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Cosmos      May 23, 2014

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
David Christopher Lewis
May 23, 2014   9:09–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Import of the Friday Evening Diamond-Crystal Purity Services

Assimilate the Light of Cosmos within Your Auric Field
and Know a New Radiance of Star-Fire Beingness

            I AM Cosmos, and this day I choose to radiate my fire, God's fire, within the Earth and within you, blessed soul of the Most High God. The light of Cosmos suffuses every cell of your being as you choose to live in a state of oneness with your Source, the All. And the light of Cosmos permeates the substance of your Selfhood, the essence of your being. A new world is being born within you that is fruitful, resplendent and effulgent with all that Cosmos emanates and moves and transmutes and again affirms as the eternal light of those cosmic impressions and rays that you may now imbibe, accept and digest.

               Have you considered accepting and utilizing the cosmic rays of many solar worlds whose light originated in time eons ago and which are now accessible to you in a mystical and yet tangible way if you choose to live as a starry being yourself and, in a one-to-one relationship, know the fire and light from these worlds within your being? 

               You have studied El Morya's words in his teachings on the human aura, and many of you desire greater energy, greater radiance, greater mindfulness and the mastery of living in your Presence throughout your day, throughout your night. Blessed ones, when you can assimilate the light of Cosmos within your auric field, then you shall know this new radiance, this star-fire beingness, and your auras will shine with a new brilliance, with a new cosmic and solar essence. And there shall be born within you, within the eternal Now of the present moment, more of God's grace, more of God's light, more that you can then share with humanity to raise this Earth in sacred-fire brilliance so that the heavens may truly reside within some who have accepted their eternal nature, the nature of Cosmos.

               [Mighty Cosmos chants.]

               I am emanating certain frequencies of cosmic mindfulness and heart-centeredness through disciples of the Word, disciples of the Buddha, disciples of the Logos who can, as co-creators with the Source, accept the brilliance, the diamond-shining radiance of cosmic and Solar awareness upon Earth through their starry beings and shine forth this light to all life.

               Now, blessed ones, I tell you of the import of your Diamond-Crystal Purity services once per month on a Friday evening. These are meant to stir the ethers within the Earth for the light of cosmic purity to flow into many avenues and regions of time and space, and spacelessness and timelessness, so that the light of Omega may reside here upon Earth for the establishment of the kingdom of God, fully, for you all. For you see, there is a certain action of the sacred fire manifesting from the Holy City that occurs during each of these services. And the Buddha of the Diamond-Crystal Light and Ray, focusing the prism of his being on your behalf from above your Sanctuary of the Heart, is there establishing for you all, through many dynamics and through the gifts that he bears the Earth, a greater resonance and cosmic field of perfection, of divine joy and of all that accommodates the virtues of God in your world.

               If you could see this action as we see it from our perspective, you would do all that you could to be there, both physically and with the full set of the sail of your being, to support this work. For, dearest ones, it is great. And though some may at times diminish the work that we together within this community of light accomplish as we fulfill the “as Above, so below” dynamic of the union of heaven and Earth, yet for us this work is real. And if it is real for us, some upon Earth may see it also as a reality, as a blessing, as a boon for all lifewaves evolving here.

               Much of what you do now may not fully be understood by most of mankind until they too have risen in awareness to perceive God within themselves and to know their Source with the fullness and a resplendence that often comes only after the initiation of the transfiguration. Yet many of you are moving through these initiations, and it is reserved for you who are conscious, who are constant to know both the intensity of this light and the grace and the benevolence that it brings to the heart, the mind, the soul, the spirit of each one.

               Every time you enter the grace of the sphere of the Holy Spirit's Presence in your midst during these services, the light of Cosmos shines forth. For you see, the Holy Spirit, as a representative of the great Lord of All Life, Shiva, is there upon your sphere to coax some to go within and know who they are as Godsons and daughters evolving upon your world. When you know truly the Holy Spirit in your midst, you may begin to touch the hem of the garments of the cosmic ones who shine forth their light, pulsing those cosmic frequencies for thousands and millions and even billions of years as you know them.

               Consider this, blessed ones, that these star-fire beings have so accommodated the light of God that they are able to radiate that light for what many of you would consider an eternity of time. Can you conceive of what a billion years is in terms of the divine majesty of what emerges from the heart of one so suffused with the light of God that that one lives in the purity of pure being? Well, imagine it now and consider how you, as a God-conscious one, may also begin to know this radiance, this oneness, this pure blessing of light.

               When you give the call to me, because I am one with God, that call begins to stir the ethers, first in your world and then within the cosmos itself. And as the ethers are stirred and wave patterns of light are sent forth in all directions, there is the building of a crystal conceptualization, through the action of your Higher Self, of a majestic new world that you may actually step into in your meditation to experience the allness of Cosmos.

               You do not always give yourself credit, dearest ones, for that which you have already accepted as the full, fruitful essence of your Self. And yet you may only truly acknowledge and know the totality of your being when, in a humble mien, you give glory to God and know from deep within your soul that the allness of God is within, by grace, by love and by virtue.

               I have come this day because one upon Earth has called to me with a certain intensity and devotion. The call compelling the answer has moved me to speak and to be with you. You see, dearest ones, often it takes just one in love and in alignment with the allness of God to bring forth the miraculous and to allow for the majesty of the Eternal to alight upon Earth and be with you.

               I AM Cosmos. Find me within the cosmos within you, and we, in our oneness and divine happiness, will live eternally free. I thank you.

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