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David Lewis      May 01, 2014

David Christopher Lewis (Inspired by Beloved Saint Germain)
May 1, 2014   7:48–8:25 pm MDT
Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

An Overview of the Alchemy Seminar with the Lord of the Seventh Ray

Working Together for the Great White Brotherhood

            I would like to give Saint Germain the floor—the ceiling, the walls and the entire hall! Tonight he will both discourse and give a HeartStream, more of a dictation.

            First of all, thank you so much for participating tonight in the alchemical work of the Aquarian Master. Tonight Saint Germain comes as the Lord of the Seventh Ray. We have used that term, and we have sung to him in the past as the Knight Commander and as the Lord of the Seventh Ray. I gave a discourse on what the word Lord means, which is “one who embodies the Law of the Word.We know that the chohans of the rays are all lords of the rays. Having this attainment of chohan puts you into the elite status, spiritually, of the office of a lord.

            I believe that a master such as Saint Germain gives us pause to consider how we can emulate and revere what he has outpictured and objectified in his life upon Earth in many incarnations and what he now manifests of God-consciousness as a cosmic being, as a lord of the seventh ray. I know some of us have a history of being nobles in past lives. There are different offices in the kingly estate—earls, lords, knights. And, of course, Knight Commander is a term that denotes someone who commands the knights, just as El Morya did as King Arthur at the Round Table.

            When I consider the attainment of the Master Saint Germain, what he has coalesced for the Earth in terms of an accelerated consciousness to help us, with his beloved Portia, to move into the Golden-Crystal Age of Aquarius, I see that he has truly mastered the science of life. He has mastered spirituality in all of its aspects, especially as an alchemist, whereby he has utilized the highest of divine sciences, which incorporate truth, beingness, and especially love, the key to all alchemy.

            He comes this weekend to teach us, to accelerate our consciousness, to share his heart with us and what he is continuously newly objectifying for the Earth, along with his guru, the Great Divine Director, whom we now simply call the Divine Director, the manu of the seventh root race and age. These two masters work very closely to plan, strategize and, on a long-term basis, prepare for a new type of instauration of light in the Earth, new ways and means of bringing divine technologies and new discoveries, along with the eternal principles and values of the Great White Brotherhood, into play throughout civilization so that we can, as a whole upon the Earth, make progress, evolve and return to the heart of God.

            Because of his great love for us, the Lord Saint Germain models the perfect man, the Atman, or the Atman, as does the Divine Director, because every manu is an archetype of perfection for an entire root race. Through his various incarnations upon Earth, Saint Germain has so loved his fellow man and so loved God that he has risen in the ascension to a very high office and position as a great lord of life in order to lead us as a servant leader. We emulate him, though, of course, we do not worship the individual monad, the being that he is. We worship God alone. Yet we worship the same light within him that is godly, which is the same light that lighteth every man, woman and child who incarnates upon Earth.¹

            What Saint Germain has done of those greater works, we can all do, just as Jesus said,² if we so consecrate and dedicate our lives to the holy purposes of light of the Great White Brotherhood. What Saint Germain has alchemically precipitated, we can also choose to bring forth into manifestation. It may take us a little longer than instantaneously to do it. Yet by applying the science of light, the science of love and of levity in every equation, we can follow in his footsteps and we can support his work, his ongoing architectural work of co-creating a new, beautiful divine world.

            The more we become involved in the work of the Great White Brotherhood, the more God-love, God-wisdom and God-power we have access to from within our own eternalized God Presence and threefold flame in order to more beautifully co-create the alchemical works of Spirit here in matter, bringing heaven to Earth. Every time we complete a project, there's a checkmark on a list of that which we have vowed on the inner to fulfill in this incarnation. And then simultaneously, just as in the great universities of the world, we are given greater authority and responsibility to continue to act using what we have learned, what we have mastered, what we have secured through the process that we have engaged in of co-creation, of alchemy.

            Saint Germain will share eight formulas with us. These aren't one-word formulas; they are matrices of mindfulness that he will share and expound upon. There will also be twelve additional questions that devotees have brought forth for Saint Germain so that he may bless us with his understanding, in the Now, in mindfulness, through the answers to those questions. I have purposefully not even read the questions because I don't desire to in any way preempt, through my own mind, what Saint Germain will share. So thank you, those who were involved in that alchemy of preparing these questions. I am as eager as you are to hear what they are and to hear what the Master says.

