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Prajnaparamita      December 22, 2013

Beloved Prajnaparamita
David Christopher Lewis
December 22, 2013   10:44–10:47 am MST
Enlighten Yourself with the Buddhas
Livingston, Montana

The Sealing of the Crown for the Expansion of Love-Wisdom

            I AM Prajnaparamita, and as your Mother, I bless you and will seal your crown now through the citrine talisman for the expansion of love-wisdom and for each petal within your crown to flower in this life with a greater brilliance.

            Yes, see those petals within your own sacred garland upon your head manifesting the wisdom teachings and the very specific and wonderful radiances of higher wisdom that are yours to enjoy with all of the Buddhas within the Pure Land. As I touch your crown, I raise you up and I spark within each petal a new, fresh aspect of the brilliance of your Higher Mind, with all of its faculties and gifts and graces.

            We have enjoyed your discussions, your sharing, your wisdom-truths. Keeping on in this, dearest ones, is essential for the growing of your movement and for a greater manifestation of all of the Buddhic essences that you may come to know, understand and utilize in your spiritual work.

            Thank you for coming, participating and being with us.

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