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Gautama Buddha      December 22, 2013

Beloved Gautama Buddha
David Christopher Lewis
December 22, 2013   10:33–10:42 am MST
Enlighten Yourself with the Buddhas
Livingston, Montana

A New Eightfold Path

When You Chant Om Mani Padme Hum
I Will Rest in Presence within the Lotus Light within You

            The Eightfold Path is the path of the infinite ones, signifying the balancing of heart and mind with mastery of light through the four chambers of each. For within these, the impulses of love-wisdom flow betwixt the mind and the heart, the heart and the mind. And through the infinite light that manifests through this interaction, there is the double dorje within you and a new sparking of the holy energies of Father and Mother in a higher matrix of perfection within.

            By this time of Earth's evolutionary history, all would have been expected to be walking the Middle Way path, ennobling those four inner understandings and utilizing, through those truths, the essentials to master the eightfold pathway of light. And yet because of interference and noncompliance with the higher walk, other teachers have come to augment what I discerned and shared, and these have brought to light new understandings, new truths that are required for Earth today, dearest ones. Yet at the core, there is still this eightfold manifestation of infinity, whereby both in the “as Above, so below” experience and through the integration of the Christic light and the energies of the Holy Spirit, you have a profound opportunity for self-transcendence, for walking upon earth, water, air and fire.

            How can you walk upon water, air and fire, you ask, when you have only mastered walking upon earth? Well, blessed ones, it requires a new paradigm, greater light, resonance and the adherence to the higher laws of beingness. When these are inculcated within your soul and throughout your spirit through a daily meditation practice, you will walk on these and much more that you will discover, having ascended in consciousness to the Pure Land and having merged your mind with the Buddhic mind, and your essence with the essence of the flow within the flower of God's heart.

            I AM that lotus; I AM that jewel within your heart, which you may access through the OM and through the sacred mantra whereby you experience oneness, light and the sublimity of beingness. From this day forward, when you chant Om Mani Padme Hum, I will rest in presence within that lotus light within you and emanate the jewel beingness of my Buddhic essence where you are.

            Therefore you may no longer see a requirement to find me in the etheric plane, hovering above the Earth. I am there within you, O budding ones, speaking from within your heart and emanating the frequencies of understanding of a new Eightfold Path and the righteous use of all divine energies within you.

            Now I perfuse through my breath into this sanctuary and the sanctuary of your heart certain Mother essences that I have prepared in my laboratory of the Spirit for you, each one. All are specific for your path; all are unique, based on your requirements for your ascent, your victory and enlightenment. If you require a new perfusion, simply invite this experience again to be yours in your meditation and I will again, through your own welcoming spirit, refresh you in my Buddhic essence.

            Om Mani Padme Hum, Hum, Hum.

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