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Hilarion      March 06, 2014

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
March 6, 2014   8:08–8:29 am MST
Livingston, Montana

A Clearance of the Third Eye from the Blessed Archangel Raphael
Allow the Light of Truth to Speak to Your Higher Mind

            I AM truth. I AM the living essence of God-good manifesting as all that is real and validated by the will, wisdom and love of the Divine One. And I AM here to invest within the Earth a greater portion of the light of living truth to actuate, to accentuate and even to arbitrate on behalf of the Lord God those verities of the Spirit within your life and the lives of the conscious ones so that the truth may be known—that truth which sets men and women and children free.

           You know that you are liberated by the truth, for when you have access to pure knowledge, pure understanding and the vital facts of life, these provide the impetus and the foundation for right choices in your lives, blessed ones. When you do not have access to that which is real, then often what you desire and what comes to fruition and fulfillment in your life are based on unreality. They are based on what a society, a civilization is attempting to have you believe and accept, which, unfortunately, is not of the highest order, is not the source of the grace of God, the love of God, the Presence of God.

            We as ascended masters and chohans of the rays now aver to you that much of what you think is true appears so from a limited perspective, from the human level of beingness. If you could simply rise in consciousness to perceive with new eyes, with a higher radiance of God-vision that which exists in multidimensions and in many spheres of consciousness and beingness, you would be amazed; your life would change; and you would truly then be free to make greater and more harmonious choices on a day-to-day basis, allowing your soul to make greater progress and, through a new divine orderliness, bring into being within your worlds the highest of God-good, that which is most noble, spirited and divine.

            As architects of the Spirit, we work with the souls of humanity. We work with the Higher Selves of all of you as we are able, providing for you who accept our existence, our presence and our articulation of truth, as we know it, those verifiable, honest and integrative principles and values flowing from the virtues of God, which originate from the very heart and mind of God in the Great Central Sun. You see, we have meditated upon the core essence of life itself, which is light and beingness. And from this sacred center of creation we know the truth of all that is; we feel the veracity and the sublimity of godliness, of harmony, of inner peace.

            Why do I speak of truth this day? Because, blessed ones, much of what you hear in your media—on television, radio, the Internet and through various media outlets and sources—has not been verified by the light of truth as it is rayed forth from the essence of God, the Spirit of the Divine One. It is as a shimmering chimera of unreality, of maya and illusion, and when it finds itself resident within the minds and consciousness of individuals it performs a type of what I would call black magic, clouding the identities of you all and giving rise to something other than the virtuous you, the divine you, the real you.

            In your meditations and times of silence early in the morning with beloved Jesus, from 4:30 till 7:00, as he has asked, allow the light of truth to speak to your Higher Mind and find concourse within your being, even translated to your outer waking consciousness. Live in the light of truth. By the power of your Higher Self, verify what comes to you as intuition and inspiration from within your heart which may be fulfilled in your life daily.

            Often the thinking processes of your lower nature stimulate something within your mind that is not of the highest order. Learning to be still and quieting all provides the foundation for the quiescent aspects of the Higher Mind of God to filter into your waking consciousness so that then you may apply what you receive gracefully and harmoniously in your communiqués, work and service to life.

            Yes, dearest ones, as your Hilarion, I come. And even as I am continuing to investigate the higher orders of light in solar and cosmic worlds and dimensions of being, so I provide matrices of light and refreshment to those who work in the emerald-ray realms upon Earth—utilizing the science of harmony, mathematics, sound, music and healing to provide an opportunity for God-transcendence within nature and for the ascending spirals of beingness to be fulfilled within their lives.

            The blessed Raphael comes now at the behest of his beloved Mary to clear your third eye in this hour of everything that is less than God-truth. If you choose to receive this cleansing, this washing, this clearing experience, allow the blessed archangel to perform his supernal divine magic so that your third eye, your higher vision center, may be a greater receptor for the light of divine truth from this day forward, illumining your world, your work, your mission and your life with more concentrated aspects of that which will provide you the essentials for your victory within the visionary experience of initiates and adepts who are spiraling upward in divine light.

            [Master chants in angelic tongues.]

            There is also the stimulation of your higher cortex in this hour by the angels of the emerald ray. And there is a washing clean of your physical brains of those essences that have accumulated over decades and, I would say, even lifetimes in which you engaged in thinking processes that were less than optimal for your lifestream. Blaze the light of the emerald ray! Blaze the light of the golden rays of God! Blaze the light now! Refresh, refresh, refresh each one's mind and spirit with Solar light, light, light!

            Blessed hearts, you may be articulate in your speech, in your sharing, in your higher mindfulness if you choose to allow the voice of God to flow through you, and the Word, with a capital W-O-R-D, to find concourse in your life through your words and speech. You may learn this science at my retreat over Crete. And I will be replete with that which will complete you, dearest ones, in the light of truth, which brings freedom from fear, nihilism and ignorance.

            Be the Buddhas you are destined to be in higher mindfulness as truth illumines your life and love compels you to your Sun Source. I thank you.

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