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David Lewis      January 05, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Sharing
January 5, 2014   9:53–9:57 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Words of Practical Wisdom from Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov 
About the Aura as Our Magical Spiritual Robe  

            Thank you, everyone. I appreciate all of you for your great service to light and life. I'd like to read a quote from the master Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov that I found through an email from Prosveta this morning:

            Human beings have perfected all sorts of devices for their protection and defense on the physical plane. Look at the safes, the deadlocks, steel doors, security alarms, etc., not to mention all the different kinds of weapons …
On the spiritual plane, however, they are still poor, defenseless and vulnerable. And yet, everything that has been invented on the physical plane has its equivalent on the spiritual plane.
            For instance, our clothes, that protect us from heat and cold, wind and rain, sharp objects and the sting of insects, have their equivalent on the spiritual plane in the aura, which is one of the most effective forms of protection we have.
            Our true clothes are our aura which contains all the colors that represent our qualities and virtues. The aura is the spiritual robe that our virtues, particularly our qualities of purity and inner light, weave around us and, when we wear this robe, undesirable entities who find no nourishment in it and who cannot bear the light, have nothing more to hang on to, so they leave us.
            The aura has a magical function: it influences the spirits of the invisible world, attracting the entities of light and repelling entities of darkness. Every day you should think of forming a circle of light around yourself and imagining, at the centre of this circle, an ever-flowing source of light whose beneficial waves stream over you and all around you.

            Thank you, beloved master. This would have been a wonderful excerpt for the aura book, and maybe it could just be part of a blog for that book, which already exists. Thank you, Philip and Barbara, and all of you participating today. My love to you, and my prayers for each one expand on this my fifty-eighth birthday and Yogananda's birthday. Bless you. Have a most awesome day in the light. Bye bye.

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