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Peace and Aloha      February 14, 2014

Beloved Peace and Aloha
David Christopher Lewis
February 14, 2014   8:08–8:21 pm PST
Sealing the Fire Ring in Solar Light and Love—A Weekend Prayer Vigil for the Pacific Region

Vista, California

Peace and Aloha Emanate Waves of Elohimic Love throughout the Pacific and to All Sentient Life

Be the Peace You Desire the Earth to Feel and Know

In comfort we come, and we emanate waves of light from our home above Hawaii throughout the Pacific. These waves, composed of the pristine essences of a Mother's heart, one who cherishes all her children, wash clean the waters and the creatures inhabiting them. And in this purification there is the restoration of innocence, of wholeness, of tranquility and of joy. Every creature is acknowledged and loved. Every particle of sand, every cell of every being receives the radiance of Peace and Aloha. And there is transformation, there is regeneration, there is the dissolution of darkness and the instauration of light, beauty and love.
            Throughout this seminar, through your heart's love these waves will continue to flow, reaching the shores of every island and nation, reaching the consciousness of all sentient life. And as the nuances of these frequencies dance, shine and play upon the auric fields of all life, there is an action of Elohimic love that nurtures and bestows,  through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the grace of God—the One, the Source as we know it.
            Peace liberates, for it dispels all that is unreal, even as it beholds the truth, the way and the life within the matrix of cosmic equipoise in the center of beingness. As you bestow peace through your conscious lives in moments of eternal stillness, living within that sacred space of the immortal Now, you behold God and God's quiescent nature in the unmanifest, in the formless, in Spirit. And as you incorporate the subtleties of these stellar and cosmic vibrations within your life, hallowing space where you are, with us you participate in bringing the peaceable kingdom and, as some would say, queendom unto Earth again.
            We know Mu. For we were there long before Lemuria existed as creators of that which manifested on the sixth day of creation itself, as it is revealed within the Book of Genesis of your Holy Bible, which is one explanation of the creative process of Elohimic love. And we continue to create and to recreate through the conscious ones upon Earth, those invested, through their own light-energies, in the spiritual processes of life itself. You have the keys to open new doorways to your own higher identity through love. Use them and maintain your peace through all travail, through all initiations and that which transpires within and around you, in what you experience as your life.
            Life as we know it consists of vibration and the wave emanations of every life form that we behold within the greater sphere of our own cosmic beingness. When, through the sustaining of the subtle vibratory patterns of your own Solar Godhood, you access these quintessences of godliness, you, as an originator, a progenitor of light yourself, may understand who the Elohim are, our work, our service, our ministration and the joyous application of the science of life through our beings.
            Now through these wave patterns we extend the frequencies of heart-centeredness and calm so that healing may ensue and the restoration of balance occur.
            Be the peace that you desire the Earth to feel and know, and it shall be so through a solar plexus one with the Sun—loving, giving and fruitful.
            We are Peace and Aloha. And our angels provide you, each one, this night with a lei of love, even as a rose is extended to your heart on this Valentine's Day, blessed ones. Be at peace with yourself. Be at peace with God. Live in peace with all life. We thank you.

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