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David Lewis      January 17, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
January 17, 2014   7:19–8:23 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Names of Discarnate Entities for Use By Initiates
in Exorcism and Dynamic Prayer Work

            In Earth's original Edenic state, everything was crystal clear and pure. Through mankind's experience of free will, eventually there was the lapsing into unconsciousness, where lifestreams lost their connection with their Source and Earth became sullied with darkness. As a part of this dynamic, over time discarnate entities came into being, seeking the light of lightbearers, individuals with light; for they had forfeited their light through a path of darkness. In today's world there are virtually untold entities and discarnates, based on just about every possible scenario of lack of God-centeredness, God Self-awareness and decrepitude that mankind has allowed to enter into their world.

            In a previous activity that many of us were involved in, we had a prayer naming numerous discarnate entities, and I shall reveal more today that have been given to me for the purpose of our spiritual work. Now, as a caveat to the release of this teaching, the masters desire us to know that this information should not be distributed far and wide. It is for the inner spiritual work of initiates, those who understand the dynamics of the science of the spoken word. It involves calling upon the Lord by first doing the essential, foundational protective decrees and prayers—invoking the Tube of Light and calling to Archangel Michael and Astrea, et cetera—and then, when necessary, naming the names of entities that may have inveigled themselves into the auric field of various individuals, including ourselves, so that they can be released of these attachments. These are literal attachments to the spinal altar of individuals, siphoning the light from them.

            The masters recommend that we have at least two, and preferably four, individuals praying and doing this type of exorcism work for individuals. The prayer 9.007, which we will give now, mentions four masters that we ask to be at the four cardinal points of the cosmic clock with us. These are Vajrasattva, Manjushri, Omraam and Lanello. So we will give this prayer to set the flowfield for this information to come forth. And after this prayer we will also give a Tube of Light, the long Tube of Light. Thank you.

            You may take notes for this. For those of you on the broadcast, Boyd has an area where he can put it up on the screen for you to see the names of these discarnates.

Boyd:  No, it's not on the screen. It's a link to the PDF on the broadcast “Announce” part, the place where you see the times of the service, and so forth. On the broadcast page there is a link that says “Download names of entities.”

 First of all, every disease has an entity. Because we were created perfect, you can imagine that imperfect health and a lack of well-being is a result of poor choices, environmental factors, the DNA that we accept from our parents based on previous lives' karmas. Ultimately, every infraction of the Great Law results in a sense of separation from the One, and in the space of that separation discarnate entities can embody, can live, can arrive in order to do their dirty work, their mischievous activity: to siphon the light from the lightbearers.

            Materia medica has many, many names of diseases, and each of these diseases that they have come up with a name for has a corresponding discarnate. So that's one point of information that we can utilize. When we have individuals who have been diagnosed with a particular disease, we can go after that disease by understanding the dynamics at play—that people are weakened by these essences, if you would call them that, that the discarnate entities exhibit and utilize in their work. Many of them have an odor that is rank and not to our liking. They have forms that are often grotesque, although at times they can even appear to individuals as camouflaged light beings. And so you have to be careful. Just as impostors of ascended masters purposefully look like ascended masters in order to fool individuals, sometimes entities will masquerade as something other than what they truly are. So we have to be careful.

            I'm going to create this thoughtform that whenever I name an entity it will be bound immediately. In the name of the Christ, I call for the binding of all of the names of the entities that I will release tonight.

            This past week I was speaking to an individual who is dealing with a situation with someone who at times enters into depression and comes to the point of feeling ready to commit suicide. And what I received at that time was that the suicide entity, Annihla, has many tentacles, like an octopus or a squid. It is an overbearing entity that uses many of the other entities to get individuals to finally come to the point, after they have been weakened by these other entities, to commit suicide. Annihla has tentacles that relate to specific age groups. There is a lot of teen suicide. Why? Because Annihla goes after the fresh light of these teens, who have a lot of energy. And of course the younger the individual that commits suicide, the more light that the suicide entity can siphon off, because young people have greater light, typically, than a lot of older people, who, through long lives of unconscious living, have gradually depleted the light-energy in their auras.

