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Cuzco      February 14, 2014

Beloved Cuzco
David Christopher Lewis
February 14, 2014   7:42–8:02 pm PST
Sealing the Fire Ring in Solar Light and Love—A Weekend Prayer Vigil for the Pacific Region

Vista, California

Cuzco Brings Divine Formulae for the Salvation of the Earth

Sons and Daughters of God, Children of the Sun, Those Who Hallow Life within Their Hearts, Whose Minds Are Trued to the White-Fire/Blue-Fire Sun of Sirius and to the Higher Radiance of Their Own God Presence,
            I, Cuzco, come bearing formulae divine for the salvation of Earth in this hour. And these formulae exhibit matrices of light that may, through divine alchemy, be broadcast through the work of the Spirit, through your collective Christic and Buddhic minds trued to the Source, whereby through the scientific application of light, miracles may ensue. That which you have seen as a burden upon life as you know it may be erased and transmuted, and there may be the replenishing from deep within the Earth of those subtle elements, brought to the surface that will bring harmony and peace again to this sphere.
            Blessed ones, these formulae, as glyphs of sacred-fire energy delivered by the Elohim and Solar Lords, are now deposited within your Higher Minds. In future days and during this weekend you may utilize them for the precipitation of the God-elements that you require for a greater understanding of the science of light that is essential to accomplish the goals that you have set forth through this seminar to fulfill. These equations will allow you to maximize the fire within you. When this action is complemented by that which we the ascended ones will infuse into the Pacific Fire Ring, it will culminate in miracles and divine manifestations of glory and grace, and many will be amazed to recognize and see them fully manifest in the world of form itself.
            You see, dearest ones, some of you are already very scientific in the spiritual application of the wave patterns emitted from your chakras, and others are only beginning to understand the dynamics involved in co-creation. I tell you that you can access an unlimited supply, a universal cornucopia of light through your I AM God Presence. Through the portal opened by your Solar Presence, you access these higher formulae of the Spirit; you engage your mind's eye in activities which just a few days, months or years before you would have thought impossible to be actuated in this sphere.
            Concurrent with the delivery of these formulae is a stream of greater God-beingness, which, by dispensation of the Solar Lords, I also deliver through your Higher Self to your Christ mind. This energy is as a cosmic oil, of sorts, that will, when applied through devotion, praise and a time of inner stillness, allow you to use these formulae for the highest good of all involved.
            For you see, dearest ones, it is not required that you know everything that the universe has to offer in terms of the dynamics entailed in these formulas. Through devotion and through a higher understanding that comes through what I would term cosmic intuition, you may access these when required and as needed in your lives for the greatest spiritual work to be accomplished.
            Angels of the sacred fire now deliver to you, each one, that which is sufficient unto you, that which is required for your particular work of the Spirit in this hour and for the duration of this lifetime and beyond. Many of you who consider yourselves already as alchemists are now ready for greater lessons of the Spirit.
            And also by dispensation, during this weekend only I am inviting each one who has registered for this class to attend a sacred ceremony and a lesson within my retreat. Many of you know that only ascended masters are normally invited to attend these sessions, And yet because of the dire situation that mankind find themselves in due to their interference in the natural processes of life through the amalgamation of chemicals and atoms in such a way that radioactivity has been released that destroys life itself as you know it, this dispensation has come forth and this offering has been presented. So, dearest ones, much of what you will do will be within your Higher Self, your higher bodies, and you may not even always know outwardly in your lower mind what is transpiring. Yet because you are here and you are a part of this alchemy together, the invitation is offered, the opportunity is given.
            The safeguard is that you will be washed clean before entering my retreat in what we call a cosmic decontamination chamber so that nothing of your lower self and its vibratory patterns may enter the pristine awareness of cosmic purity that we bear. Do you see the requirement for this, blessed ones? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Therefore, when you retire each night, tonight and tomorrow night, you may ask an angel of Cuzco to escort you swiftly to Viti Levu to attend these sessions. Some of you may even recall them in the morning through a quickened awareness of God-consciousness.
            Now, at my behest, Surya comes to lend to Earth the momentum of God-power from the Central Sun of this galaxy and star system. And there is a deepening within the Pacific Ocean itself of the action of the blue-fire/white-fire sun. And there is a stimulation of the water molecules throughout the entire oceanic area of the Earth. This energetic action is for the purification of the water tainted by the radiation emitted from the Fukushima Daiichi reactors that have been damaged and are spewing this vile man-made substance into the pristine Pacific.
            Burn through, O Solar light from the Central Sun! Bind now that substance that exists in a less than perfect state or matrix as originally created by the Elohim for Earth in the beginning. Blaze forth the light of God within every molecule of water and within every cell of the creatures that have ingested it, that live within it, that require the water itself for their life and their own sacred mission upon Terra, Gaia, Earth.
            Concentrated and infused with the breath of the Divine Mother, Omega herself, this blue essence will refresh, will regenerate, will recreate that which has been tainted with the Spirit Most Holy, with the essence of God-good and with that which gives life to all. That which is death is withdrawn and is transmuted as the Divine Mother breathes in, in an action of absorption, the toxic elements in this hour. And as she breathes out again, the new blue frequencies are again transfused within the water to provide healing relief, wholeness, harmony. This cosmic breath releases a continuous action of Solar joy, for it will require an ongoing stream of this action during this weekend for the required result to occur.
            As you also breathe consciously with the Divine Mother, you, one with her, may be a part of this alchemy of light. Some of you at times may feel a discomfort within your heart and lungs. Consider the temporary malaise as what you, as a God-conscious one, may offer for this process to occur and be completed, by God's grace.
            As David shared with some before this event began, those of you who saw the movie The Green Mile will remember that the Christic figure, the large African-American man, was able to absorb, by his love and compassion, the energies of darkness of others and transmute them within his radiant heart of fire. You may do likewise, if you choose, as Buddha-beings and expand the radiance and grace of God through this very simple and yet profound alchemical work.
            Blessed hearts, be at peace with Peace and Aloha. Be at peace within yourselves; for in this sacred state all will flow, all will flower and Earth will be free at last.

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