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David Lewis      May 03, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 3, 2014   6:20–6:40 pm MDT
Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

An Intimate Conversation between Saint Germain and His Guru

Since we still have almost fifty minutes before the conclusion of today's class, I'd like to simply open the floor to any sharing or questions for the Master from anyone. So we'll pause to consider questions or sharing, reflection upon this or any of the HeartStreams already given and see where the Holy Spirit takes us.

Participant:  Generally, over the last year or so, I think I've relaxed a lot more about my alchemies because I'm seeing them as more of a dance instead of something I have to make happen. I think that if you can see whatever you're doing as a dance, that really helps; you're doing a dance with all these people to get this thing done. Sometimes you have to dance over to the government agency to get a permit, which is not my favorite thing. But if you break it down to the nice drive on the way there, how you can listen to nice music, think about the plan you're going to use for the septic system and how nice that's going to be for you, and that the person you're going to meet is going to be a nice person, you can do all that and then pay your fees. So I use that to get through things. Sometimes when you're thinking of a project, it's so big and you don't know how you're going to do it. If you can break it up and look at segments and the people that you're working with and work with them, then that's the way to do it. And so I think of it more now as this co-creation thing and not so much as this stress thing, where I have to get this done.

David:  Thank you. Saint Germain said, “The sense of struggle makes the struggle.” I think in today's world it's more that the sense of stress makes the stress. So we have to de-stress by stillness. Stillness is the answer to stress. Okay, anybody else?

Participant:  I would like to ask Saint Germain if he has a favorite memory of his teacher, the Divine Director, that he would like to share with us from his life in Europe. 

David:  Pretty bold there. Often when questions like this are asked, the Master shows me a vision, so I'll describe the vision that I'm seeing. It is a very intimate conversation that occurred in the region that we call Romania, where Saint Germain had traveled for a long time and had come to the Rakoczy family environs, where he was welcomed graciously by the Rakoczy family and treated very well. Then at an appropriate time there was a private meeting between Saint Germain and the Master R. In this meeting, the Master R invited Saint Germain to speak his heart and his mind. So Saint Germain shared the burden upon his heart of what was transpiring in Europe, which had the potential for great loss of life and destruction, and that the plans of the Brotherhood were not coming to full fruition as he, Saint Germain, and other masters had envisioned it.

               In this discussion, this intimate conversation, the Divine Director enfolded Saint Germain in the most magnificent flame of peace and of comfort, born of his great love for humanity itself, and shared with him a vision of the future. He told Saint Germain that as a result of his future work, many individuals upon Earth would be utilizing a gift that would be given to him and that he would share. He didn't describe it fully and yet he said it was a new energy that would be released to the Earth by Saint Germain at an appropriate time, by dispensation of Solar Lords, and that over time—and it would take a number of decades—more and more people would be utilizing this gift and that this singular release of this dispensation would have powerful ramifications and blessings to the Earth.

               The Divine Director took Saint Germain under his wing, so to speak, and infused him with appreciation for what he already saw would be occurring in the future and showered that love, that gratitude and the full-gathered momentum of that feeling of what the violet fire has done and will continue to do in terms of transmuting burdens, pain, karma, suffering in so many realms and in the lives of so many thousands and millions of people. By being allowed to look and tap into the future, Saint Germain had dissolved right then and there this inner pain that had been burdening him, this feeling at that time that he was failing in his personal responsibility, his mission to work with the heads of Europe to stave off war, the French Revolution, et cetera.

               The power of the Divine Director and his self-mastery was thereby on full display to the Master Saint Germain, who was already a master in his own right. And yet he saw the transcendency, the God-virtues of the Divine Director, who in a very humble and yet loving and caring way shared this vision so that Saint Germain would feel empowered to keep on keeping on, to work with individuals that he found were capable of being worked with and inspired. And in this dynamic, their two hearts became as one in this intimacy of fellowship, brotherhood and pure love.

               As I'm seeing it through Saint Germain's eyes, this was a turning point for him. Many of you feel at times that people are not hearing our message in The Hearts Center. __________ and I have had discussions about the fact that it seems as if there are so few of us, yet there were so many in The Summit Lighthouse and the Church who were invested in the daily work of bringing forth the messages of the masters to humanity through that activity. We've contemplated this and asked, “Where are all the servitors? Why are they not responding?”

               Just as the Divine Director gave Saint Germain a glimpse into his future victory, what Saint Germain would like us to know is that it's not in numbers that we have our victory. It is in consciousness; it is in the development of the heart; it is in the joy, the reverence, the brother/sisterhood, the camaraderie, the fellowship, the bonding of our hearts together as one in these divine experiences—such as this course and other Meru University courses, conferences, pilgrimages and even in our morning broadcasts—that we find our purpose, our inspiration to keep on keeping on. And just as the gifts that were given to Saint Germain of the violet fire, the violet-laser light and other teachings have borne fruit through the lives of many and allowed and helped many to make their ascensions, so what we are doing today has cosmic import. The wave patterns, the vibrations, the frequencies of light, of love, of heart-centeredness that flow through us are of the same divine value as what Saint Germain has shared with the world through this gift of the violet fire. If we can feel on a daily basis that the progress we are making will not always fully bear fruit until others awaken and feel the intensity of what we have laid as a foundation and created as a matrix for them to follow, it will bring us joy and happiness, because we're not doing this just to physically see results now. We're doing this because our motives are pure, our hearts are undefiled. We work for God; we work for the masters—they are our employers; they are our benefactors; and we, in turn, are servitors of humanity at large.

            So take heart that we are in the process of bearing fruit on behalf of future generations. Understand that we don't seek outer approbation, instantaneous growth or human recognition. Yes, we have our Dr. Pat Show and our radio broadcasts. These are only there to facilitate our service to humanity and the inculcation of love in everything we do to help life, to bless life, to restore each and every individual to his or her rightful state of God-beingness.

            Saint Germain hopes that this vision that he has shared will be a comfort to us so that no matter what transpires with people coming and going in our movement—including even some of the original founders who are no longer active or with us because they're either getting on in their elder years or they feel something has transpired that they don't resonate with—it doesn't matter. They were there for their time; they were important for the foundation of the movement. Others have come and gone who were important for cycles of time, just as we heard in this eighth HeartStream. We are all players in this great drama of the seventh age. We enter the stage; we perform our roles; we act; and at times some of us move on to other acts, and that's okay. Many of us are there for every act, every play. We have committed to working behind the scenes as well as on the stage.

            Saint Germain applauds those of you who have supported the Great White Brotherhood in previous movements and in this movement, those who are constant in your determination, discernment and discrimination—the three Ds. He applauds those who have these qualities moving through them and flowing on a daily basis, who remain focused through thick and thin. You know, not everyone is an adept at decreeing; not everyone is an adept at meditation; not everyone is an adept at doing stuff with computers; not everyone is an adept at artwork. Together, however, with all of us employed in this mandala, we are making cosmic waves, Saint Germain says. And he could not have released the new violet wave and El Morya could not have released the new blue wave, because of what they will do for the Earth, until we had come to this point of being a movement for over nine years, of remaining true and constant to our purpose, showing up every day, doing the work, putting in the hours and proving to God that we mean business, and that that business that we mean is his business. Right?

               So thank you, __________, for the question, and thank you beloved Saint Germain and the Divine Director for your beautiful example, your great love, your vision and all that you do for each and every one of us on a daily basis and in a universal way.

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