            The Holy Spirit, of course, is the great teacher, the exponent of truth and divine revelation whom all of the chohans, the lords of the rays, look to, feeding from his fount of wisdom, understanding and especially divine love, omnipresent love. The Holy Spirit brings all-truth into the present reality of our lives. There is a process of evolution in what is revealed as we move through the challenges of today. And although what was said even nine, ten years ago in The Hearts Center is probably still appropriate at some level for some people, it may not be of the highest order for right now, based on what we are collectively and individually experiencing.

            The beauty of these events—and of our oneness during these events because of the collective consciousness that results from the blending and merging of our Higher Selves as well as the movement we've made individually on our initiatic paths—is that progressive revelation does come forth by the agency of the Holy Spirit so that we can move forward together through the projects we're involved in, the alchemies we're attempting to precipitate. We are given new keys, new tools, new resources as well as new opportunities for service to bless life.

            When you're a journeyman or a novice craftsman, such as a carpenter, you have to watch what those who have mastered this art and science do. You may make some mistakes at first, and they will point them out and demonstrate to you a better way—how to measure twice before cutting, how to bring something into square using plumb lines and how to use tricks of the trade that you can only know when you have done the work rather than just studied about it in a school. Then when you truly become a master by doing many, many projects of building, remodeling, or whatever, you have the wherewithal to make decisions and then eventually to even train others as apprentices. Yet you could not, obviously, complete a house the first time without certain experience. Watching, observing and being obedient to the master or instructor is crucial for you to be able to learn what is essential throughout the entire process.

            Mona has told me that sometimes those who study to become teachers in college don't like the actual job of being a teacher when they're thrust into the classroom, because it's different than what they had imagined, what they thought it would be in an idyllic setting. You have to deal with the personalities of all the students, and some of them are not always easy to deal with. You have to deal with all of the planning involved. You sometimes have to work long hours before school and after school to get your lesson plans ready. Then you have to grade papers and do all of this stuff. It's not just an 8:30 to 3 o'clock job. Sometimes it takes great effort and almost sweating on behalf of your students to help individual students to make the grade or to overcome limitations. And if you care enough for your students, you will be there. In addition, some pray for their students, hold the immaculate concept for them, love them to the extent that they can overcome some of their foibles, habit patterns and problems, some of which stem from home. Sometimes you have to deal with the parents because they are the problem and they've passed on their problems to their children.

            These are examples that even the Lords of the rays have experienced in their Self-discovery upon Earth. They then take that learning to a higher order and level as ascended masters and involve themselves in greater projects of the Spirit that are world encompassing, that are involved with the evolutions of the Earth on the various rays on which they serve within the great cosmic scheme planned by the Lord of the World, the Elohim, the Solar Lords, the Silent Watchers and great masters who ensoul worlds, the Builders of Form, et cetera.

            The chohans are in training for higher levels of initiation. Maybe one of them will someday become the Maha Chohan, the Great Lord, or the representative of the Holy Spirit, for the Earth. Maybe one will become a World Teacher, like Jesus and Kuthumi and now the Master Omraam. Maybe one will become like Lord Maitreya, an Adjunct Divine Professor, World Teacher, who now oversees the World Teachers and is in line to be the Lord of the World after Gautama Buddha, should he decide, by permission from cosmic hierarchy, to move to another higher office, possibly on behalf of the solar system. Or maybe he will be assigned to some other world that is in dire straits, similar to Earth, in a different solar system or galaxy.

            Saint Germain asks, “Are your preparing for your ascended mastership and where you will be on this great Solar journey through the initiatic path that you are walking today? What are you doing to consciously move though life, through its challenges to gain greater self-mastery so that when your time is ripe, heaven can count on you to save many souls, to teach many souls, to be a blessing to many souls, and maybe even to save a portion of the Earth through artwork, through artistry, through a healing ministry, through permaculture, or whatever?

            Through our prayer and decree work, I think that we are all invested in something greater than what we are outwardly, consciously aware of. Over time things are gradually revealed to us. If the masters showed us too much at the beginning, we would say, “No way will I do this job, because it's too much! O Lord, how can I, this humble person, somehow be involved with this great work of the Great White Brotherhood?” Yet if we take baby steps each day, learn from our mistakes and grow, we are given the keys, the tools, and gradually we make the progress, with others especially, that will make the difference toward fulfilling what we decided before incarnating to master and objectify in the Earth.

