God-glory and purity; and leading you to the source of pure light, from which all originates, all flowers, all is.

            Now receive a waterfall of rose petals upon you. For as one has strewn them here, I honor her givingness. And for you all, whether as lotus blossoms or rose petals descending around your form, there is the distillation of that Mother current as a divine currency for your abundant life and for the bestowal upon and within you of heaven's grace.

            Om Shanti
            Om Shanti
            Om Shanti Deva
            Deva Om

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