            So in the case of, let's say, a thirteen-year old, you can call for the binding of Anihla T-13—T meaning “teen”—or Annihla T-17 or T-19, or just Annihla and then the age of the individual. The more specific you are, the more the energy goes directly into that equation to remove the tentacle, remove the influence and sever the connection that that entity has over and within the individual.

            Other entities are as follows. Mighty Astrea, encircle them.

            Smashu: This entity works with violence, with any activity that involves exactly what the name connotes, where one would punch another, for example. A lot of video games today have a lot of these little entities in them that are crushing and smashing and trying to annihilate and destroy other forms—life forms, individuals, whatever. This entity has grown in its influence because of today's violent video games and because of what the media has projected.

            The most recent Superman movie, for example, was absolutely horrendous, especially at the end, with nonstop violence for probably twenty minutes, which was uncalled for in a story that could have been much better and demonstrated the godlike powers of this light being who is there to protect and help individuals on the Earth. And yet Hollywood has its ways, and therefore that movie was compromised completely and was very decadent, in my opinion, because of all that violence. So Smashu, s-m-a-s-h-u, is like “smash you”—that's the name of it.

            There's one called Gothika, and this is spelled G-o-t-h-i-k-a, with the k turned backwards. This is the entity that uses individuals who are into the Goth movement. They wear black: they often wear black eyeliner, which is really ugly, in my opinion; they wear black clothes; they put black polish on their fingernails; and they often have piercings, et cetera. You are probably aware of this. It's a whole cult.

            Gothika has come into prominence with individuals having been released from a very dark and dank level of the astral plane. El Morya is saying it's the thirty-first level of the astral plane, so you can see how dark that is. This entity is attempting to simply completely obliterate the light, especially in teens and those who enter this path. It's a path of black magic, of witchcraft in some of its darkest forms. They listen to music that is absolutely diabolical, and they wear black because they basically worship black darkness. They live in a black hole of existence, where there is no light. Now, there are many well-meaning lightbearers who have been caught in this web. So the individual is not evil; he or she is simply influenced by this mass entity.

            The next ones are Rotundus and Rotunda. These are often present in people who become extremely obese to the point that they're kind of roly-poly. They have no control any longer over what they eat. They simply have become so profoundly fat that it's hard for them to live. Now that you have these names, if you know individuals who are 350, 400 pounds and more, you can see that they are caught in this web by this massive entity, which is, as I'm seeing the entity, the size of this room, and it desires to continue eating and eating and sucking the light out of individuals as they eat.

            There are four names of entities dealing with laziness. I think we all at times may lapse into this a little bit. We know that recreation is essential, but what I'm talking about here is when you have individuals who do not desire to work; they have become bombarded by influences that make them completely ill at ease with life; they have no energy; they have become complete duds. The names are Lazius and Lazia. Then there's Inertus and Inertia. It's interesting that inertia is actually a word. Inertus is there with individuals who are in stillness, but not the divine type of stillness. They simply are completely devoid of movement. They have no energy because they have squandered their energy.

            The next ones are Vigrantus and Vigrantia. These are entities that work on individuals that are vagrants—in other words, people that laze around, try to live off of others, try to get others to give them things. They're often beggars, people that live in unkempt homes or situations, are often dirty, don't take care of themselves, don't clean themselves, don't wash. And when they enter this state, it's hard for them to get out of it. They enjoy that level of living and they become comfortable there and don't know that they're in this state and that they're actually overpowered by these entities.

            None of these are pleasant to talk about. Flatulus and Flatula. You can guess what they are. All of us at times have, through incorrect diet, issues with this, and we can all come up higher by purifying our diet, by eating the right combination of foods, chewing our food well, preferably having one type of food at a time, if we can, and not mixing too many foods.

