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David Lewis      May 02, 2014

Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
May 2, 2014 5:42-6:28 pm MDT
2014 Saint Germain Alchemy Seminar
Livingston, Montana

Questions on the First Three Alchemical Formulae

            Before we move on to the final formula for today, number 4, I would like to open up the floor for questions for Saint Germain related to these first three alchemical formulae that you may have thought of or other sharings you may desire to express.

Participant:  Would it be possible to intersperse some songs or prayers in between each of these sessions? It's a long time to sit and listen to a long stream of teachings.

David:  We did do some songs.

Participant:  I get sleepy and so I start missing things, so I thought maybe a little song or prayer might wake me up and everyone else too.

David:  Feel free to sit in the back and stand up any time and move around. I have to honor the schedule that the Master gave me, and we did do fifteen minutes of prayers earlier. So I don't know what the problem is. You're going to have to be more mindful and awake and you can sit in the back and stand up and move around all you like. It doesn't interfere with me and the stream of what I am receiving.

Participant:  I have a quick question. The Master referred to a retreat of ancient symbols, and I was wondering if we could have more information about that. It has art of heroes who have persistently held fast to high ideals. Could we know more about that? And is there a call we can make to go and see that art?

David:  In a certain retreat of the Great White Brotherhood, there are mementos artistically crafted to the unsung heroes of the ages whose persistence resulted in transformational miracles during certain key epochs of Earth's history. “In a certain retreat”—it doesn't say all of them. Witnessing the records of these experiences and seeing the interplay of light and darkness and the results of holding fast to the highest ideals of cosmic truth are inspiring to one and all whom we lead to this sanctuary of light and hall of records.

            I am seeing that this is in the Himalayas. You can ask to go to the hall of records in the retreat in the Himalayas to see all of this beautiful artistry and to observe the records, through the artistry, of the heroism of these unsung ones. You would like more description, right?

            In the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, everything is alive. Even though we are used to buildings and museums that house things that are often seemingly dead or that represent ancient culture, in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood these are living mementos. They actually have the aspects of the akashic record of the heroism that these individuals went through displayed on a continual basis in the same matrix that is objectified when we go through our life review at the end of our lifetime. Our life review takes a few moments in time as we know it and yet we see everything that transpired in our life. The key points of our life are highlightedwhen we were heroic and when we passed our initiations, and also those times when we may not have been so conscious and made karma.

            These heroic records are captured within akasha and beautifully displayed in an amazing kaleidoscopic, 3-D way as a living testimony of light to these beings. Some of these akashic records have been highlighted by artisans of the Spirit who have brought them forth from akasha in ways that lend a greater clarity to them, whereby the observer feels the virtue that these heroes were expressing when they overcame, the essence of God that was flowing and coursing through their veins, their bloodstream when they manifested this miraculous energy. You can observe the influence of divine spirits and beings overshining them, and in some cases you will see the actual master or masters or angelic beings who were there at the time.

            For instance, one of the major records, of course, is the life of Jesus the Christ when he was in the Garden of Gethsemane. This seminal record is shown in this hall, when Jesus was at that point of determining whether he was going to go through the initiations of the crucifixion—the trial, the scourging, the crucifixion, et cetera. We have been told that at that point Holy Amethyst came to comfort him. You experience this amazing record in more than a 3-D type of representation, more than what you see in science fiction movies of today that show kind of an electrifying atmosphere with swirling energies and colors and beings that are moving beyond and through time and space in multidimensions. This brings the mystical into an amazing representation, the magical into a reality that is so real that you are there in the experience. You are brought into the akashic record. You are living it as if you were almost in the body temple of Jesus.

             When souls who are ready to go through a major initiation are brought there at times, this experience can be very empowering for them. It etches in their memory body before their initiation—and I'd almost like to say their pre-memory body—the essence of what Jesus or a master did to overcome so that the individuals are empowered themselves to overcome, to be virtuous and go the extra mile or go beyond where others have gone. This heroism is within all of us, the Master says. In our own book of life, God and the recording angels highlight in the same way those points of overcoming that we have masterfully moved through, those aspects of our consciousness that we have surrendered to God fully and that God has then replaced with divine resources that are beautiful to behold.

            What the Master is showing me is that it is at the nexus point where the decision is made to allow God's will to take its perfect place and space within our being that this bursting forth of light and the energies of Spirit occurs, which itself is awesome to behold. It becomes a portal through our hearts, a nexus by which and through which these amazing heavenly, elysian and divine frequencies then flow and then flower within the initiate.

            These are the most beautiful movies that have ever been created. If people could see some of these on the screen upon the Earth, they would be so steeped in love and light that they would not desire to watch zombie movies and other astral and crazy things. When they see the records of overcoming, the power of intention objectified through will; when they observe the harmony of the universe, the soundless sound coming into form as creation itself manifests through an individual who is true to God's will, wisdom and love, there is nothing so transformational, nothing so inspirational as this. It is imperative that lightbearers enter Hollywood and create some of this. We now have the technology within the motion picture industry through light-magic. What was George Lucas's studio called?

Participant:  Industrial Light and Magic.