            When I received the first HeartStream from Jesus in early June of 2004, I had no clue what would end up transpiring in my life. It was kind of an anomaly, and I was surprised that I felt Jesus was there and that he was dictating this message to me. Had they shown me that I would actually be involved in breaking away from a movement, starting another movement and that one day I would travel to many countries to lead all of these pilgrimages and would do all the work that we together are doing today, I would have said, “No way, man.” In fact, I think part of me knew it, and yet my Higher Self hid from me the truth of what my soul knew I was getting involved in, because I couldn't handle it. It's like the line in that movie with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, “You can't handle the truth!” Well, can we?

            We don't have to know the totality of everything. There are blinders purposely placed on our vision so that we don't get freaked out and lose our way and decide to leave the path. People have walked through the halls of previous ascended-master movements and have been given great opportunities to serve, and some of them have served for a while. Then the initiation comes and they are given the opportunity to serve at a greater level, and the fear of success almost overcomes them and they can't deal with it—the fear of success and of surrender simultaneously.

            When you surrender, you're given the keys to success. I have found this in my life and I think many of you have too. When you get involved in a project, you don't necessarily know the totality of it at the beginning, unless you've really planned and done your complete alchemy. Sometimes, though, the way the universe works, and especially the Holy Spirit, is to give you a little bit, and then when the time is right you get more. Therefore it's important to listen, to always be in that sacred space with a listening ear, one ear to the ground, or whatever, in order to be ready for what God and your own Higher Self and the Holy Spirit have prepared for you.

            I think the humble people, the people that start out at the lowest levels and do the dirty work—the janitors, those who clean things and cook things on behalf of others and do the seemingly menial work—are often the ones who are, in the process of that work, building up their heart chakras through service. And then God calls them one day to greater and more noble service. This is definitely the way it was with me. I wasn't thrust or put immediately into a position of leadership. I had to lead myself by mastering myself, and then the Holy Spirit taught me along the way. I know that it's virtually the same with all of you.

            So why is Saint Germain sharing this with us tonight? Because there is a lot that has been prepared for us. I see that we have laid a great foundation for the ascended masters within this movement—through our website, through fine tuning so much through our teamwork. Through trial and error we have, by God's grace, found technologies, software, hardware, et cetera, that has allowed us to prepare, for many lightbearers, the crèche for the incoming Christ child—with the straw, the food, the plants, et cetera. We are still laying this foundation and will continue to for a while. And yet gradually we're being given more opportunities to present our case to the world, our teachings, the ascended masters' wonderful HeartStreams and revelations.

            No matter what others are doing or not doing, we have our mission. We have the plan that is gradually being unfolded to us by the chohans of the rays and the sponsoring masters of our Hearts Center movement, especially El Morya and Lanello. We are finding the appropriate people. They are being magnetized to us by our love, by our consecration, our dedication. They are coming to events, to our Meru University, to our website. And those who are ready for service feel the impelling call from within themselves. I remember hearing __________'s story fairly recently of that impelling call she felt. She has told it a couple of times. She knew that this was the movement that she was destined to be a part of. I remember the first pilgrimage we went on in the United States, where we visited the twenty-one California missions, and __________was there with her son. I didn't know her before that, and yet look at what she has done within our movement. She taught a Meru class and she almost single-handedly kept us solvent during her tenure as treasurer. Now she is involved in other alchemies, which some of you will find out about soon. She answered the call. The masters came during one of those missions, the Solar Logoi, and amazing things have ensued since then.

            I could go through the list of all heartfriends—those of you who are active and participating tonight and on a continual basis—and I could share, from my perspective, a part of your story, how God has touched you, how a particular master has been there for you, maybe your ascended twin flame or maybe some master that you know is actively working to support you in your mission, which may be in alignment with the mission of The Hearts Center and the Great White Brotherhood. We do have our individual dharmas and sometimes there are cycles during which we have to complete things outside of the circle of community temporarily. Because of the way we have formed and graced the matrix of the community that we see evolving within The Hearts Center, there is no membership. And we don't judge people. Yes, we feel bad when people leave, and yet there is no coercion or intense judgment upon people if they decide to leave. Some people have gone and come back. We love them. Love is the key to community, as well as to alchemy.

