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Goddess of Liberty      March 22, 2014

Beloved Goddess of Liberty
David Christopher Lewis
March 22, 2014   5:47–5:52 pm MDT
2014 Spring Equinox Conference
Towson, Maryland

A Blessing of Solar Illumination

The synchronicity of God and the miraculous, the mystical and the magical now manifest within these, O Lord God, by your grace, permission and sanction. And there is the raising up of the Mother light from the base to the crown within each one here as he or she envisions it, accepts it, allows it and realizes it, whereby within the crown chakra there is glowing now and flowing a new radiance of divine wisdom and eternal truth.

            Blaze the light of God within their crowns now. Hallow the flowfield of light, the sun-fire presence of eternal joy and radiance around them, each one. Let the wisdom and the fiery truth particles of Solar Self-realization accelerate, accelerate, accelerate within their higher minds and congeal within their physical brains and their lower mental bodies now. O Lords of Wisdom, Lords of Life, charge forth this radiance to illumine every aspect of their lives with your glory, with your shining light, with your supreme radiance and blessedness.

            [The Goddess of Liberty chants.]

            In an ancient Atlantean tongue, I have woven within the delicate fabric of your Oversoul essences of the sun that I have drawn forth from the God and Goddess Meru on your behalf to allow you to maintain a certain illumined state of beingness for the duration of this life, which you may maintain through your spiritual practices of meditation, solar gazing, holy prayer, pranic breathing and communion with the allness of God within nature, within your gardens and within your heart.

            I love you unto the fulfillment of your divine destiny and am here for you, blessed ones, for your enlightenment, your Solar illumination and your victory in all things. Amen. Amen. A-women.

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