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David Lewis      May 19, 2014

David Christopher Lewis
May 19, 2014   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Nature's Signatures Are Key to Our Victory

A Reading from Life with the Master Peter Deunov

               Good morning, everyone. God bless you. I would like to share some of my observations about nature and how Nature speaks and relates to us very dramatically and also very intimately in a special, delicate way on our spiritual path.

               Yesterday after our service, Mona and I came home and I was impelled to mow the lawn. It was a compelling inner voice saying, “Do it now!” So I was obedient. And just as I finished everything and the mower ran out of gas, hail, almost the size of dimes in diameter, started coming out of the sky. It was pretty dramatic. I had to run into the house so I wouldn't be pelted by these little balls of ice.

               Shortly thereafter there was thunder and lightning and, fortunately, shortly thereafter there was a beautiful rainbow, which we perceived shortly thereafter as a double rainbow. Special birds that I had never seen before were flying in the sky. It was a majestic moment, an intimate moment of witnessing nature's glory, nature's fury and then the peace and calm that occurs after a storm.

               During the hail I could hear the cows in a field just west of us groaning and mooing as they were being pelted by the hail. They couldn't take shelter as I could. They were out in the open. Though the hailstorm was short-lived, I'm sure it was disconcerting to them. They don't often experience hail, maybe once or twice in a lifetime. And so they had no reference point for understanding why suddenly this pain was upon their backs, which all of them experienced simultaneously.

            After the rainbow appeared, I went back outside and worked some more. We have a number of trees that we had planted or that others from a nursery helped us plant, and we used guy wires attached to three stakes to keep each tree straight and supported after its planting. I removed those guy wires, because after a year now the trees have established themselves and are fine, and I felt how happy they were to be rid of this little encumbrance.

               I see a metaphor here for us, because we require the guy lines, or guidelines, of the ascended masters' teachings and their direction to us, often for quite some time in our lives, until we are fully ready to take flight on our solo journey, at which point we are moving into our adeptship and can be trusted and entrusted with the light-energies that are essential for us to do our work.

               We all require a guru, a teacher, a trainer, a mentor for a time, and for many people, for quite some time. And even after we reach levels of mastery, we always do better when we have someone who is there behind the scenes to guide and guard us, someone we can run things by and check with in order to ensure that we are on the right track. Of course, the God within us is the ultimate mentor, our higher mind, the mind of God working through us, the heart of God radiating through us. Yet I believe you see the importance of this concept.

               Nature has a way about her that is beautiful, that is majestic, magnificent and mystical. And when we truly listen, observe, meditate and take our cues from her, she teaches us her wisdom. The more we work with the soil, with trees, with plants, with the sun, with the atmosphere, with the five elements—earth, air, fire, water and ether—the more we develop a special sensitivity that then affords us the means, the wherewithal to make greater progress because we are following the natural cycles of life and light.

               A week-and-a-half ago when I cut the lawn, it was high because of all the rain that we had, and it was the first mowing of the season that we had a lot of extra grass. We raked it, put it in a wheelbarrow and temporarily put it into our compost pile. We thought that a teacher who was coming to teach biodynamic gardening would use this material to show us how to build an excellent compost pile. It turned out that she didn't use that material. So what happened? The grass began to smell. It was wet and the anaerobic bacteria took over. It was not a pleasant aroma, to say the least. There are various materials that do better in a dry state than a wet state. Wet often creates mold. Mold is good with microculture fungus to break down material, yet in some instances you have to be careful. So we learned something from that.

               After the storm I noticed how many branches and leaves were lying on our roadway. These were tender new leaves from the trees that were just budding and leafing out in the springtime, and I felt a little bit of sadness, in one sense. Yet even in this, Nature is speaking. The hail is telling us something. Maybe the trees will be made stronger from having had to deal with that temporary fury from on high. Maybe there is an impulse that comes from within the tree itself, the roots and the sap, that strengthens the branches to be able to withstand something, because there is intelligence in that tree. Maybe a greater intensity of will was expressed by the tree itself as a defense mechanism. Who knows? It's possible, because I believe all creatures—mineral, plant, animal, human and divine—have consciousness.

