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Virgo      March 25, 2014

Beloved Virgo
David Christopher Lewis
March 25, 2014  11:19–11:33 am EDT
Weaverville, NC

Virgo Answers the Calls of the Nature Spirits

Understand the Interconnectedness of All Life

Gracious Ones,

            I AM Virgo and I stand upon the Earth, having ascended from the very center of the Earth this day to answer the calls of the nature spirits who have been burdened of late by the impositions of mankind's carnal consciousness through all manner of dark deeds, negative vibrations and problematic consequences from their decisions outside of the circle of oneness of God's eternal heart.

            The gnomes, the salamanders, the sylphs and the precious undines are all living under the strain of man's inhumanity to man and to nature. Therefore the very Earth cries out for cosmic justice, harmony and balance. The hierarchs of the elemental kingdom speak to the souls of the evolutions upon Earth this day and say that there is a better way to live than in the way that most live today, ignoring the inner impulses that come from the God-flame within. This better way is to understand the interconnectedness of all life, the oneness of man within the nature kingdom as a part of the whole.

            When mankind identifies self as separate, there is a lack of understanding, a lack of caring, a lack of consideration of the effects of every decision, every action and even every thought and word. The subtle nature of the nature kingdom is such that through our sensitivity we feel very deeply the effects of mankind's mass consciousness. And therefore, if you, O mankind, would choose to restore balance and harmony, consider first and foremost your feelings and that which you emanate from within your soul. Attune to the soul of nature and attempt to resonate in a frequency of collaboration and harmony, of purity and joy, of understanding and reverence for life. For in this, all your decisions will be righteous; all that you do will be fueled and powered by a higher source of infinite love, wisdom and power.

            Then, naturally, the balance of nature will be restored when nature responds to your heart when it is trued to the divine heart. Nature feels when those among you enjoy the sounds, sights, the rhythms, the flora and the fauna, the vast mountain heights and the grand and serene meadows, the rivers, lakes, streams, vast seas and oceans. You see, blessed ones, contrary to what some have accepted, there is room upon Earth for all lifestreams to live in harmony and in balance. If mankind were to shift consciousness to understand the dynamics both of Solar living and of incorporating the Solar frequencies of God consciousness while walking the Earth gently, affectionately and nobly, then he and she would find that there is ample space for all, including the precious creatures that fly in the air, that swim in the waters, and that walk and work upon the soil of terra firma.

            I remind you of your high and holy calling as sons and daughters of God not to dominate this Earth or enter into the despoiling of what God has provided above and beneath the surface of the crust of Mother Earth. You have the resources within you and within nature itself without tearing from her bosom what you think you require to fuel your civilization, to live conscious lives, harmonious lives, lives of great value to all life. When you consider, as the Native peoples did, the effects of your decisions seven generations into the future of the eternal Now, then all that you do with loving care and regard for every form of life is born of compassion, kindness, mercy and love.

            Now, with beloved Pelleur, I am increasing a certain vibration upon the Earth and within the Earth that will both shake off certain elements that must be cast into the eternal fires of God, for they are untoward and unworthy of settling upon and within the Earth, and simultaneously restoring, through the breath of the Earth itself, a harmonic balance through an infusion of light that comes by dispensation as a result of your prayers to the Divine Mother and to the ascended hierarchy of light as well as on behalf of the nature spirits. [Virgo chants in an unknown tongue for one minute.]

            Breathe deeply each day, accessing your soulfulness, the deep understanding of the Ancient of Days, who walked the Earth eons ago to restore the fire of love here. We beheld him in all of his glory and bowed to his mission and to his light. And from the onset of that sacred surrender to live within the atmosphere and upon the Earth for a cycle, all was restored until mankind, quickened and awakened, would again live in harmony with us. Peace, be still. And know God within you and within all. I thank you.

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