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David Lewis      May 03, 2014

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Saint Germain)
May 3, 2014   6:06–6:10 pm MDT
2014 Saint Germain Alchemy Seminar
New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The New Violet Wave

Consciousness Is Instantaneously Transmitted Anywhere and Everywhere in the Cosmos

Question: I wrote a page and a half [about my experience] after Saint Germain's New Violet Wave blessing. Could Saint Germain say more about what the New Violet Wave is and what the blessing is meant to accomplish?

David: We'd love to hear your experience with the New Violet Wave blessing if you're willing to share it.

            The New Violet Wave is alchemy in its purest form, which is love. The love vibration within the wave is what will bring people to presence, to inner stillness. And following the wave will lead to their enlightenment and full freedom. So, how do we follow the wave? We have to be on spec with love at every crest of the wave and every low point of the wave as a wave moves, undulates and streams forth. When we are loving through the biorhythms of life in our ups and downs and maintain humility, presence and harmony, then the love will sing through us, the love will vibrate through us, the love will flow through us. And the love itself embodied within that wave is what will transform the world through our movement and through other movements that we will affect by this wave and by our work.

            We are already affecting other movements. You may not have seen or felt that, in a sense, yet we do. We are even affecting The Summit Lighthouse, which many of us came out of, because there are people there who watch and observe and look at our website; and sometimes they actually even say things like, “We better do this before they do it, because they're talking about doing this and we should be doing this!” And so we are actually impacting part of what they're doing, even though they wouldn't admit it. And that's okay, because Lanello desired to change and transform that movement from within and that was the purpose for which many of us moved on—because we desired greater change, transformation and evolution. And it's okay. We're not judging them; it's just the way it is.

            The New Violet Wave incorporates the new frequencies of divine love that are flowing to the Earth now through progressive teaching now. We have to be ready for new frequencies. So when the master says New Blue or New Violet, there is a new energy charge to these rays. These rays in themselves, as divine intelligent essences, are not the same as they were back in 1920 or 1930. And the rays upon which the masters speak and communicate are different now because the world is different.

            That is why it's always necessary to be open to new progressive teachings. We can't stay still, we can't stay static. We have to be ready to change and self-transform. Those who are not willing to change will get stuck, and many people are stuck. They're stuck in their theology, they're stuck in their belief system, they're stuck in a mentality that does not allow them to be quickened, refreshed, invigorated and recharged in the new patterns of perfection that are flowing from the Great Central Sun through all of the solar worlds.

            Because of the speed at which light travels, the energies coming to Earth now from the light of various stars were sent out from those stars eons ago—at least science tells us that. What science doesn't really know, though, or else doesn't admit, is that these solar worlds can send frequencies that are instantaneously felt throughout the cosmos. Just because light travels at a certain rate of speed, 186,000 miles per second, doesn't mean that the consciousness of these solar beings and solar worlds isn't instantaneously transmitted to anywhere and everywhere in the cosmos. And those who are sensitive enough may pick up on that consciousness and be blessed by it.

            There you have a brand-new teaching. Have you heard that anywhere? No. It's brand-new divine revelation. Is God limited by time and space? Of course not. God can co-create and expand consciousness anywhere in the cosmos at any point of time and space wherever it exists. So of course these suns, which are one with God because they are great divine beings, can instantaneously transmit consciousness to us and we can imbibe it and we can be blessed by it and we can use that heightened awareness and revelatory teaching to thereby transform the Earth. And we do it first within ourselves.

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