               Now the hail has melted and everything is intensely green. And the glory of God is shining forth in the heavens as the beautiful white clouds roll across the sky, gently caressing the mountains. And I am, and we are, impelled to reach higher and deeper to fathom the mysteries of life.

               We also cut down and then broke up some sunflower stems that were very strong—light, yet intensely strong. I noticed when I snapped some of the stems to make them the same size so I could prepare to compost them that inside the stem was what looked like Styrofoam. It was a cellulose-type of material, but it looked just like Styrofoam. I was somewhat shocked. It's a great insulator and a great carrier of information and nourishment from the ground, deep within the earth, through the roots to the head of the stalk, which becomes this amazing sunflower that results in seeds that the birds love and that we love.

            I witnessed firsthand biomimicry, how we can take cues from Nature and understand her ways, because they are very careful. Nature's intelligence is the greatest intelligence. She finds ways to do things that are the most efficient, the most effective. Sometimes we don't enter as fully into our true efficiency and effectiveness as we could if we followed Nature's principles and ways.

            The birds that we have been observing are of all types, and I heard some calls I had never heard before. I believe that on our permaculture property we are actually inviting different types of creatures because of what we've done to the environment, which is different than just a horse pasture. We've already created certain microclimates in certain areas of the property. You'll learn more about this as you study permaculture. We brought more water into the picture. Water, the source of life for just about everything, is an amazing vehicle for growth of all kinds. When we moved onto our property last year, the field in the horse pasture was completely rundown, compacted earth with just some weeds here and there, very little greenery. This year, because we allowed that field to go natural, it is completely green and beautiful. Yes, the grass is tall; that is Nature's way. We don't have to mow everything. I'm only mowing right around the home so that we can enjoy doing some things that we enjoy doing with our family and with our community on a grass setting.

            I remember that Marion Davidson shared a few years ago that even the grass told her, “Don't destroy all of me. I believe in permaculture too, but we have consciousness." And so the grass can call to us! There's a purpose for grass. Lawns are wonderful for various reasons, not just for badminton and croquet. Grass is a comfort zone on which children can play, and the greenery itself brings healing, comfort, joy and abundance.

            There is so much to discover in the world around us. And as we see in Nature during springtime in the north and autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, we can be renewed and we can continue to learn the secrets of our own inner self as we behold the secrets within Nature that speak to us from within our hearts.

               Yesterday I said that I would like to begin sharing from the book Life with the Master Peter Deunov: Autobiographical Reflections 2 of the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. I read a little bit, and so I'll continue where I left off yesterday. This is page 15:

               “And then one day when I had gone out for a walk in the main street of Varna, I saw a man coming towards me who attracted my whole attention. He was dressed quite simply, and despite his beard he still seemed young. But his face had such nobility, such gravity that I immediately thought, ‘That's him.' I had seen many fine faces in my life, but not one had struck me as forcefully as his. Not one had left such an impression on me. He passed by quickly, walking as only he knew how. My heart beat so strongly and I felt that now the moment to meet him had arrived. I made some inquiries and he agreed to see me.

               “When I went to see him for the first time at the Hotel London, where he was staying, one of his secretaries opened the door and introduced me to him. Before my arrival, he had been busy composing the music for Chte Sce Razvesselaa, accompanying on the violin the sister who was singing. I did not know then that he had studied music and that he played the violin. I had longed since childhood to play that instrument.

               “After greeting me he said, ‘You are going to sing with us.' I was so overwhelmed that I could hardly make a sound. I watched how he drew the music from his violin. His whole face bore witness to an intense inner life. The tune developed little by little as we began again and again. It was marvelous. The song was the first of the Master's songs that I heard and sang while he was composing the music for a verse in the book of Isaiah, chapter 61, verse 10: ‘I will greatly rejoice in the Lord. My whole being shall exalt in my God, for he has clothed me with the garments of salvation; he has covered me with the robe of righteousness as a bridegroom decks himself with a garland and as a bride adorns herself with her jewels.'

