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Omraam      June 13, 2014

Beloved Omraam
David Christopher Lewis
June 13, 2014   7:30–7:49 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Master Omraam Takes Us on a Journey to the Center of the Earth
and Reveals the Names of Divine Angelic Presences

            I have visited the Great Central Sun; I have visited the sun center of many starry worlds within the cosmos. And this night, blessed ones, I take you to a deeper level of beingness, facilitated by your journey in consciousness, to the center of the Earth, where you may feel the light of God blazing and fully present, augmenting that which you have already self-realized of beingness at the core of your being. For from this point of your divine reality, there is a sentient awakening of your higher spirit, of a reality far beyond what many of you have conceived as possible to realize in this life. I bring you here so that you may, at least for a moment in time and space, know surcease from stress, struggle and strain, and peace from the cares, concerns and anxieties of living upon this sphere.

            For you see, there has been an evolution of light living within the Earth that has maintained a great quickened state of Solar beingness for eons of time. They have literally held the sacred space of light for Earth's evolutions on the surface. And this night, having made contact with these divine ones, you are enriched, you are enlivened, you are suffused with the radiant streams and God-essences that they hold as near and dear within their sacred hearts of light for you and for all the Earth.

            When you pause during moments of time during your day to again make contact with God in whatever form the Divine One is represented best for you, you may choose to return to the center of the Earth, even for a moment, to contact this great light-energy field of the sun of even pressure, and you will have an infusion of grace, of new possibilities, of resolution, of attainment and the quickening, the dawning of new virtues of light within your being.

            It just may be that there is a new life for you, born of spirit, that moves you far beyond your past, even the memories of who you have been in past lifetimes or this one that no longer serve you as a part of your awareness in God. Truly, if you let go of everything that burdens you in your families, your communities and the Earth itself, amalgamating your consciousness with the Eternal and living within the sacred space of light, miracles may ensue, a new divine life may be yours, and a blessedness, a holiness, a presence of peace and love will arise from your core, forevermore to be yours to enjoy, to live within and to share.

            As you know, I have encouraged meditating upon the morning rising sun, for I understand the dynamics of the delivery from the sun to the Earth and all of her evolutions of the newness of progressive revelation, inspiration and divine beingness. For those of you moving upward and inward in your adeptship, this same realization may be yours by going deeply within the core of your being to access that Solar Reality of your God-nature. And for those who choose both vantage points of meditation, (your heart and the heart of God) there may be a powerful release of the “as Above, so below” experience right within your domain as you receive the sun's rays and stimulating fires within your heart and as you then transfer and radiate them to all life through your own awareness, trued to the divine Source.

            Yes, dearest ones, as your Om-raam I continue, as a Solar being, to shine forth the light of God through all dimensions and planes of being to those who accept God's grace, God's love, God's fire. I count you among my disciples, if you would have me in an intimate conversation and communion daily and hourly. And as you stay trued to your True Self in a moment-by-moment communion, by which and through which your enlightened state of being manifests simply, radiantly, purely, you will find a newness of beingness, a transcendence of purpose and possibilities and within this sphere of your God-identity truly be, as an honorable one, an inspiration to hundreds, thousands and even millions upon Earth by your pure example.

            These Friday evening Diamond Purity Services are key for many of you to glean and to absorb higher cosmic crystalline frequencies from the Great Central Sun, stepped down to Earth and to you by many Solar beings and shining stars in the heavenly realms of light. And when you can be in that absorptive mode of consciousness simultaneously with that mode of exaltation, whereby you yourself radiate light as you have during this service, your purpose within this lifetime will be more joyfully fulfilled; and you may truly endear yourself to all the nature spirits, to cosmic beings, angels and archangels and thereby win your freedom eternally in the light.

            Now I would reveal to you the names of certain divine angelic presences who will assist you in focalizing the frequencies of God-consciousness from the centrality of beingness within the core of the Earth whenever you choose to meditate from this point of reality. These ones are here for you, as they have been for the Agarthians for eons, to focalize the most amazing and powerful streams of divine and God-consciousness. Use them; meditate with them; allow them to have their concourse with you as their auric fields interpenetrate yours and the villages, towns and cities where you live. See them moving and streaming their light frequencies on behalf of those who are burdened upon Earth, who require assistance of any kind. See them in the miraculous awareness that they bring, allowing every form of virtue to be instilled within the Earth and her evolutions. For in this, blessed ones, there will be a certain sustaining grace. There will be transcendence and transmutation. There will be fulfillment of Jesus' prayer, “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.”1

            Therefore I call this night to the angels Sanctuel, Ramuel, Grasiel, Fortunel, Praniel, Vidiel, Primiel and Angiel to stand now within the Earth's atmosphere and to blaze, blaze, blaze forth the light for the fulfillment of the prophecies of light of the great masters, avatars and messengers of truth throughout the ages. Burn through, O sacred fire, now through these your servitors of light within the Earth. Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse the atmosphere! Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse the oceans and the waters: the lakes, seas, rivers and streams. Burn through, O sacred fire, now to clear the mental belt and the ideations, thoughts and mindstreams of lightbearers, sons and daughters of God and the unconscious ones living here. Burn through and transmute the cause and core of all that is less than God-perfection, all that is impure, unholy and untoward.

Angels, come forth now and release ampoules of sacred fire here, there and everywhere upon the Earth for the victory of the light, for the quelling of the dark streams of unconsciousness propagated and promulgated by those who serve not the Son of God. Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now! Burn through now, O light. Refresh the sons and daughters of God. Give them hope and new opportunity to serve and to be the God-sons and daughters in the image and likeness in which they were created in the beginning and in which they will arise to be fulfilled again in the ending of their lives and their mission upon the Earth. Ra! Ra! Ra!

Now the angels are fulfilling this call in a powerful action that will continue for a fortnight, even extending into, through, during and after your Summer Solstice Conference here in Livingston, Montana. Blessed ones, the miracles of God are possible and may be yours by your acceptance, by your vision, by your humility and your childlike nature of cosmic expectation, joy and a radiant heart, one with the Divine Mother.

            There is a trumpeting in heaven now in fulfillment of a prophecy of old. Many are called. And though, to date, few have been chosen because they have not all chosen the way of light, many will be awakened and quickened by this action. And as more remove their heads from the sands, looking up to their Source and feeling the fire within them again, they will rise to serve the light and be as your brothers and sisters, advocates of truth, virtue and grace.

            In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva within you, I come, I serve, I AM Om-raam.

1. Matthew 6:9–10.

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