            The next ones are Dimentus and Dimentia, and Senilus and Senilia. Obviously these relate to dementia and senility. These are very widespread diseases now, augmented by these entities, which make people lose their minds, lose their memory, forget who they are. It originates from the fact that people have chosen to ignore God. El Morya is showing me that in each and every case, people that wind up with dementia or senility have, at some point in this or a past life, ignored the divine Word through the inner voice, through a master, through higher teachings or wisdom teachings.

            So how do we avoid this? Maintaining presence, maintaining our connection with our Source, always listening to the inner voice and then being sensitive and being able to remember who we are, to remember who we are as God beings. There is no reason why any individual on Earth has to lose his or her memory to the point of experiencing dementia or senility. Unfortunately, now it's kind of common for people at a certain age, and it's the way it is. You go into nursing homes and you see all levels of dementia and senility. It's a pity, and we have to have much compassion for these individuals. It's not just the fact that they are old; it's a condition that's brought on by choices throughout their lives and past lives.

            The next ones are Vengus and Venga. These are entities of vengeance. By the way, when the entity ends in us it's male, and when it ends in a it's female. Usually I put the male one first. The male entity is usually more active, oppressive. The female entity, though, is just as diabolical. It uses the receptive mode to do its dirty work. So these are entities of vengeance that make you feel you have to retaliate. You feel that, no  matter what, you have to get in the last word, you have to exact compensation from other individuals for what they have done to wrong you, et cetera. It's a state brought on by anger, by loss of one's composure. And when you are in that state, you know that you are out of alignment, but unfortunately if you've gotten to that point, it's hard to let go of the entity because the entity has gotten ahold of you.

            Riptidus and Riptida: These are mass entities that use anger to create riptides that affect many lifestreams. If you've been in a riptide based on violence, violent conversation—I wouldn't even call it conversation, but argumentation—you know just how diabolical and dangerous the energy field can be. It's like a tide, a wave that affects everyone within a certain range or in the wake of that dark energy. So if you know people who often get very angry and create riptides by what they spew out through their language—swearing, et cetera—you can simply go into action and make the call so that that entity is gone and cannot influence that individual or other individuals in that one's sphere of influence who may be caught in that terrible energy field.

            Ingratus and Ingratia: These are entities that are ingrates of the lowest order, who instigate ingratitude and make people completely lose the memory of what others have done for them, what God has done for them, what nature has done for them. They are never grateful. They never say “Thank you.” They are heartless, have no compassion or love. It's unfortunate that individuals get to the point where they can't be thankful for anything or anyone or what others do. And yet this entity is very rebellious, El Morya says. It is rebellious to the point of having severed its connection to the Divine long ago and has remained in the state of being an ingrate.

            The next ones are Virus and Vira, and you can imagine what this is. Just like the first entity I talked about, this entity has grown in its demonic power, based on all of the viruses that are out there that continue to morph and expand and take on new forms and new virility, in a negative way. You see that the true lightbearer has virility, is virile, full of virya.Virus and Vira are diametrically opposed to that. They sap you by injecting these demonic, mechanical little entities that travel through your blood and do their dirty work, literally.

            The next ones are Rabus and Rabia. These have to do with rabies. This entity foams at the mouth, as I'm seeing it, and is rabid, meaning that it is wildly, almost exotically, mad and demonic in the way that it demonstrates itself. It cannot get enough of being mad and rabid to the point of destroying the individual that has this if it is untreated.

            The next ones are also very difficult to think about, and they are Cancerus and Cancera, responsible for cancer of many, many types. These are generic names for the entities, and of course there are so many different types of cancer. In the old days I believe they called cancer of the lungs or pulmonary tuberculosis consumption because the individual was literally consumed by the disease. The Master says that you can also put the words Consumptus and Consumpta next to this, because it's the same thing. Of course there are so many forms of cancer, and just as with Annihla, you could say “Cancerus, Cancera, Consumptus, Consumpta” and then, if you know the exact name of the cancer, you can make it a hyphenated name.