               “Even though the words are filled with joy, the melody and the rhythm of the song have a very solemn quality. We sang for about half an hour and then the Master asked me if I had any questions for him. Before this encounter with him I had done many exercises to develop certain psychic faculties, in particular clairvoyance. The visible world was not enough to satisfy my curiosity, and I desired to know what lay behind it. Yet despite my efforts I was not at all satisfied with the results I had gained. I told him this and asked for his advice. Of course, I was expecting him to reveal some great secrets to me and then give me some difficult exercises. Imagine my surprise when he replied quite simply, ‘It is through love that we become clairvoyant.' What a surprise, and what a disappointment as well. He advised me to abandon all the methods I had been using until then, as I had no idea how dangerous they were.

               “Love leads to clairvoyance. I admit that at first I did not understand. I was young, and what I saw around me made me think rather that love leads to blindness. However, even though I did not understand it, I took this reply seriously and now I believe not only that love, spiritual love, leads to clairvoyance, but that it alone gives true clairvoyance. 

               “At that time I was a difficult adolescent. I did not want to listen to advice from anyone and often not even from my mother, whom I loved and respected greatly. But at the same time I was aware that my judgment was not perhaps the best, and I began to have doubts. I said to myself, ‘Just because you think this or that does not necessarily mean that you are right. That it suits you is not enough. How can you really know?'

               “When I met the Master, I felt immediately that he had such natural authority that I could do nothing other than accept his judgment, his viewpoints, his criteria and follow his advice, even if it did not exactly match what I had thought or hoped. I was like a sailor lost at sea without a compass and with no idea what direction to take in order to come to harbor. That is why one of the first things I said to him was, ‘Guide me.' How could his superiority not have impressed me?”

               I'll stop right there because that term “guide me” leads us back to one of the original thoughtforms of my talk, the guy wires of the trees. I have observed some individuals who desire to launch out on their own after a time of basking in the light of the ascended masters' teachings. They feel a little bit impatient, that they've got to get on with their mission and that they have to do things the way they feel called and impelled to do them. In a certain sense, this is true for all of us because we have to experience the initiatic path through the lens of our own being, not just from hearing it or experiencing it vicariously from another. Yet the danger for some is that they may lack experience. Or they may lack deep, deep knowing from life itself, not having lived in a community or with others, rubbed elbows with some in work, had the fire of initiation pass through them in all manner of opportunities that come through communications, in which misunderstandings occur and resolution occurs.

               I myself was fairly foolish in my twenties, so I caution the young people of today to understand that it takes a while to come to the point where you can truly be used as a greater instrument for the light. In the case of the Master Omraam, Peter Deunov sent him to France when he was thirty-six or thirty-seven years old. He studied with him for twenty years before he could be fully entrusted with a great mission—from about 1937 to 1986, almost fifty years. If we attempt too soon on the path to do it our way, we may come up against some intense cycles, some intense initiations. And these themselves may humble us to the point that we realize, yes, we do require guidance. And those guy wires may for us be invisible for a while, and yet they're there for a little bit longer duration than what we would like them to be.

               The constraints of the path itself are not always the most friendly to have. We feel a little encumbrance, maybe discomfort. It's like wearing seatbelts or going on a roller coaster and having that bar in front of us that keeps us in the seat, or air bags, or whatever. Yet in times of intensity or catastrophe, those guy wires, lines, ropes, and so on, support and protect us.

               So be careful that you don't cast aside, whatever your age, the guide ropes of the ascended masters, their love, their direction, their currents, their teaching, because there's only so far you can go when you attempt to go it alone. There's only so much you can do without the support of community or others of like mind and heart. I have found this to be true. I require a board of directors. I require those who give me the guidelines that I know are essential for what I do—the AV personnel, the talk radio people, who have experience. I don't have the experience to do an entire show on my own without guidelines, support and training, and yet I've been speaking now for many years. It's a whole new dynamic, and I would be foolish to think that I could just launch into this without training, understanding, tutoring.

               Why do I say this today? Because there are initiations going on right now in our community. Individuals, lovely people, feel impelled to do certain things certain ways, and I believe that with guidance and support they can avoid a heap of troubles. They can make greater progress and actually fulfill a greater mission in a greater context with support, love, fellowship, brotherhood and all that comes with it.

               Thank you, everyone. God bless you. Have a wonderful day. Bye-bye.

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