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David Lewis      June 10, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
June 10, 2014   8:00–8:23 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana


Update on the Canadian Pilgrimage and The Hearts Center Finances

            Since we just gave this call, I would like to let you know that we are in the process of tweaking the pilgrimage because we do not have the thirty-three people. We don't have twenty-four people. We don't even have twenty people who have paid for this pilgrimage, and we desire not to go into debt. So we had a meeting last night and the team leaders were there, along with Holly Norton, who has been facilitating the coordination of the planning for this tour with the tour company, Cosmos, in Canada. We have looked at a number of options and we are still in the planning stages because we don't have the required number of people.

            Saint Germain absolutely must have this time to deliver his teaching, and we simply must go to Canada. Therefore today I am calling to you and coming before you to implore some of you who may not have planned to go on this tour for various reasons to consider doing so. There is opportunity for all of us to pool the resources of our causal bodies and our abundance to make this happen. You can give to the pilgrimage fund to support this tour. Boyd and I have to go, at minimum, as our staff, and preferably Holly as the tour coordinator and also my wife, Mona. My annual contract with The Hearts Center says that Mona will go on each international pilgrimage and be paid for it and covered. This is an honorable contract and a request, and I desire to fulfill it. However, right now the only way we can fulfill it is if we raise funds and if more people attend the pilgrimage.

               I am, of course, grateful to all of you for everything that you have already given and continue to give to The Hearts Center, those of you who tithe, who generate so much through your loving thoughts, prayers and givingness in so many ways to our movement. We have a great team internationally. It feels at times that we are making bricks without straw with our small staff, and yet the work that we do is tremendous. Many of you are providing the labor of love of two or three or more individuals in all that you do on our staff, as well as those of you who participate daily or listen to the replays on a regular basis if you cannot attend in the mornings.

               So this is a call to action. Part of the reason that we are a little bit in jeopardy right now as to whether to even hold this tour is that our finances are not what they should be, what we had planned for. You may notice on the home page of our website the thermometer with our desire to raise $33,000 to support The Hearts Center Talk Radio initiative. I believe we've only raised a little over $6,200. So you can see that we are almost $27,000 behind our goal, and this has impacted us. We've considered this challenge and what we can do to secure a balanced budget. Our directors of operations have strained to come up with solutions to this dilemma. We do not desire to let go of any staff, and yet it's been a difficult road to walk right now.

               Last winter, before the new year, all of us took cuts in our pay so that we could potentially balance our budget, and we are right now spending more money than we are taking in. We have gone through almost all of our reserves, which is not a good thing, because any organization of our size and of the level of magnitude of importance to the Great White Brotherhood should have reserves in the bank, and these have dwindled to virtually nothing. So we are in a predicament right now, and we together as a movement, heartfriend to heartfriend, have to consider what we can do. We have to use alchemy. We simply must produce this book on advanced alchemy because it will be a key. It's almost as if there's a foreshadowing before this book is released of what we used to call opposition, which now we say is opportunity, to prove that we are alchemists and to come up with the abundance that we require.

               I am imploring Almighty God today, through the heart of beloved El Morya, the chief sponsor of our movement, to unleash the abundance, the cornucopias from heaven unto us all so that we will have what we require to continue our mission, to provide all of the services that are essential, which we now pretty much take for granted. Virtually every other organization like us charges for broadcasts, which we offer for free. Virtually every other movement in the world that I am aware of charges for what we provide free of charge as the HeartStreams on a daily basis. There are costs involved in terms of the Internet, the connection, staff salaries, the rent that we pay here in Livingston for both the sanctuary and the store. And there are costs that you may not be fully aware of—liability insurance, the intense cost of all of the taxes that we pay to the federal and state governments on individual salaries, Workmen's Compensation and also unemployment insurance, which is considerable. You don't really know about all these unless you've run a business, as some of us have, and some of you know what these costs are. And although we pay very decent wages and salaries to our staff, when you consider all these other costs, it is daunting.