            The next ones are Inflamatus and Inflamata. Now, this has a double meaning. There is the inflammation you have in your body, which is not good, brought on by some other cause. It also has to do with people who are inflammatory, those who like to inflame others to get involved in schemes or darkness or situations by urging them on. It's like this voice is speaking behind them and almost right next to them and they don't even distinguish that it's not really them. It's this other voice. So these entities inflame the individual. They are also involved in group demonstrations that get out of hand, that become riots and are violent. So Inflamatus is a pretty intense entity. As I'm seeing the entity, it does have fire, but it's a negative type of fire. Instead of the light type of fire, it's a ghoulish, blackish, murky, inky type of fire, and a raging red type of fire too. It can be either one. The bluish, inky black one is Inflamata, the female. Inflamatus, the male, is the red one.

            The next ones are Argumentus and Argumenta. Obviously these are entities that try to get you to enter into arguments. This is not open-hearted discussion, dialogue, conversation. It's when there is a difference of opinion that then becomes aggravated and spiteful—the entity incites the individuals to start arguing and they just go back and forth. They banter, but more than banter they come almost to loggerheads and are ready to kill each other or fight. They have to prove that they're right. I've actually seen this entity at a couple of Hearts Center council meetings, where people become so embroiled in their opinion that they lose it. So let us never come to that point. Let us have respect, and honor other individuals and never come to the point where we lose it and argue at this level.

            Derangus and Derangia: These entities work on people that become deranged. There are a host of levels that these entities use to influence individuals to become deranged. These entities often work very closely with the entities associated with a lot of different drugs, especially liquor, Spiritus and Spirita. People become deranged over time because of drug use. They become deranged through mental ineptitude and through a lack of careful thought, which means that they have become disconnected from their Higher Mind. Once you become deranged through the influence of these entities, it's not long before you can become completely psychotic, schizophrenic, and then you're basically split. So there are all different levels of being deranged. It starts off subtly. Drugs wear down the auric sheath and the entities come in and start doing their dirty work and they siphon the light. Then gradually, over time, individuals start thinking differently and feeling differently and becoming paranoid here and there, et cetera. It's a very subtle thing that graduates to a point where it's unfortunate for the individual.

            The next ones are Porkus and Porka. They are actually entities that get people to pork out on pork. We know that pork—meat that comes from pigs and hogs—is not optimal for our lifestream because the genes of these animals were manipulated back on Atlantis, and their skin is very close to human skin. Many of you know the story on that already. Mona and I recently ate at the Chinese restaurant in town and I ordered a dish that had pork fried rice. So I just pulled out each piece of pork and put it on the side and didn't eat it. Obviously that pork probably affected the brown rice, but you have to make your choices. I don't think the entity got ahold of me in that case. [laughter] We're talking about really porking out—people who love bacon; they love their ham. They just have to have ham all the time and pork and beans and all that stuff. They just love that type of white meat. It's almost a different kind of meat. It's strange. I'm seeing that this entity actually originated off the Earth on another planet and that there were these people on this planet who have these funny-looking noses that are like snouts of pigs. So, God bless them.

            Piratus and Pirata: There's a whole conglomerate of the pirate entities that work through movies and also influence people to become pirates, where they steal. There's a recent movie, Captain Phillips. It's about these pirates who boarded a ship. It's a true story, although I heard that the movie is actually not that accurate and Hollywood played it up. Anyway, pirating is still a problem on the Earth. It's not something that just occurred a couple of centuries ago with ships on the high seas. It's still happening.

            Cursu and Cursa. I was kind of surprised that in the previous list in the organization that many of us were part of that we never heard about the cursing entities. Does anybody remember a name? This is what I received: Cursu, like “curse you,” and Cursa. These affect people who swear and curse: f*** you, G** d*** it, and all the different words. There are so many words that the cursing entity uses now, and it has grown, as we can see from the vocabulary that people use when they curse, and in all different languages. This is a powerful entity and it has to be dealt with. When you see individuals that are constantly running off at the mouth cursing, do your work.