            I believe that we as a spiritual community will use some of what Saint Germain will share this weekend to grow our movement from the inside out, from the inside of our hearts and through our being, and through our connection to one another to form a beautiful, newer and more illustrious mandala and antahkarana of light so that those lightbearers who awaken and find us will be amazed that there is already a movement that exists with so much truth revealed. We will have the resources for them, and they can simply decide at what level they desire to serve, to be involved and share their talents, their gifts, their graces.

            I saw an email earlier today. __________, who is here tonight, was wondering whether we have daily prayer and decree sessions and wanted to know when and where they are held. We broadcast Tuesday mornings, one Wednesday night a month, one Friday night a month, and one Sunday a month. Maybe it's time that some people get together at other times. We can make a few extra keys and people can come here and decree whenever they desire—one, two, three, four—however many people would like to come. It is a sacred sanctuary of the heart, and I think that just as in churches in the past and other sanctuaries, people should be able to come. I honor that question and that desire. When I was at Saint Mark's, I had a key and I would come early in the morning before I went to work, and I would decree for an hour straight. I was the only one in the church, and fortunately I had a key. I did that for about nine months straight. So if people desire to come and pray here, let's give them the authority to do so, show them how to operate some of the equipment if we can, if it's appropriate, and see what happens.

            I have to tell those of you in Mount Shasta, you have great resources in the people there. You have great dedication to the Master Saint Germain, and you probably have the most magnificent new-age store that exists on the planet at Soul Connections, due to the dedicated work of __________ and __________. Through the givingness of their hearts, they have sweat great drops of spiritual fire and blood, and invested all of their money, time and resources to co-create that amazing store. This is their work. So don't feel bad if they don't come to all of the decree sessions, because they are literally decreeing all day long in their hearts as they stand at that counter, as they reorder products, as they place them in their store and as they talk to people. This is their mission, and it's an amazing and beautiful mission. Whenever they can come, praise God, because we feel the fire and the love of their hearts. Support them and the store, and begin to have more events there.

            __________ and __________ are amazing. They moved there from Oregon. Those of you who know them have been blessed by what they have already done together. Some of you moved there because you felt the call from Saint Germain to support his greater mission for the Great White Brotherhood through that ancient focus. Yet sometimes people move there and then they fall away or they're not really invested in the greater work, the collectivity through unity, because they may have personal things they would like to do.

            I would like to say, though, that there are a number of wonderful movements there, wonderful people that I've met when I've been there, six, seven, eight times now. If you could agree to somehow come together and share your gifts, decree together with The Hearts Center prayers and songs, I know that amazing things would transpire. I think Saint Germain is drawing you together from all over California—from San Diego, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Sacramento, the San Jose area and then further north—and you're there anchoring the light on behalf of the Great White Brotherhood.

            So keep on keeping on. Feel the fire. If you can, put aside the things that divide you and invest yourselves in the things that unite you. Saint Germain started a number of amazing organizations, some of them secret organizations, over the centuries. Some of them still exist in one form or another. Imagine if everyone who was involved in all of them could get along and could put aside their specific take on truth, which may be a little bit different than another's. Some may have wanted to do a ritual in one way, and some may have wanted to do something another way, or maybe they had a different understanding of a particular precept.

            Does it really matter exactly what we believe or the way in which we worship? Maybe it's more about humility and a willingness to let go of some of our personal propensities and predilections and to unite with those whom we know are true spiritual people, those who have invested themselves in the work of Saint Germain, and then together you can figure out a matrix that will work for everyone. Maybe you could have a round robin, where on one night somebody shares something that's meaningful to him, and you can also do some prayers and songs. And then the next time another person leads and shares something that's meaningful to her so that everyone is honored, every voice is heard, every person is valued and validated.

            Obviously tonight I'm doing the speaking on behalf of the Master. Yet we have our rituals of appreciation and our times of sharing. In local Hearts Centers and heartfriends groups, opportunity is rife for you to have lots of sharing—meals, excursions or working in nature together. You could go to someone's garden and help there, and then that person can come and help you in yours another time. There are so many ways to build community when we consider our fellow lightbearers and heartfriends.

1. See John 1:9.
2. See John 14:12.


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