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Purity      February 28, 2014

Beloved Purity
David Christopher Lewis
February 28, 2014  8:26–8:31 pm MST
Livingston, Montana

Purity and Astrea Perform Cosmic Surgery for the Earth

            O starfire light, we have re-created the Earth in this hour in purity by the power of God and the action of the sacred rays of fire that descend from the heart of the Great Central Sun. And there has been initiated deep within the core a spiral of the ascension on behalf of many, including you, O soul, if you choose to rise in this light in this incarnation to be one with God.

            The initiation begins by your choice to live in your Presence. When you do, the ascension currents begin to vibrate within your core and you feel the infusion of light from the base to the crown. And there is the raising, the gentle raising of the Mother light within you day by day through your devotion to the One and through your obedience to the Light itself, who is God within you.

            All the work that you have done on behalf of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine this night is also manifest within you. For these countries and these peoples represent something within your own soul; and you may surmise it and you may access it through further meditation upon the light of change, the light of transformation, the light of the ascension. What transpires within various regions of the Earth near the retreats of the Elohim is indicative of the changes that must be wrought within each lifestream ere Earth may be fully free to pursue her higher course in her own solar evolution, dearest ones.

            This night has been an experiment by us to see just how much light you could invoke and could be infused within these regions near and dear to us and within you also. Use the Mother light wisely. Allow the essence of your own feminine spirit to manifest virtuously as you live free in the white light of the Eternal One.

            We have come, invoked by you, and we appreciate our keynote being played in full this night so that we could use this time of your own inner silence to do cosmic work and major planetary surgery on behalf of millions. Thank you, precious ones, for the time that you have put in for God, for it does make a difference. And as you choose to support our work and the work of the Great White Brotherhood, the saints robed in white¹ salute you for your efforts.

            In the name of all that is real within you, we seal you and this service in the supernal essence of Purity.

1. Revelation 7:9–17.

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