            Even though earlier I shared that it's a good idea to pray in groups of two or four, the Master now says that when you're in a situation you can ask for Jesus, Melchizedek, El Morya, Archangel Michael, Mighty Astrea to be with you to provide the impetus so that you're protected when you go after and name these entities. Does everybody understand that? It's better to pray with others if you're doing clearance work, you're doing work on mass entities or you're trying to help an individual who has a long-standing problem and you're praying for that one and you may desire to do exorcism, using different forms of exorcism.

            Some of these entities are very, very influential, and you can see in the R-rated movies, even the PG-13 movies, that there's so much cursing now. It's become commonplace. Unfortunately, the first movie where somebody said d-a-m-n was Gone With the Wind. When Clark Gable said what he said, that allowed this entity to begin its influence and inveigle itself into the motion picture industry. And when children observe it in their parents, in society and in movies, they repeat it. This entity works over generations through the DNA of individuals who swear, and they pass it on to the next generation and the next. We have to cut it and sever its head and talk to young people. Tell them you don't appreciate them cursing in public. Never allow your children to curse—never! If they do, call them to task. Wash their mouths with soap or give them a penance or whatever is required to get them to never curse.

            Filchus and Filcha: Do you know what filch means? “To steal.” This is the stealing entity, the pilfering entity. You could call it a number of names. I'm surprised we never had a name for that. These are the names: Filchus and Filcha. These work on individuals who get caught in a web of stealing—for a living, shoplifting, whatever. It's more than a propensity; they are taken over and it becomes a way of life. So pray for them. Call to Jesus to help them overcome this problem.

            The next ones are the speeding entities, Prisus and Prisa. I had to look up this word because I'd never seen it before. It's almost like Prius, the car, but it is actually Spanish. Prisa means “to hurry” in Spanish. This entity influences people who like to speed. There are so many movies that have a lot of speeding in them. It's become terrible. We all have to watch ourselves so we don't speed. There's no reason to speed. Go the speed limit. This does not relate to taking speed. That's a different entity. This is related to going too fast or people who are in a rush. They have to rush to go somewhere. The entity makes them rush so much that they lose control; they literally lose control.

            Tiradus and Tirada: These are entities that influence people to have tirades, from young children all the way to adults. If you observe a child having a tirade—one who's going through the so-called terrible two's, or whateveryou have to help that child to get out of this matrix that's temporarily engulfed him or her. Mona has shared with me certain keys for dealing with children in the classroom when they have tirades. Maybe tonight's not the night to talk about that. We're talking about binding the entity that influences these children. There are other ways to calm them down and help them.

            Some of you have witnessed adults having tirades. I remember walking into a business here in Livingston to talk to the owner about having them do some work at my art gallery, and the owner was in a tirade, swearing at one of his employees. I walked out and never walked back into that business. It was very unfortunate for him that he had this habit of swearing and going into tirades.

            Obsessus and Obsessa: Obviously this has to do with obsessions. People have all kinds of obsessions about all kinds of things. People become obsessed. Really it is a possession. It's not just an obsession; it's a possession by Obsessus and Obsessa. You name it, it's out there. I won't go into further detail.

            Derelictus and Derelicta: These entities influence people who are derelicts or people who are derelict in their duties. These are disempowering entities and are very similar to the other ones, Vagrantus and Vagrantia, which work on vagrants. But when people become derelicts, it has to do more with the fact that there are influences that have made them desire not to be good, positive, virtuous, such as when they were children and they observed others who were derelicts or criminals, or whatever, and they were influenced to follow suit. It's very subtle at the beginning. Ultimately the goal of this entity is to make people complete derelicts, anathema to society.

            The next ones are Stormus and Storma. It's interesting that this is kind of a generic name for an entity of all types of storms. You can call for the binding of this entity when you see violent storms and there's no reason for the weather to be that way. You know that there are elementals that are caught in a hex, in a matrix of darkness by black magicians, whether it's through cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes or just super-high winds. We've had high winds lately around here. It's just hard to believe. So let's go to work. Isn't there a movie out there with an individual called Storm? And didn't she have the ability to create storms? [audience response] One of the X-Men, X-Women. Storms are not natural. The Earth should be a beautiful, serene planet, an Edenic planet, without all this intensity of weather. Everything should be gentle. That's the way God created it. It doesn't have to be so stormy.