               Of course we are extremely grateful for your giving, especially those of you who tithe, because this is a regular givingness that allows us to plan appropriately. We had hoped to do more than we're doing, and there may be areas that we simply must cut back on if we are to maintain a balanced budget. We provide many services behind the scenes, and most of these are provided by volunteers. Many of you give tirelessly—those of you who broadcast; Carol Wells, who answers the emails that people send in to; those of you who work behind the scenes to provide so many other services locally in your areas; our Creative Arts team, which is virtually completely volunteers—Lisa Delaney, David Kiel, Maria Min and others, who on a daily and weekly basis provide amazing visuals. Without these amazing people who give and give and give, we would not now have what I consider to be the premier website of a new-age movement for the entire world—video streaming, audio streaming on a daily basis— providing a great resource of the invocation of light to safeguard the Earth for the light of freedom, eternality, oneness and enlightenment for this time period of Earth.

               El Morya says today that if you could look at Earth's history and see how in previous ages the Great White Brotherhood strained to make greater inroads into civilization based on the technologies that were available at various times, you would see that right now is a pivotal time for humanity to receive a great influx of divine teachings through the Internet, the World Wide Web, which is a great instrument for enlightenment, education, training, tutoring, teaching. Of course it can be abused also. And yet overall it is an amazing architectural work of the Spirit within this world to unite knowledge with what is happening and what has happened, including access to historical records, medicine—with everything right there in one place, where anyone with a computer or computer access can get connected virtually free. You can even use a computer at the library to do your Internet research. It's an amazing alchemical tool. We must keep this World Wide Web free from the impositions of those who would attempt to have us pay for things that we shouldn't have to pay for or to interject all kinds of systems within it that could limit our freedom of access or freedom of expression.

               Seeing from El Morya's vision that this is a pivotal time, we simply have no other choice than to give our all. Many of you have given your all, and I understand that. We have to find ways to reach new audiences. We are attempting to contact those who have accessed our website, signed up for a newsletter, so that they understand the importance of supporting us with their donations on a regular basis, because we can only ask you for so much. You've already given so much. We can't bleed you to death with requests like this to the point where you have nothing left. You have to live too. You have to survive; you have to thrive. Yet we know that there is an alchemy and that it is opportune for us to reach out now.

               So what I am encouraging you all to do is to consider ways and means of finding someone in your local community by doing some type of heartreach or outreach, someone who will listen to you and be inspired by your example, your life. Maybe sell them an aura book. Don't just give it away. Sell it and increase your abundance. Do something that will bring more people and more abundance into our movement. If we each individually take it upon ourselves to be the one with El Morya, I think that together we can be victorious. If every person thinks it's up to David, it's up to the staff, it's up to Boyd, or it's up to those who love to do outreach and heartreach to increase our membership and access to other individuals, I don't know that we'll be fully successful. Let's all take it upon ourselves to expand our awareness, expand our auras, expand our givingness and invoke the masters and the angels of coordination, marketing and advertising and stretch our wings a little bit.

               Just think, if every one of you who is coming to this conference could bring one friend, someone whom you could inspire, instead of fifty people coming, we'd have a hundred, and that would double our income for this event, at least for those coming physically. And if those of you out there who aren't coming would invite someone to attend online, just imagine what that would do for us—that would double those viewing us online. Our system can accommodate this. We can accommodate 200, 300, 400 attending online, as I understand it now. Maybe it would strain the system a little, yet that's a good problem. We can deal with that when the time comes by increasing the amperage, so to speak, of our bandwidth, by adding more bandwidth as we require it.

               So my plea to you today is to take this seriously because it is actually a serious matter. We are right now determining what to do about the pilgrimage, and we are making the choice this week whether to have it, how to have it outpictured. We will, of course, be in communication with those of you who have already paid your $300 as soon as all the final details are determined. I know that we will have the pilgrimage; there's no question in my mind. I will not accept defeat. I will not accept that we won't have it. And yet we may have to tweak it a little bit to find out the best way to have it—possibly having a shorter pilgrimage, with an option for those who have the abundance to go a few more days than what we currently are considering.

               I don't desire to give too many more details at this point because we're still in negotiation. We're still working in our team, under the leadership of Deborah Timberlake, our director of operations over events and pilgrimages, with Holly Norton. They are considering all the options and we are mobilizing our staff, at El Morya's recommendation last night, to get this refined, to get it done according to the highest outcome.