David:  That is exactly what it is—industrial light and magic. We have the ability through special effects to create the most amazing inspirational movies, and yet what do they do with them? Even though there are some good movies out there, they create all of these travesties, which are taking people down and further into the astral plane. To have a lightbearer such as George Lucas making a movie and an actor who is a lightbearer playing the part of the hero or heroine is really important. We should pray for those who have the inner desire to be actors and actresses to enter the domains of the seventh-ray aspect of the Aquarian Age, which is drama, to objectify these amazing lifetimes of the heroes of the Spirit.

            I'm seeing the movie 300. Unfortunately, there is so much violence in this showing of the lifetime of one of Serapis Bey's most amazing incarnations as King Leonidas of Greece. They could have done it a different way that didn't show all of the slaughter. They could have objectified what was in his heart and in his will as he stood firm with the other 299, or thereabouts, Spartans against the invading Persian forces. What did they do? They created this crazy thing that is hard to look at, and yet many of us desire to see movies that show this heroism. So at least it's there in the heaven world.

            We get glimpses of it in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. This hall of records is the most amazing one. It's like a gigantic amphitheater where souls are brought for the specific purpose of showing them things that will inspire them, especially before they are to go through a major life initiation. It's also a place where souls who have recently ascended go for divine enjoyment. What better thing to do than to watch your own victory manifest? It's been said that people go to their own funerals, and it's true. When their spirit leaves the body temple, sometimes people hang around the Earth and they like to hear what other people say about them that's good. They actually get a little buoyed up through this, and it's not a bad thing. Yet what better way to see who we are and what we have been through than to observe it from the ascended masters' vantage point in this higher kaleidoscopic, 3-D, miraculous manifestation.

            I hope that helps a little bit. Maybe it gives you and David and others who are working with video something to consider in terms of pulling off something magical, which when people see it on our website they're going to say, “Oh my gosh! These people have created something that is amazing.” Maybe we'll have our own studio for light and magic. You, David and Maria are making amazing progress in what you've done in the last couple of years. Those of you on the broadcast are watching a lot of what David Keil has recently done in the last few weeks. So thank you, David. Thank you, Maria, Lisa and others on the Creative Arts Team.

Participant:  We were talking earlier about formula number 2, Persistence. That brings to my mind the scripture, “In your patience possess ye your souls.” What I'm wondering about, in light of us as humans, is that when we really want something and we're clear about it, we're unstoppable and we're naturally persistent about it. I'm just wondering, what are the disconnects that short circuit us as humans in terms of persistence in our spirituality and our path of ascension and resurrection?

David:  We don't desire to focus on the negative so much, the points of disconnection, although to temporarily look at some of these anomalies gives us pause to beware when they crop up for us. The major point of disconnection is a lack of love and of caring enough to go through the initiatic fires of the path. Most people haven't even begun the full return to God because they have lost that connection with their Source. They have forgotten who they are. They don't know that they have a soul, a spirit or that they are a spirit-spark, a creature of God. Once you accept God and you desire to return to the heart of God, the path is laid out before you. It's a matter of putting each foot before you or putting your hand to the plow and taking those baby steps every day.

            Where do we fall short in this path of persistence? Through the things that come that dissuade us, including individuals who say, “Oh, it's not worth it. Why don't you enjoy life the way it is?” Temptations, Mara, if you'd like to call it that, illusion, the veil of unreality. If you look back at your life, you'll find examples of people who didn't understand you, what you were going through spiritually and the fact that you desired truth, you desired the whole truth and nothing but the truth. People accept half-truths. The media is adept at expressing partial truths. They give you snippets of it. They don't give you the whole story. They give sound bites and they purposely give you a partial truth so that you follow their lead, what they desire you to believe and accept.

            Our dweller on the threshold does the same thing. It gives you partial truths. It's like the serpent in the Garden of Eden saying, “Ye shall not surely die.”1 It desired to influence Adam and Eve to check out that forbidden fruit. That itself is a metaphor, and there's more to the story; however, you see the subtlety of the serpentine mind. Mindlessness comes by lack of focus and attention. To be persistent, you have to be focused, directed and attentive.

            People give their attention away, they give their focus away through all manner of distractions. What do we have today? We have all kinds of technologies that are causing these distractions: TV, the Internet, movies, email, texting. Whenever you go to meetings now, when there's a break or intermission, everybody is out in the hallway doing this. You see twenty guys, or whoever, checking for the latest text, email. I do it too. I think a lot of us do it with these new smartphones, et cetera. Is it a distraction? Sometimes we have to just put them away, turn them off, as we do during this course, and put God first.

            I think that you can discern those points of distraction that take you away from your focus. The monkey mind is the greatest distractor. I think the Master actually said that recently. Eckhart Tolle gives beautiful teachings on maintaining presence. That presence is what allows you to stay focused and true to your course, on target, on spec toward the fulfillment of your ideal, your dream, your goal, your PhD, your perfect property, your mission, whatever.