            The next ones are Voyeurus and Voyeura, and you can imagine these influence those involved in voyeurism. They like to be Peeping Toms, spying surreptitiously on others for sexual gratification. These people are caught in a web. Once they start, the entity takes over and they just have to keep doing it. They like to look in windows and look at people when they're not dressed. It's unfortunate.

            Gropus and Gropa: You can imagine what these are. There's one for each, male and female. There are individuals who have sex entities, but this is a more specific aspect of what they do, which is terrible, and I won't go into further detail.

            Molestus and Molesta: These are rampant in our world today, and we really have to go after these entities to protect the youth, the children who are exposed to these diabolical entities and their work through individuals, adults.

            Exposus and Exposa: These affect people who like to do this to themselves, expose themselves.

            The next ones are Extremo and Extrema. These influence people who are involved in extreme sports to the point that it becomes like a death wish, where they're doing things that could result in their death. There's no reason to take things to the extreme whereby your life is at risk. A lot of individuals are involved in these things and they gradually get self-mastery to the point where they can withstand extreme speeds and doing things that are outlandishly dangerous. It's really silly for lightbearers to put themselves in a position of potentially losing their lives just because they desire to have a rush.

            Sassus and Sassa: They influence children to sass their parents. They are entities, and some of you have seen them in action. And especially in the teenage years, I think they really go after them.

            Ravishus and Ravisha, and Rapus and Rapa, the rape entities: Ravishus and Ravisha are the ones that often influence individuals who are with another lifestream. The person may already be a partner in a relationship or beginning a partnership or dating, or whatever, and the person gets violent and goes overboard and then gets locked into this matrix of absolute terrible sex; whereas Rapus and Rapa are the more intense, the more direct and purposeful type of rape, where one actually goes after an individual on purpose. It is always premeditated. With Ravishus and Ravisha, the act is not always premeditated by the individual. The entities influence people through subtleties to the point where they get embroiled in this energy and the sex entity takes hold of them and then it's diabolical.

            Then there are Anusus and Anusa, and I won't go into any further detail. I think you can tune into what that means. It's basically anal sex. These are entities that work through homosexuality and even heterosexuality. It is really sick, in my opinion.
            I apologize to you for having to go down into the depths of the astral plane and hell itself to call out the names of these entities. Even though The Hearts Center has been in existence now for ten years, I don't think I could have released this early on because we hadn't built a momentum to be able to handle it.

            The reason Melchizedek and Jesus came tonight is to prepare a chalice of love, of purity and of light so that we can handle the temporary exposure of this level of darkness and of the diabolical nature of life on Earth today and the influence of these entities so that we as initiates can do our spiritual work and help people who don't know that they require help. They are caught by these entities. They are influenced to the point where they can't function or they have a lesser level of consciousness because they've allowed these entities to take hold of them.

            So if any of you feel that you have allowed some of these to influence you at times, forgive yourself, make the call and never again enter into activity that would invite these entities into your life, your aura and into the folds of your garment or your subconscious. Go after them. Make the calls; call to Astrea and do whatever you can to rid yourself of these influences permanently.
            If we expect our ascension, we simply can't allow these types of discarnates to take hold of us at any level of our being. We have to with true virya, be adamant, like adamantine, and have the light blazing through our auric field.

            Before we do some Astreas, does anybody have any questions? I know it's been a long wait to sit here.
Participant:  I don't believe that we dealt with Guerrus and Guerra.

David:  I'm sorry, I didn't. Thank you. Guerrus and Guerra. These are the war entities. Guerra in Spanish means “war.” We all know this is a virulent entity, a mass entity. It seems like there are wars going on everywhere on the Earth. Somewhere on Earth there's a war going on. Now that you have the name, you can make the call. Thank you. __________.

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