               I am pledging to give today, in addition to my normal tithing and other giving, $333 to The Hearts Center Talk Radio fund. I don't have this money in the bank myself. I'm going to use my credit card and I'm going to do alchemy. I will do what I have to do to come up with those funds before that credit card payment is due, maybe through the sale of assets, through extra work that I can do on the side somehow, maybe at night, whatever it takes. And I am asking for a hundred of you—one hundred of you out there who are the most committed to our movement—to also consider giving at least $100 or more to this Hearts Center Talk Radio fund or, if you desire, to the pilgrimage fund.

               I am putting my money where my mouth is because I can't expect you to reach deeper into your bank account, into your purse or wallet to do something that I am personally not willing to do. So I am taking it personally. I am taking accountability as an initiate, as I've shared many times, and we will see the alchemy transpiring in coming days, this week especially, and moving into our conference.

               I would like to fill this sanctuary and make it a problem that we have too many people to fit here. Let that be our problem. Let it be our problem that Boyd has to purchase more bandwidth for 200 people to be online rather than 70 or 80, beyond those who are here. These are good problems. If I challenge you, I know that many of you will rise to the occasion. Pray about it, meditate upon it, focus your energies on it, and we will share our stories of victory on this matter very soon.

               We will have a glorious pilgrimage, with the exact number of people on it that Saint Germain desires. I'm still seeing thirty-three, and I'm calling and imploring heaven to mysteriously, magically and miraculously open the floodgates so that other individuals will find out about us, maybe those who live in Eastern Canada, and join us on our pilgrimage. Holly and others did a campaign of calling many of you who had been on previous pilgrimages to see if you would consider coming on this one, and no one responded in the affirmative.

               Consider that Saint Germain is calling you—not David, not Holly, not Deborah, not Carol or someone else. Consider that Saint Germain is inviting you to be with him for an amazing alchemical class on meditation. If you knew that the Master was going to be there physically and that you, as a human being with freewill choice, had the mobility or the ability, or both, to be there by your conscious choices, would you make the effort? Would you put aside maybe even some family situations? Would you put aside a vacation, buying a new car, or whatever, to be there? Would you work a little more or maybe ask a rich uncle or someone who has the abundance to help you fulfill a life goal? I know that there is great abundance in the world. We simply have to access it. Sometimes it requires asking, though not going into supreme debt by doing it—working alchemies so that we can always have a positive balance sheet and income statement.

               I bring this before you today knowing full well that some may react, saying, “There he is again asking for money.” This is real. This is where we are now. I'm not here to ask for more money for myself. I'm here to ask for it for all of us, for the Master Saint Germain, for The Hearts Center Talk Radio so that we can contact thousands and potentially tens of thousands of people through this alchemy of getting our message across on the airwaves. These are two great opportunities.

               I recently shared with you that I asked Diana Leafe Christian, the wonderful woman I interviewed about communities on The Hearts Center Talk Radio, what her favorite communities were. The two that she spoke about were the one in Canada and the offshoot of that in New Hampshire that follows the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. She said she felt that these people were happy. One of these communities is right there in the province of Quebec. I would love to meet these people. I would love for Claire to be there with me to translate into French, if necessary, what they are sharing. Let us do it. Let us make inroads into areas where we resonate with those who are of like mind, like heart, like mission, even if we speak different languages or our methodologies are slightly different. Our understandings may be a little bit different based on our paradigms or our previous study with different masters or teachers or organizations, yet we are of one accord, of one mind and heart, and we together can be victorious.

               I hope you can feel the intention of my heart as pure. I desire to be of service only. I know that those of you in our movement who have withstood the tests of time for these ten years that we've been working together are the ones the masters do count on. So let's pull out the stops and have only starts.

               I look forward to celebrating a number of victories during our conference, during our pilgrimage as we move forward with Hearts Center Talk Radio. And if you'd like to join me in giving, you can either write a check or go online and make a payment with a credit card. If you're local here, you can even give cash or some abundance. In the past, some of you have given jewelry, and that has helped us. You may have an asset that you'd like to give up, even a vehicle, whatever. We will receive it with open hearts and minds and hands. And you will be blessed, I can assure you, by your givingness in ways great and small.

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