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Surya      January 17, 2014

Beloved Surya
David Christopher Lewis
January 17, 2014   9:17–11:26 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Surya Comes to Increase the Solar Light around the Earth and within His Disciples

Disciples of the Living Word, Advocates of Truth, Keepers of the Lightning, Solar Initiates,
            I, Surya, come and emanate through the Sun of this solar system in this hour to increase the vibratory field of light around the Earth, safeguarding life itself in your domain and setting the table for that which will transpire soon during your prayer vigil.¹ This may result in a step-up for many of you in the energy pouring through your chakras and your being. And therefore for you to be the greatest instrument for this release of light requires greater purity, a catharsis of that which is unreal and an infusion of God-light from deep within your soul and spirit in order for you to be a greater chalice for the alchemy of divine love and planetary self-transformation that is essential in this hour.
            Blaze forth the light of the Sun now into the Solar Presence of each one of our initiates, O Lord! Increase the radiation of soul, of spirit within these, O Lord God Almighty, O Lord of the World, Gautama, with Maitreya. Increase the level of the threefold flame of those who can bear a greater portion of light in this hour. Allow them to adjust, to acclimate to this new level that is required for the greater dispensation from this holy being from the Pleiades to be brought forth for the salvation of life upon Earth and especially within the Northern Hemisphere and the Pacific region thereof. Blaze forth the light of the Great Central Sun through Helios and Vesta, through the God and Goddess Meru and through you, O disciples of the Sun, disciples of the One!
            This day I ride my chariot of fire, not with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, but with mighty Solar beings—Ram, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva—in order that the gathering of the elect may occur; that the sealing of the sons and daughters of God within their forehead may also occur for the safeguarding of those called to be saints with Melchizedek and beloved Jesus; and that a greater conflagration within the heart, from this day forward, may occur for the victory of Earth as a planetary home, as an Edenic world, as a haven and hearth of light for the mothers divine and their children.
            To those who have been involved in releasing calamities of this magnitude,² I say on behalf of the Four and Twenty Elders, your days are numbered, and the life energies vouchsafed to you that you have utilized for destruction and the annihilation of all that is God-good are withdrawn to a point of 90 percent. There thus remains for you to use only 10 percent of the life force. For you have proven lifetime after lifetime that your only desire, through anger toward God and denial of the light, is to control the lifeblood of humanity and to attempt to violate the laws of God eternal.
            Therefore I breathe in this essence of darkness, which returns to the Sun of this system and is therefore rereleased unto the lightbearers who can maintain harmony, peace and true brotherhood/sisterhood, by the grace of the Lord and the power of his Word through the science of that spoken word.
            Now, blessed ones, be careful in that which you speak from this day forward. Maintain a state of harmony and of balance in your being so that this greater equation may continue to manifest through your auric field and your chakras, allowing you to be receptors and distributors of this Solar wave of divine light.
            I thank you for your service. I will be there in San Diego with my disciple Cuzco, accelerating the light drawn forth from the Great Central Sun on behalf of Earth and ye all. Greetings from Alpha and Omega, and blessings from Sirius. I thank you.

1. Surya is referring to the prayer vigil to be held in San Diego—“Sealing the Fire Ring in Solar Light and Love: A Weekend Prayer Vigil for the Pacific Region”from February 14 to 16, 2014.

2. Surya is referring to the causes behind the Fukushima disaster of 2011.

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