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David Lewis      May 14, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Announcement
May 14, 2014   1:20–1:28 pm MDT
Livingston, Montana

An Unprecedented Blessing from the Lord of the World of Sirius
at the Summer Solstice Conference

Gautama Buddha announces today that for those physically present at our summer solstice conference there will be a special blessing that is like the empowerment that came with the Holy Spirit, with the blessing of fire. Yet the master who will come and charge forth the light through those present will be the Lord of the World of Sirius.

            Gautama announces this because this has never yet occurred upon Earth, that the Lord of the World of Sirius would actually come to our planet to assist the evolutions here in this way. The Lord of the World of Sirius is coming because Gautama Buddha petitioned him to come because of the travails on this Earth and of what we together, collectively, are going through.

This blessing is available only for those who will be physically present here in the Sanctuary of the Heart for the summer conference. Gautama recommends that we allow everyone to come who desires to be here for this sacred event. Though we have an approved registration fee, you can begin paying it now and pay it off by a month after the conference, if necessary, if you make a pledge to do so in order to be here physically. I realize this places greater stress and burdens upon our staff to accommodate this. However, I can tell you that the grace to the soul and the spirit of each one who will be here, that will come, is worth the extra effort of our staff.

            The Master Gautama Buddha himself is holding the field for a great number of individuals to come. And we simply have to collaborate to see how we can accommodate more, assist more to come, pool our resources and, with all the Divine Mothers who will be coming, help one another to be present.

The Lord of the World of Sirius has greater attainment, Gautama says, than Helios and Vesta. Although the ascended masters don't normally talk about levels of attainment, he's simply sharing this for us to understand the immensity of this opportunity.

            So a word of wisdom to all of us allows us to be at the right place at the right time, if we choose to accept this great gift. For some of you this may require changing your schedules, putting aside personal predilections or schedules for what you had planned to do. You can always do other things; you cannot always receive this level of grace at the behest of a great being such as the Lord of the World of Sirius.

This initiation is much more than a baptism by fire; it is a confirmation by fire, or by lightning. So we have the baptism by fire and the confirmation by lightning—quite an interesting dynamic. And I'm seeing the name of this great being in letters that are different than what we have on Earth. The closest thing to our alphabet in English would be S, a symbol that's like an i and then r, which is interesting. And his twin flame is S-o, with a dot in the middle, and then an l—Sol. So it's Sir and Sol. He's saying his name is pronounced like sear, as in Sirius, the first three letters of the name of the star called Sirius. Sir and Sol will both be here, although Sir, the great being, will give the initiation of the confirmation by lightning.

 So thank you all. God bless you and have a wonderful Wesak. Take care.


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