            What other anomalies are there besides illusion, lack of focus and the various distractions? Desire, lower desire. Gautama Buddha basically said it all when he modeled for us, through the Four Noble Truths, that the cause of suffering is desire, which is really attachment. When we see something and then we're attached to it rather than just observing and noticing it and not giving it any energy, that's when we become embroiled in something that leads us to a divergent path. Watch your desires, because desire can be a great servant or it can be a great serpent. If it is God-desire or your desire for godliness, loveliness, oneness, then that desire will carry you to the shores of the Pure Land of the Buddhas. If it is a desire to avoid the ultimate initiation of oneness, then you are always going to be in a distracted mode, allowing all these things to play on you and dance around you to the point that you're not doing the most important work.

            I've had times in my life when I was really good at getting things done. And yet I was not doing number one, number two and number three on my most-important list, my highest priorities. I would do number four, five, six and seven. I was really good at doing the things that were less important. There came a time when God said to me, “David, get with the program. Focus on the most important of your ultimate to-do list, which is oneness with me, love, devotion every day, getting up early, putting in the time.” By doing that, putting God first in my life, all the other things came into focus and in their perfect place.

            There is an individual here today who told me yesterday that they felt that this was the place to be today and for the next three days. They could be doing other stuff or maybe didn't feel they had the supply to do it, and yet after Saint Germain's message last night and our time together, this person determined that this was the place to be. And that was the right choice. Remember, Saint Germain made two million right choices. Every one of those choices kept him on the straight and narrow path of love and light to his eternality.

Participant:  A question for Saint Germain. If you don't feel love, how can you be love and light anyway? Sometimes I don't think I know what love is.

David:  There are things that you do feel that maybe you haven't classified as love. So go to a time in your life when you had feeling and reabsorb the atoms, the electrons, the molecules of that experience and relive it momentarily. Find, as you meditate upon that time when you had feeling, what prompted that feeling. What was it that played upon your being, your skin, your emotions, your mental body, your life that brought about the sensorial experience of actually feeling something? Are you ticklish? I'm ticklish; my wife isn't. And no matter how much I try to tickle her, she's not ticklish. So she doesn't have feeling in that way that I do in certain parts of my body that drive me crazy. Can she develop that feeling so that she is ticklish? Probably not. And she doesn't desire it, because it's enough to laugh when you desire to laugh and not when somebody else is trying to manage that. But she is feeling in other ways. She loves to be hugged and kissed.

            Maybe you have things that bring you the sensorial experience of deep emotion and peace. Maybe it's a project well done; you like to be appreciated, validated and valued for the work that you do. So maybe it's the word of praise that brings you this feeling, “Ah, thank you, God. Thank you, co-worker or supervisor or boss.” If you can bring that essence of praise into play with a different twist or in a different way so that you can actually feel that as love, then enter that sense of appreciation, gratitude for a moment and bring it deep within your heart and see that as love. Love has thousands and millions of expressions. For some people, tough love is really love, what they require. Kids who are getting into trouble require a role model or someone to tell them that this is the way it's going to be—you follow this path, this schedule and you're home at a certain time, and then you won't get into trouble. That's love, and yet it can be a blue ray.

            All of us are feeling in some way. Otherwise we wouldn't be on Earth. We have five major senses and we have the other higher senses. So whatever sense is front and center for you—if you're auditory, if you're visual, if you're tactile, if you're olfactory (smell), or if you respond more through the sense of taste—use that sense to experience something that's like love, even if you can't classify it exactly as love. Maybe it's, “Ah, this tastes so good.” Or maybe it's, “Oh, that smells fantastic.” For you that may be love. And then highlight it, live in that essence for a time, and find the space within you to extend that sense to another sense that is within your heart and partly in your solar plexus to feel deep within you a greater love expression.

            In the first “I AM” movement book, Saint Germain gives a beautiful meditation to Godfre that we can all go back to and learn from, and that is to start with your heart by seeing the white light as a blazing sun over your heart chakra and feel God's love, energy and light right within your chest cavity. Stay with that for ten minutes daily until you start to actually feel the fire, the leaping of the flame, until you can be absorbed in that and then maintain it. It's not easy for some people.

            During this tour there was an Indian gal who didn't feel anything, didn't feel radiation. So I asked the Divine Mother to help her to have that experience. This would be great teaching for her. I didn't have time in that talk the other night to go into further depth to help her. I just asked the Divine Mother to help her to feel, and I told her she could pray to one representative of the Divine Mother to help with that experience. However, for her, mindfulness may be her primary path in this life rather than feeling. In some lifetimes we're more focused on the mind, and it's not a problem. It's still a pathway to God. Sri Yukteswar was more intense and of the mind than Yogananda, who was a total heart master, all feeling. He would have been happy just singing bhajans all day long and loving God through song, verse, poetry and prayer, whereas Sri Yukteswar was obviously co-creating amazing thoughtforms through his mindfulness, which carried many disciples to higher consciousness.

            So thanks for that question, because there are people who don't feel deeply, as I do and many of you do. We have to be compassionate to them and not judge them for the fact that they may not have developed that particular chakra to the level that we have. They may have developed other chakras way beyond what we have done. So praise God for the development of their gifts, where they are.

1. Genesis 3:4.

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