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Serapis Bey      April 11, 2014

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
April 11, 2014   8:25–8:31 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Embracing and Enjoying the Initiatic Path

            I, Serapis, am here and I share my light radiance with you, each one. As a part of the clearance that has occurred this night, I am now releasing to your soul a greater action of the ascension current for you to consider utilizing and manifesting from this day forward until that divine day during which you will be fully yoked with and wed unto the Divine One.

            Blessed ones, I thank you for your presence here during this service. I thank you for your participation in the alchemy of light that we together have engaged in on behalf of the diamond-crystal ray, the Buddha thereof and many ascended beings who wield the great Solar radiances of heaven on behalf of the evolutions of Earth.

            There is now focused from beneath your feet, in a spiral and an action of the tube of light around you, a certain frequency of the ascension, which now washes you clean, fully, this night in the light supernal of purity. You have called it forth, and therefore the action will continue for a twenty-four-hour cycle. And even those who may have missed this service may receive this action if the replay, being made available to them, is watched or heard and their full attention is given every moment to incorporate these cosmic rays and frequencies into their lifestream.

            Yes, dearest ones, you use this term lifestream, and we appreciate both its inner and outer meaning. For you see, when you consider what your life is and you see clearly that you are a stream of beingness from the heart of the Great Central Sun in manifest form, then your life truly has greater meaning, understanding and reality for you.

            The disciplines of the Spirit may be yours to experience and to enjoy. Have you considered, dearest ones, enjoying the initiatic path to the point where you anticipate and actually appreciate every initiation that comes to you as a test, as an opportunity, as a cycle returning for balancing, resolution and then victory? If you make this one change and shift in consciousness—to enjoy your life in God, as God, for God—then, blessed ones, I can assure you that your initiations will be more easily passed and you will have a greater action of joy manifesting in your life whereby you may simply be at peace with yourself, be in harmony with all life, and live fully in your Presence as a great spirit—joyful and happy on your path of light.

            You see, not everything about the initiatic path must be so rigid or intense that you ignore the joyful aspects of what heaven truly is and what you know will be there for you when you embrace it fully as a true son or daughter of the Divine One. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings. Bye-bye.

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