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Serapis Bey      February 01, 2014

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2014   8:28–8:37 pm CST
Hopkins, Minnesota

I Give Each of You an Essence of the Ascension Fire

Be God in Manifestation!

I, Serapis, stand in the center of the Twin Cities of the United States of America and I shine forth the light of perfection and of the ascension fire for the victory of every man, woman and child within this nation, according to the cosmic cycles of light, of fire, of beingness! And in a 360-degree array of divine energy, I direct currents of this fire for the dissolution of darkness and for the erecting of a new edifice of light within this nation that begins here within the crystal matrix of light through a pyramid of God-consciousness, of radiance, of beingness.
            Every prayer that you utter, every song that you sing, every musing upon Spirit and every moment when you enter the Great Silence of the crystal edifice of light of your Higher Self allows angels of the sacred fire to fashion a cosmic crystal brick within the edifice of the Holy City, dearest ones. And this is indicative of that which has been in formation for eons of time, which the God of very gods, through you, is co-creating within this world of a higher order of light, sponsored by the Great White Brotherhood and the noble ones of God, the Creators of Form.
            Therefore, as you participate in the endeavors of light of the saints robed in white through our offerings, our requests, our assignments, given outwardly and within our retreats, you, as initiates and candidates for the ascension, move forward our plan and, through your own inner direction and through divine sponsorship, engage, engage, engage Earth and the beings of light surrounding her in this cosmic activity and science of the ascension.
            Therefore, we applaud those of you who commune with us each day in some way. We applaud those of you who attend, consciously, our sessions of light in the etheric cities and sanctuaries of the sacred fire. We applaud those of you who expect perfection, who request the anointings of the Spirit and who work on yourselves assiduously to erase those points of imperfection through what you have learned of the sciences of transmutation, working with Astrea and Purity, working with Gabriel and Hope and with me and my lieutenants of light at Luxor to become even more disciplined in the arts of light.
            Now I give to each of you, within the white cube of your heart, an essence of the ascension fire, which will reside there as a permanent focus of my heart, my fire until the day of your own ascension, until the light of your own selfhood merged with your Presence becomes permanent in the heavens. And this fire, as an inculcation of my Spirit and my own God-desire for you to reach the level of your Presence and to sustain it consciously in this life, becomes a receptor for the Spirit and the angels of the ascension within your flowfield of light—your greater auric field that is the Solar Presence of your higher dimensional being, one with God.
            So, blessed ones, we are engaged in a great activity of light. Let no one diminish it through banal thought or through conceptions of self as less than God. Be God in manifestation! Be bold in your affirmations and in your co-creative work. Accept perfection at every turn and know with a certitude and a cosmic certainty that you are one with your True Self, always and ever, and that this sustaining light of your Presence gives you the allness of God to complete your life assignment, your mission, with flying colors, stamped with the approval of your cosmic peers, your sponsors and your many beloveds in heaven.
            I smile this night, for I am welcome here. Many do not me see me smile often, and yet because of you who bear my fire, my flame and my love within the Twin Cities, I have come and I have served you with my Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.

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